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    [–] [Late 90's, Early 00's] online flash game Avangelista 1 points ago in tipofmyjoystick

    Was it a horror game? Like The Visitor?

    More recent maybe Feed the Head? but probably not

    [–] A 2-D text-based, strategy, post-apocalyptic game. Avangelista 2 points ago in tipofmyjoystick

    A Dark Room

    There's a web based version and a mobile version with some differences

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Avangelista 2 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    See I'm confused because it's pretty obvious he's starting the obvious joke on purpose... But at the same time it's not funny at all.

    [–] Minecraft Bedrock bedrock mineshaft! Avangelista 17 points ago in Minecraft

    That's probably why it's a nightmare...

    [–] Well that sucks... Avangelista 47 points ago in Minecraft

    cause monsters attack them at night, so they drink a potion

    [–] Random black screen crashing with slightly more intensive tasks Avangelista 1 points ago in buildapc

    Thanks man, reseating the ram seems to have worked. I get the feeling it wasn't all the way in to begin with

    [–] I just discovered I'm colourblind Avangelista 2 points ago in dankmemes

    ya it is in America, why you gotta ruin everyone's fun

    [–] Whats the deal with the whole "time bomb" thing i kepe hearing about with R4 cards? Avangelista 11 points ago in flashcarts

    Sticky has most of your info

    A "time bomb" is just a feature of shittier cards that stops the card working after a certain date, to make you buy a new one. It's explained in the above link. I recommend going on the info above

    [–] No premise, conclusion Pa → ∀x(Px ∨ ¬(x = a)) Avangelista 1 points ago in logic

    woah managed to even cut out basically all my original work too (2-4)


    [–] No premise, conclusion Pa → ∀x(Px ∨ ¬(x = a)) Avangelista 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in logic

    Thank you! I've been messing around and come up with a solution which satisfies the proof. Do you know if there's anywhere I could simplify it? I'm using the rules on this logic checker