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    [–] u/magicsonar Explains why Donald Trump is likely behind a $1.6 million payout to Playboy Playmate for an Abortion. Atheist101 1 points ago in bestof

    For Stormy, people care because he used campaign funds to pay her off. For this playboy, its interesting because hes engaging in what basically amounts to prostitution. Politicians always resign when affairs and prostitution accusations arise.

    [–] Mutant roaches?? Atheist101 2 points ago in NewOrleans

    Terminix says palmettos are just a species of roach:

    Whatever it was, I fucked its day up by spraying it with the can of death

    [–] Mutant roaches?? Atheist101 7 points ago in NewOrleans

    SUCCESS! I found the bastard scurrying around in the kitchen so I grabbed the roach killer can and sprayed the ever loving shit out of him. After he stopped writhing in pain, I swept it up and thew it outside!

    [–] Like Holy Fucking Shit Atheist101 18 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    ....hes the boss of all these people he rants against. Does he realize that?