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    [–] Got her 24hrs back, can’t stop smiling!!! BarredOwl 6 points ago in TeslaModel3

    How did you get the wheels' Tesla logo to line-up for the photo?

    [–] What do you hate the most about your model 3? BarredOwl 1 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Limited voice commands. If buttons are removed, I need a safe and efficient way to change climate control, heated seats, while driving.

    Poor phone key connectivity. It works about 20% of time for me, I regularly had to use key card or open app. Sometimes I can open trunk, but not door, or I can open door, but can't shift to drive.

    Red turn signals. I much prefer the amber in EU models.

    Reversing lines are not to the width of the car.

    [–] Awful squeaking at 2700 miles BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Bring it to the Service Centre for diagnostic and repair under warranty. I had a creaking on accelerating and braking that was mended once suspension components were retorqued.

    [–] TeslaPorn (and sorted by color) BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    The first car on the right is a black Jaguar F-Type? Looks surprisingly like a Model 3 at first.

    [–] Does anyone know how much it cost to replace a model 3 windshield? BarredOwl 24 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Less than 3 cm and far from glass edge, it can be repaired rather than replaced.

    [–] MR performance disappointment BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Did you turn off Chill Mode?

    [–] This is really fulfilling BarredOwl 1 points ago in pics

    I have the same backpack. It's a maternity backpack with lots of pockets inside.

    [–] drekkingarhylur, Iceland BarredOwl 2 points ago in pics

    I was fluent in Icelandic once, when I had a TIA.

    [–] Haven't had LA Chicken in almost 3 years... BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    My usual is sigsig, lohanchai, beef steak tagalog, and lumpia shanghai. They are also known for their crispy pata.

    [–] Welcome to Copenhagen Model 3! BarredOwl 24 points ago in teslamotors

    North American version has the red turn signals.

    [–] [Glycine] Spending the day with the Airman. BarredOwl 1 points ago in Watches

    Mine is also a GL224, though below the balance wheel there's a marking showing SW 200-1.

    [–] How is Ho Yuen Kee still allowed to serve shark fin soup? BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    I'm sure there are soy-based analogues of shark fin. I've had convincing chicken, and beef analogues that were made by soy.

    [–] [Glycine] Spending the day with the Airman. BarredOwl 3 points ago in Watches

    I have the white face GL0061. Mine shows its a modified Sellita movement.

    Dual time zone and 10 ATM, it has been a robust travelling watch for me. Enjoy it well.

    [–] How is Ho Yuen Kee still allowed to serve shark fin soup? BarredOwl 28 points ago in vancouver

    I've had it once while travelling in China. Sharkfin is unlike beef/pork tendon. The texture is more similar to very soft crab meat, and on its own, it has no flavour. The flavour comes from the soup base.

    [–] TIL judges are less and less likely to grant parole to prisoners later in the day because of decision fatigue, best time is right after lunch break. BarredOwl 2343 points ago in todayilearned

    In healthcare, there is also "triage fatigue". In which the triage staff experience decreased empathy near the end of their shift, resulting in downgraded patient acuity level. "Oh, you call that a 10/10 pain? You look way too comfortable, to the back of the line you go!".

    [–] Help, Getting married and need suits custom made BarredOwl 1 points ago in taiwan

    To further save cost, just get a ready-made suit, then have it tailored. I find suits to be cheaper in Canada, and tailoring cheaper in Taiwan. If you're stopping over in South Korea, sits and tailoring are also inexpensive there.

    [–] Questions for Tesla owners in Vancouver BarredOwl 2 points ago in vancouver

    If you can wait for few more years, wait. There'll be more competition and choices later on (eg. Audi, Hyundai, Porsche, etc.), not to mention advancements in EV technology, although incentive funds for the CEV Program might run out by then.

    If you want to get a Tesla now, the biggest issues I've experienced are inconsistent built quality, and Tesla having only one Service Centre at present for the entire BC, leading to long wait times and hit-and-miss service quality.

    Minor issues are 20% to 30% range reduction with cold battery, imperfect automaton with current software edition (eg. wiper speed, headlight brightness), and poor phone key Bluetooth connectivity (supposedly phone dependent). There are also very few Tesla Superchargers outside of BC and Ontario, so cross-country road trips are currently impracticable without going into the US.

    Overall, I think EV is great for Vancouver, considering our high gas prices and low hydro prices, and there are growing numbers of public charging stations. I love charging the car when I sleep, having less maintenance to worry about, and with the Tesla, quick acceleration that rival many respected sports cars.

    [–] 10 nurses in BC Children's Hospital ER resign over unaffordable housing: union BarredOwl 10 points ago in vancouver

    In my hospital, we're losing experienced staff as many become older and have kids, with them moving away from the city to upsize their home. The department is now mostly filled with newly graduated nurses, many of whom still live with parents or are renting. On some days, the most experienced nurse may have only worked for 4 years in the field.