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    [–] Barcelona [2]-0 Bilbao : Messi 30' AxisFifa 56 points ago in soccer

    Imagine performing a pass so well that in return, you get Messi's warm, sweaty, body colliding into yours. As his chest heaves from exertion, and his hands lock around you as if to say "You're mine", you fend off your body's natural response to the situation. You let out a guttural moan as his fine phalanges find their way to your shoulder blades, digging in while you wince from pleasure.

    Then he walks away without a backwards glance. Leaving you sprinting back to half, ready to get the game going again. He's left you with a hunger for his primal contact, and a tingling in your scrotum. You will not dissapoint.

    That is the blaugrana way.

    [–] Happens to the best of us AxisFifa 260 points ago in sports

    “He came over, had some words,” Marv Albert said. “Mascots are not supposed to talk but I heard — I heard some bad words.”

    [–] Teen test thread (March 15, 2018) AxisFifa 2 points ago in Jeopardy

    Im just giving you my opinion man.

    [–] Teen test thread (March 15, 2018) AxisFifa 1 points ago in Jeopardy

    everything will be fine except homonym vs homophone, because those are 2 different words.

    [–] Teen test thread (March 15, 2018) AxisFifa 3 points ago in Jeopardy

    Spiro T Agnew is the only VP I know. I answer him for everything.

    [–] Teen test thread (March 15, 2018) AxisFifa 2 points ago in Jeopardy

    41/50 here, hope thats good enough.

    [–] Teen test thread (March 15, 2018) AxisFifa 4 points ago in Jeopardy

    I haven't felt any emotions since the accident.

    [–] Salty AxisFifa 16 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Suck my dick from the back

    [–] Salty AxisFifa 35 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Desus and Mero legends for this

    [–] I was rooting for Tom every time AxisFifa 28 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Both of you better turn your location on