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    [–] Sony is selling a new wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner BeardedGlass 1 points ago in gadgets

    No we didn’t. Everything is open up and back for business 100%. Everyone wears masks so that saved the country.

    [–] Sony is selling a new wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner BeardedGlass 1 points ago in gadgets

    Oh god, I’m here living in Japan and didn’t even know this. I cycle to work and this’ll be a lifesaver.

    I’ll get one and give you guys an update as well.

    [–] 😳 BeardedGlass 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Quick! Grab a towel.

    [–] 36,000 Weather Stations Confirm It: Extreme Heat And Rain Is Happening More Often BeardedGlass 55 points ago in science

    Same here in Japan. People are dying from heatstrokes.

    There are citywide PA warning people about staying in the shade, turning on AC, and hydrating. But people keep on forgetting to adapt to climate change. Especially older people here are out in the fields working as they've been doing for many generations.

    "We didn't have aircon back then! We were fine!"

    What they don't know is that climate change means humans should have a lifestyle change.

    [–] 😳 BeardedGlass 85 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I wish capes go back in style... damn.

    [–] 😳 BeardedGlass 69 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    The technique is to suck in your gut before you wrap it around your tummy. When you relax your tummy, it'll tighten.

    [–] Nope thank you BeardedGlass 6 points ago in oddlyterrifying

    I wonder if women also have these weird urges like men do.

    Is there a r/dontputyournippleinthat sub? No?


    [–] From cow to customer, a $20 cheeseburger’s tumultuous journey during a pandemic BeardedGlass 3 points ago in collapse

    $20 is the average monthly household income of people in the Philippines living under the poverty line. $20 to buy food (rice and some fresh produce) for a family of 4 or 5 for an entire month. (My family had to go through that for years when I was in elementary and high school.)

    That’s why being privileged leaves a bitter taste to our tongues; that comparison and the fact that they have taken such luxuries for granted because they afford and swim in it on the regular. It’s a frustrating thing.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 3 points ago in CityPorn

    Woah, that’s awesome! What a coincidence.

    Anyway, as for pointers: be sure to manage your expectations.

    Japan is a country, so it will have its pros an cons because it’s not perfect. Usually though, biased people experience what they’ve already decided before coming here. So for people who appreciate Japanese culture, they’ll love their visit. For those who don’t care, then they’d just experience a city like any other (albeit a clean polite one).

    Also, just “visiting” and actually ”living” here is completely different.

    I guess it’s the same everywhere else, but that’s what most foreigners fail to understand and thus they get disappointed. When you just visit, you nitpick all the glittery fun parts. When you live here, you’ll be exposed to all of that plus the mundane things.

    I was lucky that I came here with the stories of my aunt (who lived here) with me, so I was ready to what to expect. Still, Japan exceeded expectations, even though I’ve set the bar so high!

    Long story: I was fresh from college and in a huge IT company. My aunt told me of a job opening here in Japan, but only for a 1-year contract. It was unwise to switch, but it was my dream to come here, so I did. That was a few months before the 2008 recession and so I lost my job by Christmas. I jumped to another one yet lost that one as well.

    I decided to switch careers altogether despite the lower salary because it was the stable one available to me... and it worked. I was able to stay in my line of work for a decade. I’m earning about 3 times my original salary now and I love my job. I love my neighborhood (by a river with lotsa sakura trees!), the friends I’ve made here, and the ambivert lifestyle it allows me. I’m lucky to afford a comfortable lifestyle and I know it’s all because of the risky decisions I was afraid I’d regret.

    So whatever your plans are, keep at it! Never forget why you made those decisions in the first place.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 3 points ago in CityPorn

    Not sure, but you can look up “Tokyo Citypop” and get instantly addicted.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 3 points ago in CityPorn

    I once heard someone mention that Japanese cities is a 90’s version of a futuristic city. But everything’s efficient and clean, polite and organized, that it all works. Very aesthetic!

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 5 points ago in CityPorn

    You can opt to come and live here. That’s what I did a decade ago. I sacrificed my stable job and a position in Atlanta to work a contractual job in Tokyo. Best BEST decision ever. My personality fits perfectly with the Japanese culture (because keep in mind that not everyone would fit in place here because of culture), so even after a decade of living and working here I really love it.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 11 points ago in CityPorn


    Tokyo’s architecture is modern, compared to the antique ones of Europe. But that’s to no fault of Japan; their traditional structures are usually wood, and so all of it has been destroyed by earthquakes, fire, or by time itself. It’s only recently that it has managed to produce structures that can withstand earthquakes perfectly. Much so, that when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, no skyscraper nor old building has collapsed.

    Personally, I prefer the Japanese suburbs. Everything is so walkable. You can live here in Japan and never ever need a car at all. And you can go anywhere efficiently, cleanly, and safely. That’s what makes Japan beautiful and wonderful to me, rather than its architecture.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 9 points ago in CityPorn

    To be honest, Japan is in current stagnation. And if you look around its megalopolis cities, you’d realize it all looks like the 90’s version of a futuristic city. But since it’s currently not “growing”, I guess it’s easier to manage and to perfect.

    [–] Trains of Tokyo BeardedGlass 13 points ago in CityPorn

    Yep, I agree.

    Tokyo is a “true” city in the sense that its infrastructure, organization and management, running systems, and services are all so efficient. No squatters area, ghetto nor slums. It’s so weird. Not to mention the people are so polite compared to other countries.

    This is especially overwhelming once you consider that this one single city has a population of about 40 million people. Can you imagine if any other city in the world was filled with that much people? What would happen to its streets, its public transpo, the services, the civility of its people?

    Tokyo isn’t perfect but it’s definitely ahead of the race.

    [–] I posted it went to sleep and woke up to this BeardedGlass 1 points ago in meme

    I remember getting my first r/all mygad.

    I remember waking up to hundreds of messages and awards that gave me Reddit Premium for months. Then came the instant membership to these weird "exclusive" subreddits that I'm not supposed to talk about

    I became a karma-whore that day.