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    [–] Self-defense Astrokiwi 2 points ago in bonehurtingjuice

    It's pronounced "oregano"

    [–] Mount St. Helens is about to Blow Up Astrokiwi 1 points ago in videos

    He probably trained a machine learning algorithm on all of his previous videos and this is what came out.

    [–] Ok to read with an eight year old? Astrokiwi 1 points ago in WoT

    If teenagers can read Dune and Lord of the Rings, they can definitely manage the Wheel of Time.

    [–] Looking for good, recent Spider-Man recommends available on MU Astrokiwi 1 points ago in MarvelUnlimited

    If you've already read it, you could skip ahead to #546 with Brand New Day. Around issue #600 it starts off the very long Doc Ock arc that leads towards Superior Spider-man.

    [–] First time I ever felt bad for Cyclops Astrokiwi 21 points ago in comicbooks

    A red lens doesn't make light red. It's a filter that blocks out most of the light that isn't red. So if you stack a red lens and a blue lens, you're filtering out both non-blue and non-red light, and end up with very little light at all. If the filters are perfect you get no light at all coming through - it's just black. In practice what you get is a very dark purple. If he's watching a 3D movie, which has one red image and one blue image superimposed, then a double lens will just give you a combination of both images, but very dark.

    [–] Looking for good, recent Spider-Man recommends available on MU Astrokiwi 1 points ago in MarvelUnlimited

    The very recent Dan Slott stuff isn't great, but his earlier stuff is actually pretty good. A standard place to start is Amazing Spider-man #546, and just keep on reading from there until you get to Superior Spider-man and onwards.

    I'm doing another read-through myself, but I started earlier with JMS's run, which is mostly pretty great too (with a couple of notable exceptions). The numbering is a bit confusing though. It starts as Amazing Spider-man vol 2 #30, but after issue #58 they renumber it to Amazing Spider-man vol 1 #500. This run sets up some major changes that define a lot of the stories that happen in Slott's run and in the "Braintrust" era before Slott, so it's worth reading too. It starts in about 1999 so it's still a fairly modern comic book style, so it's all very readable for a modern audience.

    [–] The most ridiculous AI pope expansion I've ever seen Astrokiwi 5 points ago in paradoxplaza

    And New France is Spanish, but still called "French Canada" for some reason.

    [–] How are these one line solutions formed aka. why am I so verbose? Astrokiwi 12 points ago in learnpython

    Just to make it clear, one-liners aren't recommended to be used in production because they are far more difficult to read and understand

    There is a bad habit among some Python developers to use the flexibility of the language to try to make things as concise and "clever" as possible. C has a similar problem. But it doesn't really improve performance, and it just makes the code really hard to understand.

    [–] In a car approaching C, would the headlights appear to get shorter? Astrokiwi 13 points ago in askscience

    One of the main principles of Einstein's relativity is that the speed of light is constant for everybody.

    Note that there is no such thing as absolute speed - there is only speed relative to another object. So there's no difference between a car driving a 0.99c, and the ground below you moving backwards at 0.99c.

    As far as the car is concerned, it's stationary, and the light moves away from you at c as you'd expect. You can see the ground because the light bounces off it and back to your eyes. But if the ground is moving towards you at close to the speed of light, then it will have moved a substantial distance in the time it take the light to reach your eyes, so you have to be careful how you interpret the image you see. The ground will also be extremely blue-shifted.

    From the ground's point of view, it also sees the light moving at c, and your car moving at slightly under c. So it does see the light as only slowly moving away from your car. This seems like a contradiction, which is why you need relativistic time dilation and length contraction - the car is shorter and seems to experience time more slowly. And vice-versa - from the car's point of view, the ground is smooshed and experiences time more slowly. It might sound contradictory, but if you incorporate all the maths correctly then it all adds up.

    [–] Comic 3833: Self Actualization Astrokiwi 3 points ago in questionablecontent

    I dunno, there's a lot of bread there...

    [–] No, seriously Netflix, increase the budgets. Astrokiwi 2 points ago in Defenders

    Rather than a bigger budget, I think they just need to have fewer, shorter episodes. Most of the seasons feel like they have about 10-15 minutes of padding per episode, and could probably be cut down to maybe 7-10 episodes instead of 13. Many of the shows seem to reach a plateau point about 3/4 of the way through the season where everything is more or less sorted out, and they're just kinda waiting so they can set up the finale. And while I do like Luke Cage, I feel like he's had almost the exact same conversation with Mariah or Bushmaster several times in the same season. I do think that tightening the script to fit in <10 episodes and editing each episode to fit in a nice traditional 42 minutes would add a lot to these shows.

    [–] This movie just won't work. There's no way. Astrokiwi 10 points ago in marvelstudios

    It's also worth noting that after the first Captain Marvel died in the 80s, the next Captain Marvel was a black woman - Monica Rambeau. So if someone is upset about a female Captain Marvel, they're about thirty years too late.

    [–] One of my favorite pages over the last 5 years [Superior Spider-Man #31] Astrokiwi 1 points ago in comicbooks

    Yeah the whole run after Secret Wars just isn't very interesting. But that's only a small fraction of the Slott run - the rest was all pretty good. Plus most of the "Braintrust" era too.

    [–] Smack that b***** Astrokiwi 0 points ago in marvelstudios

    They did that recently. Something to do with nazis.

    [–] Captain Marvel Official Trailer! Astrokiwi 18 points ago in Fantasy

    Carol has been around for ages, first as a supporting character in Captain Marvel, then as Ms. Marvel. She was on the Avengers more than once.

    I'm talking about when Rogue stole her memory in like 1980, and when she hangs out with the X-Men.

    [–] Captain Marvel Official Trailer! Astrokiwi 24 points ago in Fantasy

    Rogue also stole Carol's memories and personality, which she only partially recovered from. So they're kinda touching on those old arcs with the memory angle here.

    [–] Do you consider a woman telling you, “I’m not ready for a relationship right now” as code for “I’m not interested in you”? Astrokiwi 4 points ago in AskMenOver30

    Another point is that women are often just trying to be polite and not hurt men's feelings when they turn them down, and men are aware of this. So "I'm not ready for a relationship right now" could easily mean "I'm not interested in you, but I care enough about your feelings that I don't want it to sound like you did something wrong".

    [–] The gang’s all here! Astrokiwi 4 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in masseffect

    I always found this funny, because it's basically the plot of the Spider-verse event, where they had pretty much every single version of Spider-man ever made in any form of media in any country team-up together. There's like three different Japanese Spider-mans alone...