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    [–] Crypto Exchange Binance is More Profitable than Germany’s Biggest Bank Deutsche Armpitfluff 1 points ago in investing

    For the uninitiated: most crypto exchanges charge a flat percent fee per trade (usually around 0.25%). This generates huge income with the volatility of crypto. Binance also has it's own token you can use as an intermediary in the exchange, in return for lower fees. This has caused the Binance token BNB to greatly increase in value, and Binance has reaped the rewards.

    [–] Upper Level Physics Courses Armpitfluff 3 points ago in Cornell

    If Yuval is the prof for advanced, take that. Best physics professor I've had so far.

    [–] Some questions regarding Thermobaric Weapons. Armpitfluff 3 points ago in WarCollege

    Weapon choice is a function of what you're target is. Both NATO and non-NATO forces use thermobaric and blast weapons (along with a whole host of other types of explosives).

    For hard targets like bunkers and armor, shaped-charge armor piercing explosives are best since it allows you to get inside that armor. An example is the RPG.

    For soft/open targets, blast type weaponry is ideal since the pressure wave will cause destruction, in the form of drag or diffraction loading. Think people, open buildings, technicals, etc.

    The main difference between a conventional blast explosive and a thermobaric one is that a conventional explosive contains the oxidizer in the weapon, while the thermobaric weapon relies on air in the atmosphere for detonation. A thermobaric bomb will detonate causing the fuel payload to aerosalize, and a secondary charge will ignite the fireball consuming the fuel and all the air around it, resulting in a substantial pressure wave.

    A thermobaric weapon is ideal for confined spaces because the aerosalized fuel will consume all the air in your confined space, spreading a pressure wave that will destroy soft targets The US used the MOAB recently to take care of some bad guys hiding in caves.

    To answer your last question, it depends what targets are in the open area. Generally, blast type bombs create larger pressure waves so they are preferred for this type of scenario. Cluster munitions are especially effective.

    [–] Redditors who have had major health issues - what small symptom should you have looked into earlier? Armpitfluff -1 points ago in AskReddit

    Someone has to pay for the massive ($BN) cost of the drug's development. That cost gets passes to the US populace and then to the insurance companies.

    [–] What WON'T the Chinese eat? Armpitfluff 1 points ago in China

    Which surprisingly doesn't taste too bad.

    [–] Entrance to the WSB Think Tank Armpitfluff 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Well the blue 3 means it's already dangerous for your health to enter

    [–] Do communists not believe in freedom of speech? Armpitfluff 1 points ago in communism101

    Well, to be fair, after the Hundred Flowers Campain, Mao purged everyone who dissagreed with him.

    [–] Blink and you’ll miss it: Chinese Navy, from modernization to expansion Armpitfluff 3 points ago in geopolitics

    Thanks for the great write up. Where do you get your information from? Chinese language source newspapers and websites?

    [–] New Stingray Promo Armpitfluff 3 points ago in LessCredibleDefence

    True. However, when you retire a bunch of F18s you also gain a crapload of old F18 engines that could be used as spares in the MQ25.

    [–] Lying about Adderall Armpitfluff 1 points ago in Military

    Don't lie if you intend on getting a TS/SCI.

    [–] My shower in Xi’an, working as intended... Armpitfluff 20 points ago in videos

    I stayed at a hotel in Xi'an where the toilet was inside the shower.

    [–] Missile shot into Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia just now Armpitfluff 2 points ago in videos of my friends "in the know" said missile intercept systems are lucky to get a 50% success rate.

    [–] First C-5, 66-8303. Armpitfluff 8 points ago in aviation

    Looks like someone stuck a plunger on the nose...