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    [–] Nailed it. BeMoreKnope 9 points ago in MurderedByWords

    The natural development of language involves LITERALLY making up words.

    [–] Silver M&Ms BeMoreKnope 2 points ago in funny

    Ann, you opalescent tree shark!

    [–] idk what to title this BeMoreKnope 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Aww, grandma, you’re so cute! You think I didn’t get you declared incompetent- with myself as your legal guardian - when I put you in this home! Adorable.

    [–] idk what to title this BeMoreKnope 3 points ago in MurderedByWords

    And you can know how to sign your name in cursive but not actually know cursive.

    [–] idk what to title this BeMoreKnope 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    I’ve honestly forgotten all cursive but my own name, and even that looks like garbage. That was definitely a waste of a fair number of school time hours.

    [–] The rings of Moscow vs the grid of Phoenix BeMoreKnope 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Why isn’t the Phoenix picture oriented with north up? This makes it looks like the roads don’t run north-south and east-west.

    [–] When you realize that Leslie’s wedding band is made from a sconce from Ann’s house, and Leslie always has a piece of Ann’s house with her. BeMoreKnope 17 points ago in PandR

    But Ben knows, so she knows too (he can’t keep anything from her) and so she probably treasures it more than anything else in the world: a gift made from Ann Perkins’ house by Ron Swanson to symbolize her love for Ben Wyatt.

    [–] 420 related question BeMoreKnope 2 points ago in StonerThoughts

    None of the above! I vaped my flower (and some concentrate) with the Mighty.

    [–] Why do so many employers ask for so much for so little? BeMoreKnope 77 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    He’s an idiot who doesn’t understand the very basic business concept that turnover is bad for productivity and service.

    [–] How do Aasimar differ from humans visually? BeMoreKnope 12 points ago in dndnext

    If you want to hide it, just say they have sparkly genitalia.

    [–] Trippy Origami BeMoreKnope 98 points ago in woahdude

    Bacon is made from pig, but that doesn’t mean they can pop a live squealer on the plate when I order bacon at a diner.

    [–] Found 1-2 year old weed in my pokemon tin. Is it safe? BeMoreKnope 1 points ago in Marijuana

    If it’s not moldy or anything, absolutely! It will probably be high in CBN after all that time, so I’d smoke it before bed if I were you.

    [–] They have no idea it’s hemp flower in the rotation. “This one taste good!” BeMoreKnope 1 points ago in hempflowers


    I’m also surprised by how many people are trying to argue that cannabis and hemp are exactly the same when we’re in a subreddit that exists solely to celebrate the differences in hemp flower. If they weren’t chemically different, wouldn’t this sub be pointless?, but it’s the internet, so who cares?I hope you have a great one!