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    [–] Welcome to Copenhagen Model 3! BarredOwl 26 points ago in teslamotors

    North American version has the red turn signals.

    [–] [Glycine] Spending the day with the Airman. BarredOwl 1 points ago in Watches

    Mine is also a GL224, though below the balance wheel there's a marking showing SW 200-1.

    [–] How is Ho Yuen Kee still allowed to serve shark fin soup? BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    I'm sure there are soy-based analogues of shark fin. I've had convincing chicken, and beef analogues that were made by soy.

    [–] [Glycine] Spending the day with the Airman. BarredOwl 5 points ago in Watches

    I have the white face GL0061. Mine shows its a modified Sellita movement.

    Dual time zone and 10 ATM, it has been a robust travelling watch for me. Enjoy it well.

    [–] How is Ho Yuen Kee still allowed to serve shark fin soup? BarredOwl 29 points ago in vancouver

    I've had it once while travelling in China. Sharkfin is unlike beef/pork tendon. The texture is more similar to very soft crab meat, and on its own, it has no flavour. The flavour comes from the soup base.

    [–] TIL judges are less and less likely to grant parole to prisoners later in the day because of decision fatigue, best time is right after lunch break. BarredOwl 2335 points ago in todayilearned

    In healthcare, there is also "triage fatigue". In which the triage staff experience decreased empathy near the end of their shift, resulting in downgraded patient acuity level. "Oh, you call that a 10/10 pain? You look way too comfortable, to the back of the line you go!".

    [–] Help, Getting married and need suits custom made BarredOwl 1 points ago in taiwan

    To further save cost, just get a ready-made suit, then have it tailored. I find suits to be cheaper in Canada, and tailoring cheaper in Taiwan. If you're stopping over in South Korea, sits and tailoring are also inexpensive there.

    [–] Questions for Tesla owners in Vancouver BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    If you can wait for few more years, wait. There'll be more competition and choices later on (eg. Audi, Hyundai, Porsche, etc.), not to mention advancements in EV technology, although incentive funds for the CEV Program might run out by then.

    If you want to get a Tesla now, the biggest issues I've experienced are inconsistent built quality, and Tesla having only one Service Centre at present for the entire BC, leading to long wait times and hit-and-miss service quality.

    Minor issues are 20% to 30% range reduction with cold battery, imperfect automaton with current software edition (eg. wiper speed, headlight brightness), and poor phone key Bluetooth connectivity (supposedly phone dependent). There are also very few Tesla Superchargers outside of BC and Ontario, so cross-country road trips are currently impracticable without going into the US.

    Overall, I think EV is great for Vancouver, considering our high gas prices and low hydro prices, and there are growing numbers of public charging stations. I love charging the car when I sleep, having less maintenance to worry about, and with the Tesla, quick acceleration that rival many respected sports cars.

    [–] 10 nurses in BC Children's Hospital ER resign over unaffordable housing: union BarredOwl 11 points ago in vancouver

    In my hospital, we're losing experienced staff as many become older and have kids, with them moving away from the city to upsize their home. The department is now mostly filled with newly graduated nurses, many of whom still live with parents or are renting. On some days, the most experienced nurse may have only worked for 4 years in the field.

    [–] Loving this bike BarredOwl 2 points ago in Bikeporn

    Cebu Pacific Air.

    [–] Waiting for the bus BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    Nanaimo Station.

    [–] Go home 3. You're drunk. BarredOwl -1 points ago in teslamotors

    There's no N.

    [–] Tesla Left a Giant Scratch BarredOwl 8 points ago in TeslaModel3

    I see you're already getting down votes, people don't like to hear the negatives of Tesla, but I'm in the same boat as you.

    Tesla has not been producing consistent, quality cars. I've brought the car in for multiple warranty issues, including poor fit and finish on the window rubber seals, condensation in fog lights and rear lights, bubbling on dashboard adhesive, paint bubbling, broken lines in rear defrost grid, and obvious misalignment in rear trunk fit and finish. These are what's noted in the first few weeks of ownership.

    With regard to service, while everything was mended by the Service Centre, there was reluctance from the technicians when some issues were brought forward. For example, I was told the bubbling on the dashboard was a design flaw that cannot be fixed. On my insistence, it was replaced and there was no more bubbles. The car was also not washed, and had instead gotten more smudges on the windshield.

    I love Tesla's EV technology, but I'm also telling my friends that as an automaker, Tesla still has a long way to go.

    [–] Last chance for Ontarians to reclaim the $14,000 CAD rebate on canceled Model 3 orders BarredOwl 2 points ago in teslamotors

    It is comparably measly to other provinces, and I do show gratitude. I always give my self a pat on the back for paying my taxes.

    [–] Last chance for Ontarians to reclaim the $14,000 CAD rebate on canceled Model 3 orders BarredOwl 5 points ago in teslamotors

    I'm BC, we only get a measly $5,000. The additional $6,000 Scrap-It Program is almost impossible to get.

    [–] Is the TM3 the car for me?? HELP! BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Using your numbers, at its most optimistic, $36,000÷$400/month÷12 month/year=7.5 years. That's still 7.5 years before the car breaks even. While this may be reasonable if the car is to be kept for at least a decade, but my suspicion is that the real cost would take even longer to break even.

    [–] Is the TM3 the car for me?? HELP! BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    At the current price, the Model 3 will not save you money compared to an ecobox car.

    I'm in Vancouver, and regular gas has been 140¢/L, one of the highest in Canada, while our electricity price is one of the cheapest. Prior to purchasing the Tesla Model 3 LR RWD, I compared a Lexus ES300h. On my 100 km/day commute, with maintenance considered, it'd take about 10 years for the Tesla to break even with the Lexus.

    If you just want the most economical way to travel A to B, just get a second hand cheap hybrid car.

    [–] Moaning Steering Wheel - Saturday Update BarredOwl 1 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Nice. My loaner was a Hyundai Santa Fe, when my Model 3 went in for a warranty repair.