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    [–] me_irl BanDaLorr_ 16 points ago in me_irl

    weapon to surpass metal gear

    [–] Me irl BanDaLorr_ 25 points ago in me_irl

    I am a-speed. One winner, forty-two a-losers. I eat a-losers for a-breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should have a-breakfast? Spaghetti could be good for a-me. No, no, no, focus. Speed. Faster than a-fast, quicker than a-quick. I am a-Luig... falls of cliff and dies

    [–] Me_irl BanDaLorr_ 21 points ago in me_irl

    through the night

    [–] I spend almost an hour on making this shitty meme BanDaLorr_ 659 points ago in PrequelMemes

    I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way through the internet

    [–] Me irl BanDaLorr_ 12 points ago in me_irl

    No, you guys are all wrong is clearly Johnathan Exam

    [–] What about the droid attack on the droids? BanDaLorr_ 415 points ago in PrequelMemes

    ah damnit, i was on the verge of greatness and forgot the mouse droid, i was this close :(

    [–] me_irl BanDaLorr_ 1 points ago in me_irl

    what do you mean by THEY?

    [–] Me irl BanDaLorr_ 1 points ago in me_irl

    purble place, now that is a name i haven't heard in a long time... a long time.

    [–] me irl BanDaLorr_ 3 points ago in me_irl

    yes, this post right here officer.

    [–] General kenobi! BanDaLorr_ 41 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Hello there

    [–] me irl BanDaLorr_ 3 points ago in me_irl

    He's right it's a system we cannot afford to lose.