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    [–] My new gcam port has buttons in the navigation bar that don't work. Avangelista 3 points ago in essential

    settings > advanced > enable Google photo

    this uses Google photos as the default gallery and fixed the issue for me

    [–] It do be like that Avangelista 23 points ago in dankmemes

    but hims name is spooky doo

    [–] remember them? Avangelista 21 points ago in memes

    it turned out it wasn't actually him too, iirc

    [–] Absolutelynotme_irl Avangelista 45 points ago in absolutelynotme_irl

    lmao all the downvoting, I'm pretty sure this is a quote from The Room

    [–] Legal Copy of halo: Combat Evolved for the PC Avangelista 3 points ago in halospv3

    Google "halo ce product key", second result has a ton

    Then yeah just download the official spv3 from here and input a key when it asks you

    [–] Google Now is being left to wither and die as Google Assistant takes the focus Avangelista 6 points ago in Android

    It doesn't work the same way at all, unfortunately. It just links to things on the page you might like, instead of allowing you to select and copy/translate text. It's really annoying, and I've found myself needing the OCR like 5 or 6 times since assistant replaced now on tap.

    [–] Found in a car in an abandoned fairground... Avangelista 4 points ago in urbanexploration

    nah. most other cars were locked and there was one camper van full of rubbish and shit, I looked pretty carefully but there was nothing good.