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    [–] Australian doctor admits to helping 300 suffering patients die Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in worldnews

    Just because no system is perfect, doesn't mean regulations can't improve it dramatically.

    [–] Australian doctor admits to helping 300 suffering patients die Autarch_Kade 5 points ago in worldnews

    Holy shit imagine completely unregulated banking. Over 100% interest rates, terms that change on a whim, fees not disclosed, them refusing to deal with you because you're a woman, or a Jew, or gay? No need to disclose insider information, you can just trade however you want!

    Really a retarded comparison because banking regulations are often times in reaction to shitty practices that banks would do otherwise. No points off for trying though. But next time, maybe don't.

    [–] Acceleration vs. Non-acceleration: A Friendly Discussion Autarch_Kade 2 points ago in WGU

    If I wanted to learn more about the history of the US constitution, I'll do that after I've gotten a job with my completed degree.

    I'm not going to throw thousands of dollars away in the meantime.

    Almost every course has a free analogue elsewhere.

    [–] Oh shit. Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in funny

    I'll stick with the pill instead of surgical procedures, thanks.

    [–] What experiments/tests do you think the government are doing that we have no idea about? Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in AskReddit

    They're already using facial recognition software to match criminals on camera from a crime scene, to the photographs taken for a driver's license. This is probably a part of why people who are not citizens are still given licenses.

    They're probably taking this even further - traffic cams? ATMs? the cameras along highways? Certainly that massive bank of cameras you drive through when near the southern border is checking your face and letting them know if you're on a list.

    It's probably in use on smartphones too.

    [–] I Have A Certain Set Of Skils Autarch_Kade 3 points ago in Smite

    That friend request too. Wholesome

    [–] I Have A Certain Set Of Skils Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in Smite

    I expect my teammates to be completely incompetent in their roles, so my friends and I will make sure we pick gods that can do their job for them in a pinch.

    [–] Why is property in the USA so cheap? Autarch_Kade 0 points ago in RealEstate

    Which is exactly why calling the US big as if it's some sort of explanation is silly. The size of both are about the same. It's the other differences that matter.

    Yet first thing he did was mention the size of the US?

    [–] Would bee hives grow larger if we didn't harvest their honey? Autarch_Kade 2 points ago in askscience

    They don't leave, they send some bees to found a new hive.

    Kinda like your parents live at their house, but send their kids into the world to start their own family at their own house.

    [–] Modern World Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in creepy

    Everyone's white knighting for the phone, but nobody is talking about what the iphone is implanting in him!

    [–] Modern World Autarch_Kade 5 points ago in creepy

    Hopefully people weren't crocheting and reading newspapers while driving cars.

    [–] 5.18 "Hera's Odyssey: Change and Choices" Patch Notes Autarch_Kade 3 points ago in Smite

    I like this format for the patch notes show. Tease the skins, but talk about bug fixes and balance before showing them off in full.

    [–] Why is property in the USA so cheap? Autarch_Kade -6 points ago in RealEstate

    I think you are failing to realize how big Australia is.

    Continental US area: 2.96 square miles

    Australia area: 2.97 million square miles

    [–] What's the biggest waste of money that people dont realize is a waste? Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in AskReddit

    For example, golden rice contains extra vitamin A which is crucial to prevent childhood blindness in developing countries.

    I believe there's also a canola oil with higher lauric acid - which helps increase good cholesterol.

    Why would organic food ever end up more nutritious than something that can be specifically designed to have more vitamins, minerals, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.? The entire point of a GMO is to take what's already there, an organic crop, and make it better. Maybe that means taking up less natural resources, such as with the GM salmon, or maybe that's having a lower risk of cancer, such as the GM potato, or maybe that's to prevent childhood blindness, like golden rice, or maybe it's to reduce food waste, like many fruits resistant to spoilage, or maybe that's to reduce the need for applying pesticides/herbicides meaning less is used on crops and less crop is lost to pests and such.

    And yet, people will pay more money for an inferior crop, because of the logical fallacy natural = good.

    [–] [Homemade] Pressed Cubano Autarch_Kade -2 points ago in food

    Fluffy bread and cold cheese is the main difference

    I don't want to feel like I could wring out a sandwich, or have it make squelching sounds

    [–] [Homemade] Pressed Cubano Autarch_Kade 2 points ago in food

    more sandwiches for you!

    [–] What "serious" movie was unintentionally funny? Autarch_Kade 28 points ago in AskReddit

    Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

    Or that one about the possessed printing press that kills people

    [–] Can’t say that about any other console. Autarch_Kade 5 points ago in xboxone

    That'd be horrible for the companies and gamers. It's a really shortsighted mindset that ignores the fact that without the need for competing against another console, there is little motivation to develop their own games.

    They'd just do hardware and the console software, and leave games to third parties. Meaning fewer games for the rest of us. A smaller competitive advantage. Less competition is bad for customers.

    Imagine if every console had all the same games. You'd just pick the one with the fastest hardware and ignore the others as they're completely redundant.

    [–] Can’t say that about any other console. Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in xboxone

    Anyone else remember the PS4 earcord it shipped with?

    [–] [Homemade] Pressed Cubano Autarch_Kade 1 points ago in food

    I'm glad you like that. To me it looks like a congealed, gelatinous mess