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    [–] Someone's Car Got Struck by Lightning BarredOwl 7 points ago in pics

    Pretty sure that's a ringworm. Some antifungals will buff that out.

    [–] Credit Score BarredOwl 1 points ago in TeslaLounge

    If you're in China, you need to say Long Live Emperor Xi nightly for 1 month to boost your score in order to purchase the Tesla.

    [–] Found keys BarredOwl 0 points ago in vancouver

    I mulled on it.

    [–] Found keys BarredOwl 0 points ago in vancouver

    It's hard to tell.

    [–] Found keys BarredOwl -1 points ago in vancouver

    People should really put their address or licence plate number on keys. We wouldn't see posts like this as often.

    [–] How to spend the summer in Taiwan next year? BarredOwl 1 points ago in taiwan

    There's WWOOF Taiwan. I have done WWOOF in Japan, and have had good experiences. You work on farms for different hosts around the country, in exhange, the hosts provide housing and food during your stay.

    [–] Blue Nissan Silvia S15 BarredOwl 3 points ago in carporn

    The house and road look distinctively Japanese, however.

    [–] My boss saw this on her way to work today. HAPPY PRIDE! (Davie & Burrard) BarredOwl 12 points ago in vancouver

    A pizza has a circular shape, whereas a burrito has a cylindrical shape. A cylinder has a phallic resemblance, and 12" is a commonly described upper end of penis lengths. Homosexual men are known to have a penchant for penises.

    [–] Two year old left in their car seat in a hot parking lot BarredOwl 3 points ago in vancouver

    The Cabin Overheat Protection is reliant on sizable battery. The battery drain on the standard 12V may be too significant on gasoline cars to be practical.

    [–] Convincing My Mom To Get A Tesla BarredOwl 5 points ago in TeslaLounge

    The price difference is quite significant between the two cars, even if we're comparing the base Model X and the Discovery HSE Luxury. You can educate her on the benefits of EV, but ultimately its her money, her car, she can buy whatever she wants.

    [–] [Glycine Airman 0061] BarredOwl 4 points ago in Watches

    Here's mine.

    It's been a good travel watch for me, not flashy, keeps two timezones, 10 ATM water resistance. I agree the lume is disappointingly short lasting.

    Enjoy it well!

    [–] TIL IKEA ran an ad last year encouraging women to pee on it. The ad doubled as a pregnancy test, and if the woman was pregnant, it would reveal a special discount price for cribs. BarredOwl 37 points ago in todayilearned

    In Canada, Tim Horton's has Roll Up the Rim contest, in which the rim of the coffee/tea paper cup is rolled up to reveal any possible prizes. Most people would bite on the cup rim to reveal the prize, then peel the piece off to give the cashier/food handler the saliva coated paper for prize redemption.

    [–] Best men's "Kpop style" hair salon? BarredOwl 0 points ago in vancouver

    Wonho Hair on Robson Street. They advertise as Korean hair salon. I've had good and inexpensive haircut there, though not in K-pop style.

    [–] Autopark 😍 BarredOwl 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Wait at the stoplight at a busy intersection, or in traffic jams, guaranteed AutoPark sensing.

    Just not when you need it.

    [–] Med Mal Review Case 11 - Chest Pain BarredOwl 27 points ago in medicine

    To Coronary Care Unit for telemetry. Unless you're thinking of Critical Care Unit?

    [–] New member - planning a trip from Bay Area to Vancouver, BC and back, and looking for some advice BarredOwl 4 points ago in teslamotors

    I have driven my Canadian car to the US. The in-car internet is accessible across border. Speed limit is automatically converted to the preset unit.

    Note that the two Supercharger sites in Vancouver downtown are in paid parkades. Tsawwassen and Surrey Superchargers are free parking. Level 2 public chargers are mostly ChargePoint, then Flow.