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    [–] Cool Beerpong Bean Bag Hybrid. Bawookles 1 points ago in shutupandtakemymoney

    Came across this in another thread and thought it is was cool.

    [–] ASI or Feat? Help on my Long Death Monk Bawookles 1 points ago in dndnext

    I really think you should change your stats around so you have Dex 16 Wis 16 if you can. As a monk, you really want to get to Dex 20 Wis 20 eventually and you are never going to get there.

    [–] ASI or Feat? Help on my Long Death Monk Bawookles 1 points ago in dndnext

    Well, all I can tell you is I felt compelled to get my Wis to 18 be level 8 because I was having trouble stunning stuff around level 7 with a Wis of 16. When you're monk is not stunning, he feels pretty weak.

    [–] ASI or Feat? Help on my Long Death Monk Bawookles 2 points ago in dndnext

    Are you playing under AL rules where you can change your character before 5th level? Because I would never start out a monk with Dex and Wis lower than 16 each. You have Str 12 and Int 10, those are dump stats for a monk and should be 8. You can get by with just Con 14.

    But Starting out with Dex and Wis 14??? You're monk is always going to be underpowered. If you aren't at Dex and Wis 18 by 8th level, you'll be feeling it. Your monk will have a hard time stunning stuff (his best ability) and you just will be ineffectual.

    [–] Sodd, my new firbolg druid. Water color. Bawookles 4 points ago in dndnext

    Absolutely fabulous, if you get my meaning.

    [–] My and my player's debate over Conjure Animals. Your thoughts? Bawookles 4 points ago in dndnext

    Of course, if the druid and his conjured animals are going up against any intelligent enemy, they can just beat the crap out of the druid causing him to lose his concentration and his summons. That's one solution to the Conjuration spells being OP, which they are.

    [–] Kenku names for a bard? Bawookles 3 points ago in dndnext

    I played with someone who had a Kenku bard, his name was the playing of a harpsichord sonata. So everyone just called him "Sonata".

    [–] Game Thread: Chicago Bears (3-12) at Minnesota Vikings (7-8) Bawookles 1 points ago in nfl

    No, we had Kalil ahead of him, and Kalil has sucked for years. We had no viable backup plan for Kalil if he sucked again this year, and he did and had to go on IR.

    It's the coach's and GM's fault for drafting Clemmings in the first place, and for knowing that the O line sucked for the past 3 years and doing fuck all to address it. This is on both Zim and Spielman for not doing shit with the O line.