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    [–] Does my CPU handle 75Hz at 1080p? ArcAngel071 1 points ago in intel

    Nah look again. That board has HDMI

    [–] This is the last year Microsoft will dish out free security updates for Windows 7 ArcAngel071 0 points ago in pcgaming

    Since this thread will absolutely be everyone complaining about windows 10 of just like to throw out there that my desktop and laptop which have had windows 10 since release have not only worked perfectly this whole time. But I've enjoyed Windows 10 immensely.

    There was only one time I thought windows 10 was being fucky as it kept BSODing over and over. Turns out it was a bad ram slot on my motherboard. Moved sticks and perfect stability returned.

    [–] Which RTX 2060 are you getting? ArcAngel071 3 points ago in nvidia

    For what it's worth I have a 980 from gigabyte. I replaced it recently with a 2080 but the 980 windforce is an awesome card and when I had to RMA it once for failing to boot it was quick and easy with them. And they just sent me a new card.

    [–] I named my PC after Thrawns flagship. The Chimaera! ArcAngel071 3 points ago in StarWars

    Thanks dude!

    I actually got it on eBay for like 34 I think. There's currently a few between 28-45 on there right now. More than retail but it's a nice piece so I'd say it's worth it.

    [–] My resident shower orange knife ArcAngel071 1 points ago in ShowerOrange

    OP I appreciate the enthusiasm. But if you're not ripping it apart like an absolute Savage of an animal then you're missing out on a higher form of this experience.

    [–] When is Intel 14nm shortage ending? ArcAngel071 16 points ago in intel

    7700K is not actively in production anymore as it's two generations old.

    You'll have to stick to the used market for one and that isn't going to be impacted much from 14nm shortages.

    [–] What is the smell coming from my roommates room. ArcAngel071 2 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    It's been 5 hours since we last heard from OP

    OP's roommate definitely killed him and added him to the body pile.


    [–] Does my i7-8700k CPU look legit? ArcAngel071 6 points ago in intel

    Boot up and check BIOS

    Answer in 5 minutes

    [–] RTX 2060 ArcAngel071 1 points ago in nvidia

    What'd he say?

    [–] Not all AM4 mainboards might support Ryzen 3000 according to german tech press ArcAngel071 26 points ago in Amd

    Jokes on MSI then. I hate their X370 board so bad I am upgrading.

    They just aren't getting my money this time.

    [–] the cooler card ArcAngel071 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I had a 980 until September. And besides the 970 is way more than competent for 1080p gaming still.

    [–] Important byline on Ryzen 3000 thermals and TDP ArcAngel071 1 points ago in Amd

    And so I'm hoping with Zen 2 I can hit my target 3200mhz