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    [–] If this game can be played offline (not solo), it will be a day one purchase Arcaedus 4 points ago in PlayGodfall

    What exactly is the given reason for single player experiences requiring internet connection? Trophies? Achievements? Leaderboards? (I hope not because those would be shit reasons)

    [–] me_irl Arcaedus 1 points ago in me_irl

    That's when the shift was complete, but didn't it kinda start in the 1920s and 30s when the Great Depression hit?

    Dems and FDR won big, and Republicans rebranded to just be for states rights and focused on opposing democrats on many issues.

    [–] I Don't Understand the Negativity Arcaedus 2 points ago in PlayGodfall

    Fair enough. I invest a lot of time into a few games, so I don't have as much experience with any genre as you do.

    I would say the #1 thing that appeals to me is animation quality which this game definitely seems to have, however, I can definitely see the game being generic and getting boring after about 20-40 hours if that's ALL it has going for it.

    [–] What on earth is going on with the Dragonslayer Armour's hitboxes? Arcaedus 2 points ago in darksouls3

    Oh yeah, that's what I like to call "peak dark souls." You can know the move is coming because of telegraph, you can know basically how the move works, you can know where to dodge, but if you don't press the dodge button during the very precise window of say 1.5 to 1.7 seconds, you either get hit before even dodging, or directly after eat a lingering hitbox

    [–] What on earth is going on with the Dragonslayer Armour's hitboxes? Arcaedus 1 points ago in darksouls3

    Oh boi, lemme guess, he did that attack where he assumes a stance, dashes forward and cleaves horizontally in a wide arc (like 270 degrees) in front of him, you dodged to the left (to his right) and the axe just barely clipped you with its lingering hitbox?

    [–] [DS3 Blades of Ashina Mod] [WIP] Here I come, SEKIROOO! Arcaedus 13 points ago in Sekiro

    It still doesn't work with certain other mods, right?

    Looks like I'm gonna have to save my current Cinders run data for another day to enjoy the sexiness I see here

    [–] Warped perspectives on Gacha rates and pity systems. Arcaedus 1 points ago in Genshin_Impact

    I'm guessing there are a lot more suckers (and whales)

    I don't think there's any data on this, but I'd be willing to bet that the only country with more whales per capita (or even total) than the US would be South Korea due to how big gaming in general is over there with China not really even being that close to the US.

    Genshin is indeed aimed at the Chinese audience, but it most certainly has international appeal. That slight international appeal is about all they need to rake in that 0.15% of the playerbase (aka the whales) from various countries who are going to pay up.

    Edit: format

    [–] Genshin rates vs peers. Arcaedus 0 points ago in Genshin_Impact

    I know, I'm only speaking about Dragalia since it's the only gacha game I have experience with. I found it unacceptable that if I worked towards trying to get a specific character, I could not and due to RNG, I could plausibly spend a large sum (>$100) and still not get the one I wanted. Really hoping Genshin isn't worse than this

    [–] Genshin rates vs peers. Arcaedus 0 points ago in Genshin_Impact

    Ok but if you wanted a particular non-event 5-star hero in Dragalia, it's like a 0.1% chance.

    Genshin probably won't be much better than that, but the point I'm trying to make is once we get down to %s lower than 1, we move into the realm of 'this could plausibly never happen even if you play every day,'

    [–] Always Arcaedus 0 points ago in gaming

    Ok, so there are "politics" in these games. Is the presentation in any of the games eggregious or really offensive in any way? Anyone with a well thought out opinion on any of these?

    Of these games that I have played, I don't find the political theory depictions bad at all. Sure, they take a concept to the extreme (ad absurdum) and show how it can be bad, but I see nothing wrong with that, because any political theory taken to the extreme can be bad. That's not a commentary about how any of those systems in today's society are bad, and to suggest it is would be a very tenuous stretch at best.

    [–] The input buffer needs to be fixed Arcaedus 1 points ago in MortalShell

    110% agree. While it didn't bother me to the point of ragequitting, I had to "adapt" by button mashing which doesn't feel good.

    No input buffers is so 2004 and before. Games with input buffers >>>>> comparable games without input buffers.

    There are no good arguments for not having input buffers, and for a game like mortal shell where the animations are longer and drawn out, you need input buffers even more. Kinda mind blowing that the buffer either isn't present or isn't substantial.

    [–] How does Stealth work in the game? Arcaedus 7 points ago in newworldgame

    Some MMOs handle stealth/invisibility alright, but for others it's just some overly frustrating bullshit. I second your sentiment - not opening this can of worms is for the best

    [–] How is this game free??? Arcaedus 1 points ago in Genshin_Impact

    Yep, this.

