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    [–] GOOD praxis AoaeIeUeaoe 2 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    Did you hang out with Gregg? This is from Bea's storyline.

    [–] Giving away a Steam-key AoaeIeUeaoe 1 points ago in HollowKnight

    That's very kind of you!

    [–] Redditors who live in areas with independence movements, do you support it? AoaeIeUeaoe 2 points ago in AskEurope

    The Basque one is more rational and they have a point.

    Interesting, what differences do you see that makes the basques have a point, but not Catalans?

    [–] Support for Catalan independence increases to 48% AoaeIeUeaoe 8 points ago in europe

    Using election results to determine the amount of people who support something is flawed, most people don't agree 100% with the party the vote for, it's not that strange to me that someone who votes for C's might support a referendum, even if the official stance of the party is against it.

    [–] Support for Catalan independence increases to 48% AoaeIeUeaoe 10 points ago in europe

    It turns out like this:

    It is actually 52% supporting it. A much more extended poll made by LaSexta , a very leftist and anti-PP TV channel...

    Uhh... You're aware that those 2 articles are talking about the number of people who supported the illegal unilateral referendum, while the 80% figure comes from asking about a pacted referendum, right?

    [–] Support for Catalan independence increases to 48% AoaeIeUeaoe 25 points ago in europe

    I agree, it doesn't really prove anything, but in the thread where the last results (41%) were posted lots of people were celebrating that the movement was "finally dead", so I thought that posting these results would be interesting.

    They could still organize the fifth (or sixth?) referendum on the matter.

    They've only had 2, actually.

    [–] Support for Catalan independence increases to 48% AoaeIeUeaoe 11 points ago in europe

    In Catalonia the majority wants to be a part of Spain, period. Spain doesn't want to hold a referendum since that would be letting Puigdemont and company winning the "battle".

    That's a really stupid and childish logic, i hope you understand that. Lots of polls have shown that 80% of all Catalans want a referendum, including those who would vote no. A referendum would finally settle this issue, and since most of Catalonia doesn't want to be independent, we don't even have to worry about it passing, right?

    [–] Support for Catalan independence increases to 48% AoaeIeUeaoe 9 points ago in europe

    How did you reply right now something I edited 4 minutes ago? Check now my comment. ;)

    Because I started replying before you edited your comment? I don't think it's that hard to understand.

    How are you so sad that you have to prove a point by seeking in what I've said 3 months ago?

    I'm not sad, but I was definitely expecting you to be a hypocrite based on your original comment.

    Indeed, the independence dream is gone.

    I would hardly call a 48% of support as "gone".

    (people like you)

    I don't want to see Spain split up, but I guess that for someone like you, not wanting to force a region that wants to be independent to be part of my country is "wanting to break Spain".

    [–] Two cyclists – one German, one Polish – feared murdered in Mexico | World news AoaeIeUeaoe 9 points ago in europe

    There are areas of Mexico where the only thing you have to fear is getting ripped off as a tourist.

    [–] The role of blinds (persianas) in Spanish culture AoaeIeUeaoe 10 points ago in spain

    Personally, I can't sleep comfortably unless I have blinds completely blocking the street lights.