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    [–] Seeing a High Quality Gif for the First Time ArkadiusBear 22 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    I didn't even realise that until now. Maybe they are olden time metal detectors...

    [–] Keyboard where I volunteered this morning ArkadiusBear 2 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    sees whole keyboard is in comic sans

    mashes escape button

    [–] German Shepherd puppy zoomies ArkadiusBear 1 points ago in Zoomies

    heckin heck look at that speedy boye go!

    [–] The scene where real men cried ArkadiusBear 16 points ago in lotr

    Fun(ish) fact, the Grey Havens scene was done on the like the second day of shooting, which really shows how well the actors can simply jump into a scene and pretend they've been to Mordor and back with each other.

    [–] Trying to reach the front page after not giffing for over a year ArkadiusBear 6 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Good question, my young padawan. I used a process called frame interpolation, which is where a program can look at two frames and essentially guess what the frame inbetween would look like, and hey presto, double the frames!

    [–] The scene where real men cried ArkadiusBear 25 points ago in lotr

    boots up Adobe Premiere for an intense editing session

    [–] The scene where real men cried ArkadiusBear 22 points ago in lotr

    Definitely one of my favourite moments as well, just when you thought Aragorn couldn't get any more likeable...