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    [–] Look who I packed in a Jumbo Gold Pack from one of the SBC's! AxisFifa 26 points ago in FIFA

    Nah its just that no one feels like posting their 55k packs with Giovinco as their best player

    [–] Why all the hype for Davinson? AxisFifa 2 points ago in FIFA

    bailly was around 70k at the start of fifa 17

    [–] Unpacked neymar AxisFifa 16 points ago in FIFA

    return to sender imo

    [–] Return of a Legend! AxisFifa 50 points ago in FIFA

    glasses, style, suit and smile

    Alright Dr.Seuss

    [–] Show us your teams thus far! Here is mine. AxisFifa 3 points ago in FIFA

    I'm going to do that Hulk/Teixeira combination as my second team, looks too good.

    [–] Market when the full game drops AxisFifa 1 points ago in FIFA

    It's not necessarily bad to sell, as long as you reinvest those coins in players who you think you'll make more on. For example I packed Promes, sold him for 20k yesterday, and used the coins to snipe 2 depays for 10k max bin when he was extinct. Now I'm sitting on 2 Depays who I'll make more on than 1 Promes at launch. The point is you should think about the investments indiviually as opposed to letting it get drummed into you that you should always hold.

    [–] Web App fifa 19 FUT AxisFifa 12 points ago in FIFA

    Jesus christ people learn to title your posts

    [–] The Weeknd - Reminder AxisFifa 57 points ago in hiphopheads


    [–] WHITE BRONCO AxisFifa 1 points ago in hiphopheads


    Yeezy season approaching?

    [–] [OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread September 17, 2018 AxisFifa 1 points ago in makinghiphop

    dumb question but how'd you take the vocals from the original?

    [–] It’s not your size tho AxisFifa 12 points ago in funny

    I know. Imagine this is a non-native speaker. Then imagine them trying to discern the difference between two very similar words just for their own knowledge. And they get downvoted for it.