    If someone finds the game enjoyable in general, they'll be able to play it spending little to no money, but for someone who wants one or two specific characters, it might be an almost irresistible itch to not scratch

    [–] Weapon combinations Arcaedus 5 points ago in newworldgame

    A friend of mine who has been playing the alpha for nearly a year and keeps up to date with the news claims they took spears out of the alpha to work on the skill tree for them.

    This is why in some dev diary footage from like 3+ months back, you see a dev equip a spear, toss it at a skeleton, but then you notice that none of the 3 skill icons are filled in (yet one of them goes on cooldown once the spear is tossed).

    [–] ArenaNet, Why Is this player not banned? Arcaedus 6 points ago in Guildwars2

    Wow, unbelievable.

    The replies in this thread actually aren't full of "bUt ThIs CoUlD bE A wItCh HuNt." for once.

    Yeah Anet is so slow on banning blatant hackers that it doesn't even matter... there was a rather infamous one in WvW. I think his account name was neruson. I want to say he was in the [pink] guild although I could be getting two different hackers mixed up. Very blatant hacker, decent amount of footage of him hacking from different people, plenty of people reporting him, yet he played the game for 4 years, untouched. I'm pretty sure they didn't even ban him in the end, he probably quit.

    [–] 'Please for the love of God do not vote for my dad': Republican's daughter voices opposition Arcaedus 3 points ago in politics

    Besides the obvious explanation of self-interest, could it perhaps be due to shifting political climate over time? Like yesterday's liberals become today's conservatives without their values ever changing?

    [–] Xunlai of the Rising Sun [NA-PvX] 15 year established community welcoming all. Arcaedus 2 points ago in NewWorldCompanies

    If by bad in GW2 you mean lack of content, then yeah. That's really the main complaint that most of my friends have with the game. It's still a fantastic game with a decently sized playerbase as well as community, and will likely stay vigorous for some time throughout expac 3 release

    [–] Warden Guest Character (For Honor) Trailer for Samurai Shodown Arcaedus 1 points ago in Games


    Where's the Shoulder barge --> Light attack --> Light attack follow up, true combo spam?

    [–] The first character from Fighters Pass 2 is... Arcaedus 1 points ago in smashbros

    As alpharad put it, Fish Bunjin is more powerful than 64 pika, melee fox, brawl metaknight and smash 4 bayo combined.

    [–] When did games get so political? Why can't they just be fun? /s Arcaedus 1 points ago in gaming

    I think that criticizing the exact proportions and build of Abby is very much nitpicking, as you certainly COULD have a muscular person even in a post-apocalytpic scenario, but understand that people who are neck deep into body-building look at a muscular person (male, female, doesn't really matter), then look at the fact that it's supposed to be a food-scarce world, and say "yeah, no way anyone is jacked in a world like this." It's just not something that could be built, and is even less likely to be able to be maintained.

    [–] Someone's hungry for action! The next #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter is the noodle-loving Min Min from #ARMS. 🍜 Arcaedus 3 points ago in Games

    Also due to her ability in ARMS, we would have had another down b counter (ala Bayonetta). Twintelle has a fantastic design, but yeah, a bit less down b counters, please

    [–] Someone's hungry for action! The next #SmashBrosUltimate DLC fighter is the noodle-loving Min Min from #ARMS. 🍜 Arcaedus 7 points ago in Games

    Much more anecdotally, but I imagine cuter (but not sickly cute) characters are typically going to be higher up on popularity charts too.

    Ohhhh you best beliiiiieeeeeve it's this. Never underestimate the waifu squad!

    [–] 2 subreddits about same thing Arcaedus 5 points ago in BlueProtocolPC

    Byte did help foster the community, and draw a lot of attention to the game, so even though you got what is clearly a conflict of interest going on here, I think that's a small price to pay

    [–] Gaming on the internet really has become a toxic environment, just be happy about a new competitor I guess? Arcaedus 2 points ago in newworldgame

    The change in direction so close to release earlier in the year, the feeling that they almost seemscared to talk about the game? It may be that they don't want to do a Sean Murray and over-hype the game which would be fair but the real lack of any push on the game is concerning with it so close to release.

    So is the worry in this case about the fact that the large pivot (whether or not it's a good one) means a large amount of work must be done which opens up a greater potential for bugs/incomplete game? Or is it the actual pivot itself that people are most upset about?

    See I'm rather neutral about their shift from open world pvp to theme-park mmo + opt in pvp, so an incomplete/buggy game is what worries me. It could be bad, but this is one of those situations where I think with cotinued attention, it will eventually be passable if not great (ala FFXIV, or ESO).