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    [–] If you use Pathfinder to camp, I will find you, and I will kill you BeADamnStar 1 points ago in apexlegends

    I defend a position once I'm armored up, fuck this keep looting shit we got what we need and are where we need to be. Just stay put let everyone come to us

    [–] Post show Madrid BeADamnStar 8 points ago in GHOSTEMANE

    That's fucking crazy! Any vids!?

    [–] Tamales ready to eat! BeADamnStar 1 points ago in misleadingthumbnails

    Same, thought it was tamales at first

    [–] What have you seen genuinely shitty people do that they thought was perfectly acceptable? BeADamnStar 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Come outta no where and acuse me taking pictures of my license plate, when I came to ask what has doing he starts saying that his car got broken into and this specific car supposedly did it, even I dont take the car out..

    [–] FUCK BeADamnStar 1 points ago in G59


    [–] NSFW full armor BeADamnStar 1 points ago in bodymods

    Unreal..why'd I click.. I'm the one to blame

    [–] Magnetic implant near Atlanta, GA? BeADamnStar 2 points ago in bodymods

    Just came here from r/juul hella dope but I'm in cali