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    [–] Question about the excommunication and authority. AnyAdvantage 4 points ago in mormon

    There have been multiple people who have discussed their experience about how the stake president was being directed by general authorities and even Q15 members to carry out a specific sentence.

    Examples that come to mind are Brent Metcalfe and Q Michael Quinn.

    [–] Warbringers: Jaina AnyAdvantage -1 points ago in wow

    She's still upset about Theramore? Get over it Jaina, its been 6 years!

    [–] I'm trying to figure out what the church and other members think of the 1886 revelation to pres John taylor. Any official statement? AnyAdvantage 2 points ago in lds

    If there is anyone who would write such a revelation, John Taylor would. We like to think of Joseph and Brigham as defenders of polygamy... they got nothing on John Taylor!

    [–] What happened to the 100 pioneers that decided to wait until spring to trek? AnyAdvantage 1 points ago in lds

    If you listen to the Mormon Stories podcast with Christine Jeppsen Clarke, she explains a lot of context regarding those who went as well as those who stayed behind. She is a descendant of some of those people as had access to some of their journals.

    In short, some of those who stayed, were chastised by the church leaders for not believing in the promise that those who went would be OK.

    [–] Cheapest place to buy Coconut Oil (UK)? AnyAdvantage 1 points ago in keto

    Costco sells it for £0.82 per 100g which is a lot lower than the usual £1.20-£1.70 per 100g that you buy in the shops.

    The caveat is that it only comes in 2.38kg pots.

    [–] NSV: Donated blood and didn’t cave for a Tunnock’s Tea Cake (came prepared with a Carb Killa Bar!) AnyAdvantage 2 points ago in ketouk

    The Maltitol that is present on carb killa is only on the chocolate coating which is only a small portion by weight of the whole bar.

    [–] New Evidence for Horses in America AnyAdvantage 13 points ago in lds

    Firstly, I'd prefer that this information comes non-mormon sources.

    Scientists, historians, and other scholars have long maintained the view that there were no horses in the Americas during Book of Mormon times.

    Scientists, historians, and other scholars still maintain that position. An exception is just that, an exception. Hopefully some more research can better explain the data.

    [–] I don't tell people I'm on a ketogenic diet anymore. AnyAdvantage 7 points ago in keto

    "I just eat less". That's it. If someone pushes and its someone I know and like, then I'll share a nugget of wisdom.

    Otherwise, its just "I just eat less".

    What they don't know is "East less" means One large keto meal every other day.

    [–] Sleeping and garments AnyAdvantage 15 points ago in latterdaysaints

    Park of keeping your temple covenants and a requirement for keeping your temple recommend valid is to keep this covenant to "wear the garment both night and day as instructed in the endowment and in accordance with the covenant you made in the temple".

    [–] Mixed faith relationships AnyAdvantage 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in latterdaysaints

    anti Mormon or anti-religion?

    His opinion on religion and mormonism certainly didn't develop in a vacuum. Lend a hand an try to understand why he feels the way he feels.

    [–] "If we have truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not truth, it ought to be harmed." -J. Reuben Clark AnyAdvantage 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in latterdaysaints

    I don't think the quote is taken out of context. He meant what he meant at the start of his journey. During his journey, when faced with the reality that rational thought and facts WOULD harm his faith, he decided to choose faith over facts. He no longer held that position and that is absolutely admirable. It was his decision to make and I hope he found profound peace in it but it doesn't make it a template or the right decision or any better decision than anyone who chooses facts over faith.

    He's actually a perfect example about how rational thought/facts/logic/etc can harm your faith.

    [–] Canada about to legalize marijuana. Is the church doing anything in response? AnyAdvantage 1 points ago in latterdaysaints

    Sorry for the confusion. What I mean to say is that if you live in a state that has legalized marijuana, you can honestly say that you live the word of wisdom when asked because that is your interpretation of it. Maybe the bishop's interpretation is regarding federal law but that is his interpretation.

    [–] Canada about to legalize marijuana. Is the church doing anything in response? AnyAdvantage 1 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I think that if the interpretation of the WoW were truly based on your own interpretation

    But isn't it though? Other questions offer similar interpretation leniency such as tithing.

    [–] Canada about to legalize marijuana. Is the church doing anything in response? AnyAdvantage 2 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I don't mean to diminish this view which is certainly true. I suppose I take a more minimalist approach in only answer the question directly.

    In the same way the interviewers shouldn't prise, I think the interviewees should just be direct.

    [–] Canada about to legalize marijuana. Is the church doing anything in response? AnyAdvantage 2 points ago in latterdaysaints

    There is no question about weed in the TR interview. The interviewee is the one who had to answer the question about the Word of Wisdom based on his or her own interpretation.

    [–] The Mormon Confessional, part 2. Is more censorship at /r/mormon to be the norm? [deep sigh] AnyAdvantage 1 points ago in mormon

    I have only had one interaction with you here

    Which can basically read as "no you're wrong lol fuck you".

    You do not come across as someone who wants to have a civil conversation.