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    [–] What is the scariest thing that actually exists? Atheist101 5 points ago in AskReddit

    That's exactly how it works in the US as well but America is too uneducated to shake off this dumb fucking myth

    [–] Trump White House reportedly sought to put Pelosi ‘in her place’ Atheist101 1 points ago in politics

    I read a story not too long ago that early on in Muellers legal career, he tried to be a defense attorney but every time he got a client and he saw the facts, he'd be like "no, you have to go to jail, you actually did commit this crime".

    Its safe to say Mueller didnt stay at that firm for long

    [–] Trump says he will make a 'major' announcement on Saturday about border and shutdown Atheist101 4 points ago in politics

    Most of those arent even emergencies in any real sense, they are just sanctions that the President declared on some countries.

    [–] Stephen Johns condition Atheist101 3 points ago in DallasStars

    His career is over. Im guessing they are keeping him on the roster so he can get paid for his full contract but hes never seeing the ice again

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 -2 points ago in funny

    Are you mentally retarded or just colorblind? If you cant read white text on a black background, theres something wrong with you

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 -2 points ago in funny

    You know videos can be paused, right?

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 2 points ago in funny

    Whenever I drive through Garland, I feel physically dirty.

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 1 points ago in funny

    The driver was black FYI

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 -2 points ago in funny

    Even though the police cruisers clearly say GARLAND in big bold letters??

    [–] High speed chase. Atheist101 2 points ago in funny

    This is from Garland, TX. Garland is generally known as the armpit of Dallas.

    [–] Fox News pointedly asks White House spokesperson if Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress. He refuses to say. Atheist101 6 points ago in politics

    John Dean before Watergate: I'll protect my party at all costs, I know they have my back!

    John Dean after he gets convicted and the Republicans abandon him: Surprisedpikachu.gif

    John Dean after release from prison: Fuck the Republicans! You motherfuckers are going down

    [–] BuzzFeed Reporter Defends Bombshell Cohen Report: ‘This 100 Percent Happened’ Atheist101 2 points ago in politics

    50% of Trump posters there think: LOL BUZZFEED FAKE NEWS

    30% of them think: I dont care if he commit crimes, hes my guy and I'll support him regardless of what he does

    And the rest are: Crimes make him fucking badass. Hes the biggest badass to have ever assed if hes able to be a criminal AND get away with it. Go Trump!!!