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    [–] Is there any driving game like Euro truck Simulator but with cars? Astrokiwi 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in patientgamers

    Apparently the second game has Ibiza too?

    [–] How large of an age gap is too large? Astrokiwi 9 points ago in AskMen

    It's (own age-7)*2 if you want the rule to be consistent. So if you're 27, the oldest you can date is 40, and if you're 40, the youngest you can date is 27.

    It also means nobody can date anyone until they're 14, which is also not far off reasonable.

    [–] What a lovely morning... wait... since when did we have three suns? Astrokiwi 5 points ago in Stellaris

    If you want a stable 3-body system, then you typically need to make it a hierarchy of 2-body systems, or have at least one body so small that its gravity doesn't affect anything else.

    In the solar system for instance, we get moons around planets around the Sun - nested levels of 2-body systems. Or you have multiple planets around the same Sun, where the planets don't have enough gravity to affect each other very much - again, basically just a list of 2-body systems. Or you have small asteroids in stable orbits at the L4 or L5 Lagrange points or in some other interesting resonance - but again, that only works because they are small.

    I suppose this one could be stable if the central yellow star is much more massive than the other two stars combined though - i.e. the red and orange stars are orbiting around the central yellow star. But the yellow and orange stars are probably too close in mass for that to work.

    [–] What a lovely morning... wait... since when did we have three suns? Astrokiwi 9 points ago in Stellaris

    This particular system doesn't really work. To get a triple (or more) system, you do it by nesting binary orbits. So you have e.g. two massive stars orbiting close around each other, then a third star orbiting around the pair of them. You don't have three similar stars just sitting in a line.

    [–] Is there any driving game like Euro truck Simulator but with cars? Astrokiwi 199 points ago in patientgamers

    Test Drive Unlimited. You just get to drive around O'ahu in fancy cars. I've only played the first one, but the second one looks pretty similar. You can do races and missions etc, or you can just drive around for fun. Some of the "missions" are just "drive a fancy car from one side of the island to the other without hitting anything" so there's a lot of free rein.

    [–] Scissors beats paper Astrokiwi 35 points ago in gifs

    They're Korean anyway. She's be her "eonni" if she's older, "dongsaeng" if she's younger, and "chingu" if they're the same age.

    [–] First photo of Billy Batson in Shazam Astrokiwi 3 points ago in DCcomics

    "Here's your shield, Captain America"

    [–] Self aware PHP Astrokiwi 2 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Fortran2018 is way better than Python 1.0

    [–] My first english stream, how incomprehensible is it? Astrokiwi 3 points ago in EnglishLearning

    I think you are more understandable when you were talking naturally than when you were reading the written text aloud. When you were reciting the written text, it sometimes mixed together into a bit of a jumble. But when you were making your own comments, you were slower and put the emphasis on the right places and it sounded more natural and easier to understand.

    [–] Visa valid dates and coming to the UK before them Astrokiwi 2 points ago in ukvisa

    I just had a chat with an American friend of mine who hit this issue. Apparently you are not really supposed to enter the country until the start of your visa. You may very well get in anyway (as my friend did), but they would count that as "visiting". Formally what you should do is enter as a "visitor", then leave and re-enter at the right date to do the visa. However, it seems like some people do get away with bending the rules here.

    Is your university in the south of England? You can get to France and back within a day if you just want to get it sorted, although it'll be a bit of a waste of plane/ferry/train tickets. This is basically what I did to get my VISA back in Canada, although it was much easier and cheaper to drive two hours to the border with the US there than to get to France from here.

    [–] Still (actually, about to start as) a PhD student...invited to join Advisory Board of low impact factor foreign journal. Any downsides? Astrokiwi 3 points ago in AskAcademia

    To be fair, the standard etiquette in academia seems to be to assume everyone is "Dr" unless you know otherwise. PhD students will typically get "Dear Dr X" emails from conference organisers, even for big official international conferences.

    But yeah, I keep on getting oil conference invites for some reason?

    [–] My 3 year old scared me. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Astrokiwi 11 points ago in Parenting

    I guess that's the advantage of growing up in New Zealand. Although a praying mantis did jump in my window once, but those are actually pretty cool.

    [–] Fortran code to read Astrokiwi 5 points ago in fortran

    If you want short example programs, you could look for sets of Project Euler solutions - you'll get a bunch of different GitHub repos on google, and you can compare them to see the different ways people approach these problems, different programming styles etc. The Fortran doesn't have a single unified culture and style (unlike Python which has an "official" style and philosophy) so there will be a lot of diversity.

    If you want an example of a actual research level Fortran code (for better or worse), here's a random example of an astrophysics N-body+hydrodynamics code:

    [–] Hi Worldjerking, I just found this sub and started building my own jerk. Shower me with praise you FUC- Astrokiwi 6 points ago in worldjerking

    A clan of proud warrior centaurs who wield enchanted talking spears, but the talking weapons only say mean things

    I could actually see this working in a comedic novel, like Rincewind's talking sword in the early Discworld novels.

    [–] I didn't really play video games as a kid, and I'm looking for the "classics" Astrokiwi 6 points ago in patientgamers

    And Knights of the Old Republic while they're looking at classic Bioware RPGs. Maybe Jade Empire too.

    [–] I didn't really play video games as a kid, and I'm looking for the "classics" Astrokiwi 5 points ago in patientgamers

    My flatmate rented Doom 3 for the xbox once. It came with ports of Doom 1 & 2 on the second disc. I gave Doom 3 about an hour's effort and spent the rest of the week just playing through Doom 2 again.

    I think shooters are a genre that age well. Trying to go back and play an old RTS is often an exercise in frustration in figuring out the old interface.

    [–] Theoretical question Astrokiwi 2 points ago in askastronomy

    Easily! If the moon is large and has a "flat" orbit (i.e. not inclined compared to the orbit of the planet around the sun) then it will cause an eclipse once every orbit, and there's no reason you can't have a moon can't have an orbital period of a week.

    Our Moon is actually a really weird coincidence, in that it's just the right distance and size to just cause total eclipses on a small track of the Earth every now and again. If it was a bit smaller or a bit further away or a bit more inclined, it'd only ever cause partial eclipses if at all, and if it was a bit bigger or a bit closer or a bit less inclined, it'd cause a large fraction of the Earth to see total eclipses, perhaps even every month.

    [–] OK Queenie, it's back in the 50's, you're nice and young... Astrokiwi 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in MitchellAndWebb

    It's Olivia Colman, from Broadchurch and Hot Fuzz and many other things, but yeah, she was Sophie in Peep Show. She's going to be Queen Anne in an upcoming movie too interestingly.