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    [–] What are your thoughts on the idea of implementing drug decriminalization (like they have in Portugal) in Canada? Arenevian 1 points ago in onguardforthee

    Its very clear the war on drugs doesn't solve any of the issues it seeks to. People will get and use drugs whether they are legal or not. May as well take the criminal aspect out of it and decrease gang violence and overdoses.

    [–] Thanos charged over racist comments Arenevian 1 points ago in dank_meme

    It really do be like this sometimes

    [–] "the reason he stands this way" Arenevian 1 points ago in TheRightCantMeme

    Why is the president fully erect during an interview?

    [–] absolutelynotme_irl Arenevian 1 points ago in absolutelynotme_irl

    This is quite literally meirl

    [–] Really high CPU temps on XPS 15 9570 Arenevian 2 points ago in DellXPS

    The 8750H runs super hot out of the box. You need to undervolt to keep temps under control. Search for "undervolting with throttlestop" and find a tutorial on YouTube.

    [–] Just want someone to talk to please [o] Arenevian 2 points ago in KindVoice

    Could probably speak to both extensively. Pm if still interested

    [–] Langara to ubc Arenevian 1 points ago in langara

    And your college GPA

    [–] Everything Apple, need I say more? Arenevian 396 points ago in assholedesign

    Don't forget the apple pencil charger that sticks out of the iPad

    [–] Made at 1:23 am Arenevian 1 points ago in memes

    2:55 am

    [–] What is this? Should I return this? Arenevian 1 points ago in Monitors

    Shame it was one of the only ones in stock. This might have been why.

    [–] What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you? Arenevian 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Run of the mil solders shooting something obviously way too powerful to be effected by simple bullets and getting themselves killed. Its so frustrating to watch.

    [–] Is a used XPS 15 9560 worth it in 2020? Arenevian 0 points ago in DellXPS

    Trying to sell my 9570 with same specs on craigslist for 1600 CAD if that helps.