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    [–] Anthony Weiner Released from Prison Early After Teen Sexting Case BRAX7ON 16 points ago in news

    Also, when he asked what he could do about his newborn puppy’s dependency on it’s mothers milk, he was told…

    Wean ‘er

    [–] Russia may absorb Belarus: "We’re ready to unite," president says BRAX7ON 1 points ago in worldnews

    Some do, some don’t. I never have.

    I believe the truly simple people that actively get involved in politics do so with the best of intentions. Some people can’t fathom the truth in this statement. It is no less true.

    [–] We've all done it BRAX7ON 7 points ago in reddeadredemption

    When I started I accidentally got a legendary fox really early. My first stop was the trapper.

    My first accident? Poor trapper

    [–] The genie we really deserve. BRAX7ON 7 points ago in funny

    Crews blew blue brew on the Booze Cruise

    [–] Does it look like Devin White at #10? BRAX7ON 1 points ago in DenverBroncos

    To be fair, he said he “doesn’t make head scratching throws like Lynch.” You see, Lynch would often throw the ball right into the arms of the defenders. When Lock makes a head scratcher, at least it’s not right at a defender.

    [–] #Broncos have notified LB Brandon Marshall that they are most likely not going to exercise his option and he will be a free agent on March 13, per source. BRAX7ON 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in DenverBroncos

    Chris Harris Jr. What?!?!

    Man cmon with that. That makes you seem completely unaware and detached from the situation.

    Maybe you meant to include Shelby Harris.

    [–] Broncos Considered Chasing Nick Foles Before Joe Flacco Trade BRAX7ON 1 points ago in DenverBroncos

    *Before his latest injury

    Mobility was the surprising secret weapon in Smith’s arsenal. He will no doubt be slowed, possibly permanently. This injury may also rob him of some of his arm strength.

    Considering he is 34 and will likely turn 36 before he takes another NFL snap, I wouldn’t touch Alex Smith with a 10 ft field goal post.

    [–] The morning after BRAX7ON 1 points ago in DenverBroncos

    Pretending to know what will happen in the draft is a fools errand. Let free agency shake out, see what roster holes are filled and go from there.