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    [–] Pantera GT5, 1985 Atxchillhaus123 1 points ago in carporn

    Why don't they make cars this anymore?

    [–] Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms after Twitter put a disinformation warning on his false tweets Atxchillhaus123 2 points ago in Libertarian

    Florida is not even a solid red state. Obama won there so your argument in silly. It is still a battleground state. Also Gore basically tied it won their until daddy bush called in some favors from his old cia buddies

    [–] M/28/6'2 [308lbs to 213lbs] (8 years) Atxchillhaus123 2 points ago in Brogress

    The fat before was probably creating pressure and kinda stretching them out

    [–] M/28/6'2 [308lbs to 213lbs] (8 years) Atxchillhaus123 1 points ago in Brogress

    Can u dm me those details. I'd travel there just to do that and sight see. Mix it in with my tourism. Healthcare options and surgery is way too expensive and messed up in the USA unfortunately.

    [–] One month progress 16:8 Atxchillhaus123 2 points ago in intermittentfasting

    Nice Keep it up. You're inspiring me to keep going

    [–] 😂 Tag a friend Atxchillhaus123 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    Do you think corporations with complete freedom will do the right thing? Having more hospital beds even if it means they go unused most the year and costs them bottom line profits? You think a mega hospital chain CEO will be ok with making just $200k instead of $5million a year , or $5million instead of $7million? We gave them theur chance and they showed their willingness to drop children with cancer from insurance policies until ACA made it ilegal. To bankrupt families. They showed how low they can and will go. They are parasites. Healthcare insurance is an unnecessary predatory middleman BS!

    [–] 😂 Tag a friend Atxchillhaus123 5 points ago in Cringetopia

    The market is already manipulated by healthcare insurance lobbyists. They writee the bills . They create the supply and demand practically! It's not a "free market" in anyway. Just as those lobbyists and execs can join forces to manipulate the Market to sell asprin for $100 at the ER and make Billions, we too can gather and decide we want to influence the market to you have basic stuff like not forcing families into bankruptcy when their kids get sick. This is disgusting. This is not a question of a free market healthcare system vs "my freedoms".... freedom to overpay or skip the doctor's visit and die

    [–] Busty Atxchillhaus123 2 points ago in DarkAngels

    Perfect pussy