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    [–] To all you beautiful people! BASSEL_- 2 points ago in Egypt

    Wholesome post is wholesome. Good to see you on the sub again bro. <3

    [–] Egypt Man Presses Charges Against Wife for FGM of their Two Daughters BASSEL_- 15 points ago in Egypt

    Irreversibly ruining a baby's genitals sets you back 5000 EGP, or a quarter of a year up to two years in prison?

    Why isn't the punishment way more severe?


    UPDATE: The man who had reported his wife turned out to be the one who had initially taken them to undergo female genital circumcision. The man and his wife were having domestic problems for years and the wife took the man to court where he was ordered to pay LE 30,000, and in retaliation he accused her of taking the children to undergo FGM.

    [–] Why does compulsory military service still exist? BASSEL_- 1 points ago in Egypt

    Thinly veiled ongoing slavery is of great use to a highly immoral business.

    [–] Has any Egyptian actually dropped/would be willing to drop their nationality for another? Like day the German/Japanese one for example. BASSEL_- 5 points ago in Egypt

    > Refusing an obviously much better and more privileged life both outside and inside Egypt, just to keep a paper of little actual worth, and to retain a hollow feeling of patriotism.

    [–] In your opinion, what is the most Egyptian thing ever? BASSEL_- 8 points ago in Egypt

    انا سمعت وانا صغير انه بيستخدم لشفط الكوكايين.

    [–] Best Burger in Egypt BASSEL_- 8 points ago in Egypt

    Do you recommend any particular menu items? I might try out this place, looks good.

    [–] 2500 Euros/month in Europe or 50,000 LE/month in Egypt? BASSEL_- 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Egypt

    I'd rather be only capable of barely affording food, clothes, and shelter in, say, Norway than 80k in Egypt.

    My bubble has been fully burst by going to uni. Not exclusively by the uni itself, although that's a factor, but by the areas I see and experience while commuting, and the people on these streets.

    I don't want to be rich here and live in a plastic box almost, but not quite fully, sheltering me from a deeply rotten country.

    Maybe my view will change as I get older, though I dread the possibility. It'd mean a part of me I want to keep has died.

    [–] Yooooo can I use TE data buisness plans at home and are they good? BASSEL_- 6 points ago in Egypt

    Don't be an active factor in the country's problems. I realize how trivial the matter is, but the principle still stands. Stop offering bribes.

    [–] Gatko nıla 🤮 BASSEL_- 4 points ago in Egypt

    R A M - D E E Z ((((nutz))))

    [–] Reddit anonimity will not protect you from Allah BASSEL_- 0 points ago in Egypt

    In an alternate timeline, an unexplained mutation sped up evolution remarkably.

    Humans created the internet two thousand years earlier.

    Now Reddit, ever the main intellectual discussions site, is the main medium for propagating the newly developed religion, Islam.

    Blinded by their ego, the kuffar downvoted the word of God. "Islam is a repost" they jeered, "Gr8 b8 m8".

    [–] Egyptian podcasts BASSEL_- 8 points ago in Egypt

    Dude, why ? Why would you do this ?

    [–] Egypt was beautiful BASSEL_- 0 points ago in Egypt

    ITT: Expats and tourists saying Egypt is still beautiful.

    [–] How do you view mental illness? BASSEL_- 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Egypt

    What do you think of me ? If I told you in real life how would you react ?

    Initially, I'd just think of you as someone who is bipolar.

    If I then get to know you more, I'd associate more character traits with you.

    Don't worry about people's view on this. Unless you live in an area where people are still old traditionalists when it comes to these things, and you probably don't.

    [–] Real Magic..? BASSEL_- 74 points ago in funny

    Yeah, I occasionally do stupid shit to keep myself amused.

    [–] Claps BASSEL_- 11 points ago in Egypt

    Actually I'd argue it's usually rich people are smart because they're rich.

    I see your general point though.

    [–] How many of you guys here are fans of Hip Hop / Rap and who are your favorite artists? BASSEL_- 9 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Egypt

    Notorious BIG is a marvelous poet. My favorite verse of his, beautiful prose wise:

    Girl you look so good huh, I suck on your daddy's dick

    Off the song "Me & My Bitch".

    [–] Om El Donya Can't Catch a Break BASSEL_- 3 points ago in Egypt

    and a Coup trampoline

    [–] Indian government criminalizes instant Triple Talaq, the practice where a Muslim man can divorce his wife on the spot by saying talaq, talaq, talaq BASSEL_- 1 points ago in worldnews

    From your own link:

    There are saheeh ahaadeeth from the Prophet Muhammad which show that tahleel marriage is haraam.

    The religion actively disapproves of this. You could pull actual barbaric stuff and instead you post something that the religion specifically advocates against.

    [–] Om El Donya Can't Catch a Break BASSEL_- 19 points ago in Egypt

    You can also add a Monarchy burning building before the first Military one, and a Coup trampoline.

    And an Invasion one prior to that.

    You can keep adding quite a lot to the pic.