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    [–] Now that’s a twist Arson_Aussault 2 points ago in KeanuBeingAwesome

    Rockets gonna love it even more

    [–] Hello there. Arson_Aussault 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Major mistake right there

    salutes major mistake

    [–] Blessed_Wishes Arson_Aussault 96 points ago in blessedimages

    Probably just the genie congratulating the person on making such excellent wishes

    [–] Blessed_Wishes Arson_Aussault 248 points ago in blessedimages

    Where? Oh brd I gotcha. I suppose a fifth dimensional being would catch these things

    [–] Starting your doggo Arson_Aussault 10 points ago in aww

    For real I thought she just stabbed the dog with the key and I was boutta burst into tears

    [–] System Failure Arson_Aussault 1 points ago in GlitchInTheMatrix

    Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Bum Bum Bum

    [–] Four skeletons found sitting at a table in a deep dark lake Arson_Aussault 26 points ago in TheDepthsBelow

    Four skeletons, chillin in a dark lake, five feet apart cause they’re not gay

    [–] I think the shy kids can relate Arson_Aussault 1 points ago in teenagers

    “Oh and ________! You are being WAY too loud over there, you need to quiet down”

    [–] iTs FuNdAmEnTaLlY wRoNg Arson_Aussault 9 points ago in MKMemes

    Right?? My dad just comes in my room and starts ridiculing my gameplay. Can I just have fun?