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    [–] Well shit Araluena 1 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Who the hell pays for Brazzers when porn is both free and in abundance on the Internet.

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    "Sure, but I'd much rather be famous for the 'Vissarian-class Plasma Sniper Rifle', in my own humble opinion. Oh, the things I could do with something like that..."

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    He gives a sharp laugh

    Bet that fancy gear found itself a new loving home not long after.

    [–] My dad just hit me.. Araluena 3 points ago in teenagers

    If OP can achieve the “u sister a mister” gambit, then he would be one of the greatest memers of all time.

    [–] Fabulous hawk boy is fabulous Araluena 24 points ago in Grimdank

    Fulgrim always maintains that he was the most beautiful of the the Primarchs, but we know the truth.

    [–] Could an Ogryn become a Warboss? Araluena 3 points ago in 40kLore

    I still choose to believe that one of the Emperor’s Children could trick Orks into believing that they’re Purple Orks. After all, have you ever seen a Purple Ork before?

    [–] What was the dumbest decision anyone in the 40k universe made? Araluena 6 points ago in 40kLore

    True, however this fact seems to be overshadowed by his turn to Chaos: Horus was the guy. He was Papa E’s right hand man (besides Malcador) and was effectively his second-in-command during the Great Crusade. Horus was found when he was a child, so he grew up being molded by the Emperor to be the perfect son/general/leader. Guilliman is too focused on administration. Dorn has no social skills. Ferrus Manus can’t crack a joke. Fulgrim spends too much money on eyeliner. Magnus is a nerd. Horus was the best Primarch to be made Warmaster when the Emperor returned to Terra.

    [–] Does any official or unofficial art of the Primarchs have them wearing their helms? Araluena 8 points ago in 40kLore

    I honestly appreciate how Guilliman’s armor just looks like a big boi version of normal Space Marine armor. He’d definitely go for something like that.

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    Viss takes a drink of what he believes is caffeine

    Yeah, we got plenty of room to see our glorious superiors watch down on us from their mighty towers and spires, the self-entitled drakks.

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    He chuckles slightly. Imagine being the random citizen who finds that box. I learned about this one man who was awarded a planet for finding an STC for a sharper knife. A knife. You'd probably be treated as a hero by the Mechanicum for millennia.

    [–] [Book Excerpt|Plague War] An Oldtype Marine gives his opinion about the Primaris Marine Araluena 52 points ago in 40kLore

    Every so often I'm reminded and saddened by the fact that the Tanith First has long since been dead and gone for centuries relative to the current lore, regardless if they died in battle or of old age on New Tanith.

    [–] Is it TORgaddon or TorGAddon? Araluena 1 points ago in 40kLore




    [–] 100% accurate Araluena 2 points ago in teenagers

    Depends, does knowing more get me on a list?

    [–] Dating after 30 Araluena 2 points ago in funny

    Jerry’s dad’s got the right idea. Wearing a Superman suit gives any normal person like +10 confidence. You’re goddamn Superman for Christ’s sake.

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    Viss takes a quiet pause, and puts on a strong sarcastic tone "Uh-huh. Well then, Magos Xenologis Aelianus, tell me: you've been looking down the barrel of that Tau pistol for a while now, what have you gathered that will make defeating them easier?"

    [–] Rogues and Revelry. Araluena 1 points ago in RogueTraderRP

    "Yeah, well, helps that I lived in one of the... nicer areas, I suppose. Wasn't some noble aristocrat, mind you. But, living above ground means you're out of the underhive, and that means a world of difference."

    [–] Fuck all of you, I don’t need you! Araluena 1 points ago in teenagers

    NNN doesn’t count if it’s sex with another person 👉😎👉

    [–] Sneaky Scottish Ninjas Araluena 26 points ago in Grimdank

    When you see a spooky boi in robes holding a staff materialize out of the shadow in front of you.