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    [–] [REQ] ($650) - (#Los Angeles, CA, USA), (3/16/19), (Venmo, Paypal, Moneygram) BabyMonkeyOnPig 1 points ago in borrow

    One of my roomates was in charge of paying the power bill and irresponsibly dodged it without telling us that he hasn't paid anything for 14 months.

    14 months and your power is still on... mm...

    [–] [REQ] ($217) (#Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) (Repay by February 1st, 2019) (Paypal or Venmo) BabyMonkeyOnPig 1 points ago in borrow

    I need some money to pay for my rent at my University, which is due next Monday (the 21st of January)

    That is almost the same thing you said on your last loan 9 days ago..

    I need to pay my university rent/tuition by monday

    [–] [H] $130 PayPal [W] $150 Ebay gift card BabyMonkeyOnPig 1 points ago in giftcardexchange

    For anyone considering trading DO NOT forget about Rule 5

    [–] [USA-FL] [H] Apple TV 3rd Gen [W] PayPal BabyMonkeyOnPig 3 points ago in hardwareswap

    No, that’s only allowed on the 4th Gen and above

    [–] [USA-TX] [H] Airpods [W] PayPal BabyMonkeyOnPig 1 points ago in appleswap

    Asking for around $110.

    Post restored.

    [–] [USA-TX] [H] Airpods [W] PayPal BabyMonkeyOnPig 1 points ago in appleswap

    Hi /u/deanortime, thanks for your submission. Unfortunately it's been removed for the following reason(s):

    Your submission breaks our rules on posting requirements.

    • For all sale threads where any monetary value is accepted as payment, an asking price must be listed. This does not apply to trade only threads.

    If you are unsure about why this was removed please read our rules wiki page or message the moderators.

    [–] Never walk toward an officer like that.. BabyMonkeyOnPig 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Instantregret

    Being tased feels 100 times worst than being shot.

    So if someone shoots you in the lung it's nothing like to being tased in the stomach? wow TIL...