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    [–] Watford vs Newcastle Utd [Match Thread] Aqua_ow 6 points ago in NUFC

    Lascelles laying into Rose, about fucking time

    [–] Watford 0-1 Newcastle United: Gayle 23' Aqua_ow 71 points ago in soccer

    Gayle Championship team etc etc

    [–] Watford vs Newcastle Utd [Match Thread] Aqua_ow 4 points ago in NUFC

    Schar is a shadow of his former self

    [–] Team news vs Watford Aqua_ow 3 points ago in NUFC

    yes, villa are already fucked

    [–] Team news vs Watford Aqua_ow 9 points ago in NUFC

    I hope Schar can be bothered to play today

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2020-07-10] Aqua_ow 3 points ago in soccer

    Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron, life ain't fair

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2020-07-10] Aqua_ow 4 points ago in soccer

    I'm conflicted, I like to be informed and up to date on what's happening in the world but it's just too depressing. It doesn't help that the UK is an absolute mess right now, negative news after negative news, it's starting to effect me.

    I could stop and be completely unaware of the world, becoming the very person I've found myself being so angry at over the years.

    Or do I just keep trudging along hoping it will get better, not the greatest solution like.

    [–] Gay Premier League player pens open letter admitting he is afraid to come out Aqua_ow 1600 points ago in soccer

    I hate to be cynical but I hope the Mirror have verified this somehow, everyone remember that Twitter account awhile back called gayfootballer or something and turned out to be completely fake? Once bitten...

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2020-07-10] Aqua_ow 3 points ago in soccer

    I've suffered from burnout with hobbies and jobs so I don't see why I couldn't from football, maybe it would take me longer but I think it could happen.

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2020-07-10] Aqua_ow 8 points ago in soccer

    I wish it would hurry up already

    [–] [ESPN] Lautaro close to joing Barcelona Aqua_ow 3 points ago in soccer

    Considering his release clause expired last week... doubt

    [–] [Pedullà] Smalling-Roma, 3 million for the loan, 17 million for the redemption obligation. Payment in three installments Aqua_ow 2 points ago in soccer

    In theory yes but in reality no. Clubs don't have millions and millions in a bank account just chilling ready for the market, when clubs are buying a player with a release clause they go to the bank and take out a loan to pay the release clause, they then pay back the bank in installments.

    [–] Countries which Norway will allow travel to and from without a quarantine starting July 15th. Aqua_ow 41 points ago in europe

    Okay either Denmark has crossed the ice and wants another war or Norway is letting one really small part of Sweden travel but not the rest of the country?

    [–] Siem de Jong opens up on injury hell, Pardew's belief and why he regrets leaving Newcastle Aqua_ow 14 points ago in NUFC

    "My injury was a thigh injury that doesn't happen all that often in football. When I got back playing one or two games with the reserves I got the problem with my lung and that was my whole first season gone.

    "There was a lot of expectation, especially me being the first to expect a lot of myself. So that was a difficult time.

    "The second season a new manager comes and bought some new players and that is how it goes in the big leagues in Europe.

    "You have to be there from the start or there is a chance they will buy new players next season and then you have to fight for your chance again.

    "That second year was a tough year as well. I played a few games but mostly as a sub coming on and that wasn't the way I hoped it would go at Newcastle."

    Although de Jong shared a 'good understanding' with McClaren, his opportunities were limited.

    Wijnaldum became the talisman everybody expected de Jong to be at Newcastle. Despite relegation that season, Wijnaldum scored 11 goals and earned a £25million move to Liverpool in the summer of 2016.

    He has since gone on to win the Champions League, Club World Cup and the Premier League with the Reds. But for injuries, de Jong's career could have taken a similar course.

    In December 2015, de Jong finally broke his way into the starting XI. His return to the XI coincided with the most positive run of McClaren's forgettable Newcastle tenure, as they beat Liverpool and Tottenham before drawing with Aston Villa.

    But then disaster struck. A freak training ground injury almost caused de Jong to lose sight in one of his eyes.

    Momentum was lost again.

    "It was a difficult second season," he added.

    "I think I played three or four games and we had a few wins as well.

    "I had a little bit of momentum and I was closer to playing regularly than I was before then I got a finger in my eye at training.

    "They had to do laser correction of my retina and that took me out for a while because I wasn't allowed to have contact at first in case it made it worse.

    "The injuries at Newcastle, people might see me as a player who gets injured quite a lot, but the injuries were pretty weird and they were unlucky.

    "It didn't help and I tried everything to play as much as I could but sometimes the manager makes a different decision and you have to deal with it."

    McClaren was sacked and replaced by Rafa Benitez but despite going on a six-match unbeaten run at the end of the season, the Spaniard could not prevent Newcastle's relegation.

    Benitez agreed to stay on and set about creating a team fit for the rigours of a Championship promotion tilt. He decided de Jong was not part of those plans and he was sent out on a season-long loan deal to PSV.

    However, there was a belief among both Benitez and de Jong that there was a future for him at the club in the Premier League.

    Promotion was secured and de Jong returned to Newcastle ahead of the 2017/18 campaign. He impressed in a pre-season friendly against Hearts, setting up Dwight Gayle with a delightful through ball. There was hope he could finally realise the potential he had promised prior to his Newcastle move.

    Benitez told him he could not guarantee him regular football, though, and he opted to re-sign for Ajax. It's this decision that de Jong often looks back on with regret.

    "When Benitez came I had a good understanding with him and spoke to him quite a lot," de Jong said of his time working under the former Liverpool, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss.

    "I was playing some games but he thought it would be better for me to move to PSV.

    "He didn't think the Championship was a good fit and he wanted to play with a style that I wasn't going to play many games.

    "What he did well was he bought a few players who had experience of playing in the Championship and it worked out well because they got promoted.

    "When I came back I hoped I was going to stay because I still had the feeling my time at Newcastle hadn't been as I wanted it to.

    "That is why I went on loan but always hoped to come back. When I came back there were quite a lot of players on the loan list and at that point the manager wanted to get some new players in.

    "I had a feeling there needed to be less players on the squad and he said you might play but he wasn't sure.

    "Sometimes I regret leaving at that point, especially when I see some of the other players who almost left and then started playing again.

    "I often think I should have stayed and fought against it and proved myself. Ajax came in and needed another midfielder and I had the feeling I would play more games there.

    "It didn't work out the way I wanted and that is maybe one of the points in my career where I think I maybe should have stayed and gave it a go."

    Amid all the disappointment, Newcastle, both as a club and a city, still holds a special place in de Jong's heart.

    As our conversation drew to a close, talk turned towards the club's prospective takeover. The 31-year-old plans to return to Tyneside to take in a game in a few years' time and hopes it will be in the backdrop of an exciting new dawn at St James' Park.

    "I still hope Newcastle does well. I haven't been back and I was thinking I might go back in a few years just to see how it is there.

    "I enjoyed my time there. There was a lot of nice people and I don't regret being there, I just hoped it was different.

    "I still hope Newcastle does well and I saw the articles about the takeover and it could be interesting times!"