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    [–] Coach Fangio: 'Up in the air' if starters will play vs. Rams BRAX7ON 2 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Yes, but we play the Rams this Saturday. The Arizona Cardinals are our final preseason opponent.

    [–] Coach Fangio: 'Up in the air' if starters will play vs. Rams BRAX7ON 2 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Well that’s a bit odd. A team with so many question marks on offense, a new head coach, and a new offensive scheme would usually use this opportunity to develop chemistry and confidence and tuneup for the final time before the regular season opener.

    I understand injuries are a concern, but I would be surprised if the starters on offense didn’t play AT LEAST the entire first half.

    [–] [Pelissero] Broncos coach Vic Fangio told me rookie TE Noah Fant, who suffered a minor ankle injury in last preseason game, will be ready for Week 1. Good news for first-round pick who has impressed as a blocker as well as a receiver. Could make immediate impact. BRAX7ON 3 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Fant is a prototype TE with amazing measurables.

    The two questions coming out of college were: Can he avoid dropped balls? And... Can he block linemen and edge defenders at the NFL level.

    Jury is out on the first, but arguably the most difficult transition to make as an NFL TE is becoming an in-line blocker. He seems to have already taken that step.

    [–] Garett Bolles' terrible technique, penalties must be corrected this year BRAX7ON 9 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Wow. Doubt one single detractor will admit their ignorance after reading this, but Bolles and his fans feel vindicated.

    [–] How to support my mates in heroics with a viable skill build? BRAX7ON 1 points ago in thedivision

    It is hard to have weapon damage, skill power, AND survivability. You pretty much have to choose two.

    But yeah, skills can crush it in heroics.

    [–] [Photo] 499.99% damage. is this normal? BRAX7ON 1 points ago in the_division_2

    I run striker drone with seekers on my skill build and it is killer. I don’t have any striker specific mods though. Just regular damaged mods.

    [–] This house BRAX7ON 3 points ago in DenverBroncos

    ... is gorgeous!

    [–] 6% Chance? Really? BRAX7ON 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in DenverBroncos

    You seem to have trouble understanding the definition of overrated. And that’s fine. But a player can be both overrated, and rated beneath Brady, Manning, and Brees. Because that’s where he belongs, below them. But even being placed there, he’s overrated. Because there are at least five other quarterbacks in the league that are better than him today. Being a consistent top 8 quarterback should in no way be Hall of Fame worthy, which is for the best of the best.

    And I have watched Rivers through his entire career. I watch every team, and can analyze every team. Your opinion does not matter.

    I’m afraid that with your inability to comprehend simple sentences and simple concepts, you could not teach me anything, little kid. More importantly, you brought up Aikman and then tried to bash me for defending him, which I did not do. You lack intelligence and class. I really don’t want to waste another second of my time with you.

    And finally, I’m cool as a cucumber. You couldn’t rustle my jimmies if you tried. I know it is difficult to infer tone from a written message, however you do it more poorly than most.

    [–] 6% Chance? Really? BRAX7ON 0 points ago in DenverBroncos

    When did I defend Aikman? LOL,

    Shows me all I need to know about your ability to read a simple sentence.

    I am merely saying that I do not see Rivers in the Hall of Fame in the Golden passing era of football unless he can have some post season success. His regular season success has been too mediocre.

    Nevertheless, the point was whether or not he was underrated. And speaking about him for the Hall of Fame only proves that he is not underrated.

    Rivers is overrated. Thank you for proving my point.

    [–] My name is Alton Brown. I cook stuff and make TV shows about cooking stuff. My new project is called Good Eats: The Return. Let’s talk BRAX7ON 1 points ago in IAmA

    I am super upset that I missed this. Alton Brown is one of my favorite TV personalities, and if I were to appear on iron Chef, I would want to go up against Alton Brown. (I know he’s not an iron Chef, but he should be.)

    [–] 6% Chance? Really? BRAX7ON 0 points ago in DenverBroncos

    So postseason success doesn’t factor in AT ALL for you?

    I think if Rivers can have some degree of postseason success I would consider him, otherwise his inability to lift his team should be held against him.

    [–] 6% Chance? Really? BRAX7ON 0 points ago in DenverBroncos

    People are touting him for the Hall of Fame. He’s accomplished nothing. He’s definitely not underrated.

    [–] 6% Chance? Really? BRAX7ON 2 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Since we are one of four teams in the division, I put our odds squarely at 25%.

    [–] Marbles Predict NFL Week 1 - Do Broncos Win? BRAX7ON 1 points ago in DenverBroncos

    35-7 Broncos beat the Raiders week 1.

    Brown gets 129 yards on 39 targets, catching 8 passes and a TD.

    [–] [Koenigsberg] The national conversation today is about Jimmy G struggling when it really should be about Bradley Chubb making his life a living hell. BRAX7ON 4 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Both of our safeties were injured that game, and Chris is an excellent communicator. When he was unable to communicate coverages to his safeties he had no help and it always looked like it was his fault. In-depth analysis showed that although he didn’t have his best game, he literally had zero help.

    [–] The future is here BRAX7ON 1 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Wrong thread reply, lol, my bad