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    [–] New Cutter last night ! AvidasOfficial 1 points ago in ElitePS

    In a cutter yes. If it was an FDL or any other ship for that matter I would say fixed PAs and Rails however the hardpoint positions on the cutter and clipper and unusable (on ps4 anyway)

    [–] Train in Kyoto, Japan. AvidasOfficial 65 points ago in pics

    I have absolutely no idea what anyone is on about in this thread.

    [–] Senegal manager Aliou Cissé's celebration when his team scored AvidasOfficial 44 points ago in sports

    This is the kind of Reddit comment that makes up for all the other bullshit and re-posts I have to dig through to find it.

    [–] Hold My Redbull. AvidasOfficial 8 points ago in holdmyredbull

    Don't have a cow man

    [–] New Cutter last night ! AvidasOfficial 1 points ago in ElitePS

    Gimbled frag cannons are sick for PvP

    [–] I would be running away AvidasOfficial 369 points ago in nonononoyes

    He saved the lion cub and raised it himself. The lion Sirga is completely tame with him and views him as a father. The documentary is about him teaching her to hunt so that she can experience life as a lion should, although she cannot be set free in the wild as it is forbidden to do so with tame lions.

    [–] Positano AvidasOfficial 15 points ago in travel

    Beautiful place but a complete tourist trap. I stayed in Castelmare Di'stabbia between Positano and Pompeii and everything was about 20% of the price it was in Positano.

    Go there and enjoy it, just don't stay there.

    [–] Couples of Reddit, how do you guys decide where to eat? AvidasOfficial 6 points ago in AskReddit


    You pick 5 places to eat, she picks 2 of those and then you decide on the final one ... or vis versa.

    [–] Women, what do men think YOU want in a man that you really don't care about, physically, mentally etc.? AvidasOfficial 9 points ago in AskReddit

    My missus is the complete opposite. She refuses to do any form of garden work/DIY but on the other hand also gets angry at me if I do things like the dishes or washing as she likes it done a particular way that even if I try to do isn't to her liking.

    We've now fallen into a routine where we have specific jobs we always do. I cut the lawn, fix the cars, take the bins out and cook dinner. She does the washing, dishes and tidys the bedrooms etc.

    [–] How to break an oil rig AvidasOfficial 8 points ago in instant_regret

    In the UK it's very hard to fire anyone. Even more so when working for large companies. You basically have to deliberately do something wrong, break a health and safety rule or repeatedly do the same thing wrong multiple times after having it brought up in formal meetings beforehand.