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    [–] My 3H portrait take on Glenn Fraldarius! BORPADORP 9 points ago in fireemblem

    !> Except for the fact that she scolds kostas for his failure to kill Dimitri and Claude, and says she’ll hire someone else. And yes she does disagree with twsitd, she still utilizes them and uses their experiments to her benefit. She only prefers to spare Claude during war time since he might be useful, and she attempts to have him killed before even knowing him. Her first inclination is to kill Dimitri and Claude to make things easier for her, and she only cares to spare them when it’s the easier way for her.<!

    [–] My 3H portrait take on Glenn Fraldarius! BORPADORP 9 points ago in fireemblem

    >!Edelgard tried to kill Claude and Dimitri during the prologue, never even giving them the chance to back down. She also never even tries to talk to them about it, and seeing how their stories go, Claude might agree to diplomatically help, and Dimitri might too considering he was pretty protective of her until he began suspecting that she was the Flame Emperor.!<

    [–] Has anyone's 2nd (or later) route been their favorite? BORPADORP 1 points ago in fireemblem

    Played Black Eagles first and loved them, but then did Blue Lions and felt that it was the best story and after it can't see myself ever siding with Edelgard again outside of exploring gameplay when Lunatic comes. Doing Golden Deer now and while I enjoy it, Blue Lions is still my favorite.

    [–] Three Houses Question Thread - QUESTIONS GO HERE BORPADORP 1 points ago in fireemblem

    Anyone have any information on the Lunatic mode release date?

    [–] Leffen shows how "easy" it is to react to Hero's spell menu. BORPADORP 5 points ago in smashbros

    Leffen also had his cursor on sizzle for most of that time, which is probably why Link opted to approach from above, only changing it when he got really close.

    [–] Divine Pulse/Turnwheel is one of my favorite features in the series BORPADORP 30 points ago in fireemblem

    Every time in old games I reach the end of a map and get hit by a stray 2% crit or miss a 90% and get hit by 4 20% chances to hit, or even press wait by accident and end up with someone dead because of it, it completely takes the wind out of my sails. On a long enough map I've honestly just looked at the save screen and clicked delete file, not wanting to play at all anymore. Nothing even remotely similar has happened with Three Houses and I'm so happy. (This is coming from someone who's beaten every FE game at least once on the highest difficulty, except for Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem where the highest I've played has been hard 2.)

    [–] My Fiancée isn’t speaking to me after I used “our” money to help my dog. Not sure not to fix this? BORPADORP 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in relationship_advice

    Dude, while her completely ignoring you is bad, you fucked up hugely. You dropped 5k without even telling her on a dog that won’t live that much longer, even if the treatment is successful. Of course she’s pissed. Again, her way of dealing with it is really poor, but she deserves an apology. When you’re getting married to someone, you don’t just drop 5k without telling them. Also, if your dog goes through chemo he’s going to be so scared and in so much pain, if only just for a little more time. It’s cruel.

    [–] My Fiancée isn’t speaking to me after I used “our” money to help my dog. Not sure not to fix this? BORPADORP 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    You’re glossing over the fact that he dropped 5k on a dog that would be reaching the end of its lifespan anyways without even telling her. Her completely ignoring him is crappy, but he fucked up hugley.

    [–] A review of Three Houses from a turns player and jaded fan BORPADORP 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in fireemblem

    What route are you playing? I found my guys regularly being 3hko'd and doubled post timeskip on the Edelgard route, and I was on hard. And the Golden Deer/Blue Lions units would regularly one round my guys if I didn't take them down without giving them an opportunity to attack me. Dimitri in particular had distant counter and would double my guys for 50+ damage per hit (and anyone he wouldn't double, he'd straight up OHKO), and Claude had 33 speed and 62 attack far earlier than when I was fighting Dimitri, absolutely obliterating anyone who would attack him.

    [–] A review of Three Houses from a turns player and jaded fan BORPADORP 18 points ago in fireemblem

    Edelgard while not exactly fast, hits like a fucking nuke and is bulky as hell. She also gets a 24 might holy weapon, with the unique combat art of letting her move and attack again if it hits. So if you really need to, you can have a unit with 80+ attack, move and attack 5 times in a single turn. It's crazy.

    [–] 3H might be my favorite game in the series. BORPADORP 1 points ago in fireemblem

    Just beat Edelgard's path, and man oh man I loved it. I was a tad disappointed that it ended so quickly, but I guess it made sense. Hopefully the story dlc is a continuation of her path.

    [–] As a long time fan of FE from the gba days, Three Houses has blown me away. BORPADORP 1 points ago in fireemblem

    Wait so is the route where you side with Edelgard over the church hidden? I’m on that route, and I got the prompt to see her spoiler event and took it on the month before the timeskip. I always took the opportunity to talk to every student in my house during exploration time.

    [–] 3H might be my favorite game in the series. BORPADORP 8 points ago in fireemblem

    Dude same. I'm only on chapter 15 on Edelgard's route, and unless the game suddenly completely and utterly crashes and burns, this will be my favorite Fire Emblem ever. The gameplay is great, the story is phenomenal (the most engaged I've ever been with Fire Emblem, and basically video games ever), and the ost is fantastic. And I still have 3 more routes to play! I've played every game in the series, and to be honest, what I've played of three houses has blown them all out of the water.

    [–] Three Houses Questions Thread BORPADORP 1 points ago in fireemblem

    Are you able to eventually have more than one Adjuant?

    [–] Three Houses Questions Thread BORPADORP -1 points ago in fireemblem

    I heard Flayn leaves on Edelgard's route. Is this true?

    [–] Three Houses Questions Thread BORPADORP 2 points ago in fireemblem

    Is there a cap on how many students from other houses you can recruit?

    [–] Tencent working with Nintendo on a new Pokemon game BORPADORP 7 points ago in nintendo

    Supporting the consistent cutting of features, lazy excuses and behind the generation graphics when that’s the excuse for the cuts are enabling sub standard games. Mario odyssey and breath if the wild pushed the formula forward, while Pokémon is happy to be lazy. Fire emblem three houses and animal crossing got delayed for the sake of quality, and metroid prime 4 even got restarted. Yet game freak shows none of this care for Pokémon.

    [–] What would you say is Nintendo's evilest villain? BORPADORP 52 points ago in nintendo

    Zanza, from Xenoblade Chronicles. While his destruction and recreation of the universe was accidental, his heinous actions as a god make him quite despicable. He would literally purge all the lifeforms on the bionis and start all over again whenever they got too advanced, terrified that his creations would outgrow the need for him. He even went to war with Meyneth and the mechonis to halt all cooperation between the bionis and mechonis and out of jealousy for how much her creations loved her.