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    [–] Going on a 5 week trip won't have access to gym. Need help. BananaSquid721 3 points ago in bodyweightfitness

    Buy some cheap bands. They're rubber and can help you do simple things like curls only using resistance weight

    [–] What's a song that sounds beautiful, but has a really fucked up meaning/lyrics? BananaSquid721 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A lot of lana Del Rey and kid cudi. Beautiful songs with very heavy/sad lyrics I.e. "He hit me and it felt like a kiss"

    [–] Lana facetimes Tyler BananaSquid721 6 points ago in OFWGKTA

    Would pay money to listen to this

    [–] Midriff with Betsy Wolfe BananaSquid721 -10 points ago in annakendrick

    Oh ya, well I went to high school with hitler and he was pretty cool then.... people change

    [–] How cool can you get? BananaSquid721 1 points ago in madlads

    Same with my school, we weren't allowed to do a single thing

    [–] So apparently only "gays" listen to Lana... BananaSquid721 1 points ago in lanadelrey

    lol that's really funny, I'm straight as an arrow but man music isn't inherently gay or faggoty

    [–] My favorite (rather subtle) LDR shirt BananaSquid721 2 points ago in lanadelrey

    Is there any context besides the picture she took with it on