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    [–] When Feminists Automatically Assume She's Innocent, it's Misogyny. BSexclusionzone 0 points ago in MensRights

    Yet here are feminist groups in my country fighting for parental alienation not to be tipified as child abuse.

    [–] Ryanair has warned 100 pilots and 200 cabin crew based out of Ireland that they will face relocation to Poland or lose their jobs in October 2018 as strikes in the carrier's home market weaken its business there. BSexclusionzone 1 points ago in worldnews

    In my personal experience, Norwegian, TUI, Vueling and Transavia have all done it for me. All of them had cleaner planes, more punctual flight times, more pleasing cabin crew and similar prices to what Ryan has me used to.

    Of the last 4 times I have had to fly Ryan, all flights were late, 2 of them for longer than the total actual flight time.

    Again, personal experience, but FWIW.

    [–] Cyclist keeps riding in the middle of a road next to a dedicated bike path. BSexclusionzone 0 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Depends on the traffic, you fool.

    In the center of a big capital at a busy time of the day, would you expect to be given priority in the sidewalk just because you like to run for sport? I would love to see you try in some cities I've been in.

    [–] Cyclist keeps riding in the middle of a road next to a dedicated bike path. BSexclusionzone -6 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Move to the side or go to a velodrome. I'm sick and tired of sharing bike paths with inconsiderate idiots in tights that want to do 50kph on race bikes.

    Edit for those who don't get it: when I'm on the bike path I'm on a 20 kg city bike, with a toddler in a child seat and trying to get to work. The last thing I need are idiots cutting me and try to get by way too fast by recklessly maneuvering in heavy traffic. And just for sport.

    [–] Kenyan Woman Saves 15,000 Young Girls From Female Genital Mutilation BSexclusionzone -6 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Bollocks. In Kenya forced male circumcision and mutilation has been a political weapon of war and a huge problem. Do not confuse the circumcision that takes place in the West with what goes on there:

    [–] I miss the Foglios' art BSexclusionzone 6 points ago in magicTCG

    And so on flavor with orcs and gobbos. MTG shouldn't take itself all that seriously.

    [–] [C18] Tawnos, Urza's apprentice BSexclusionzone 9 points ago in magicTCG

    Thanks for the recommendation, I usually skip these, but this one was great.

    [–] What sports are suited for gender integration? BSexclusionzone 3 points ago in FeMRADebates

    The clear answer to me would be motorsport. There have actually been good drivers that have gone toe to toe with the greats and make a dent. However they are few and far between.

    Long distance resistance swimming seems to be another, women apparently fare better than men, even.

    [–] TIL None of the 9 creatures who have Defender in the cards name actually have defender. BSexclusionzone 11 points ago in magicTCG

    As bad as this might be I don't think anything will ever trigger me more than [[Whippoorwill]] not flying.

    [–] At 28, I just started cannabis usage, and this is what I have to say..... BSexclusionzone 1 points ago in trees

    Hey mate, great to see that helps. It also helps me shut up the inner narrator that drives mad all day and enjoy the here and now for a bit. Great stuff.

    Also, not a countryman, but thanks for your service all the same.

    [–] Widebody Huracan BSexclusionzone 1 points ago in carporn

    Fair enough

    [–] Widebody Huracan BSexclusionzone -1 points ago in carporn

    This is how I knew I was no longer a dude but an old man. It was the day I found myself liking more the Countach Prototipo than the cocaine cowboy that was the QV:



    [–] [x-post from r/ireland] a map of fatal terrorist attacks in Europe since 1970 BSexclusionzone 1 points ago in MapPorn

    I feel the Canary Islands should be there too. Their separatists were laughable, but the worst plane crash in history wouldn't have happened without them.

    [–] Where do you stand? BSexclusionzone 1 points ago in EDH

    Nah, I like restrictions with deckbuilding, so I'm sure I'll enjoy them. It will probably be Balan, but first gotta run my first Penta deck (Jodah). Then probably mono ;)

    Good fun, this thread, thanks for that. Do get better quick, mate :)

    [–] Where do you stand? BSexclusionzone 2 points ago in EDH

    Haven't done a single mono deck yet, but my 5 would be...

    • [[Balan, Wandering Knight]], because I've been wanting to do equipment voltron for a while and his ability can get pretty busted.
    • [[Braids, Conjurer Adept]] does look like fun with a stealing theme. Probably would be hated to oblivion, so might do [[Memnarch]] instead.
    • [[Bosh, Iron Golem]] because I've seen somewhere that with some shenanigans Bosh can fling itself over and over, which looks like fun to me. If I do monoR it will be him or Norin.
    • [[Omnath, Locus of Mana]] because moar mana is best mana.
    • [[Chainer, Dementia Master]] sounds like fun, but monoB will probably be my last of the bunch.

    [–] Woman shouting 'Allahu akbar' attacks 2 with box cutter at supermarket in France BSexclusionzone 6 points ago in europe

    Yes they did. Most of the media pointed quicker to his fascist leanings than to his mental illness. Maternal abuse is something that was barely even mentioned.

    Same goes for lone wolf attacks by deranged Muslims, which right leaning media chalk to religion instead of mental illness.

    I don't care for simplistic narratives of either sign But thanks for the assumption and rudeness.

    [–] Woman shouting 'Allahu akbar' attacks 2 with box cutter at supermarket in France BSexclusionzone 4 points ago in europe

    And that he was abused by his mother and had a history of mental illness. Both madness and ideology seem to be important pieces of the puzzle.

    Then each particular media just chooses one or the other as culprit, as it best suits their ideological leaning.

    [–] [Spoiler] [M19] Nicol Bolas, the Ravager // Nicol Bolas, the Arisen BSexclusionzone 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in spikes

    Hm, there was mention of the Legends Elder Dragons making some sort of appearance. Will all of them be walkers?

    [[Arcades Sabboth|LEG]]


    [[Vaevictis Asmadi|LEG]]

    [[Palladia Mors|LEG]]