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    [–] Next time, on r/gamersriseup BeardedGlass 5 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    There was one time I defended myself from a troll and those that shared his opinion downvoted me to heck even though I was making sense and logic. It was my fault for responding, but as the number rose up, more people saw my comment and even though it was hundreds in the negative, others who shared my sentiment began to award me and send me private messages saying "thank you for saying that".

    [–] [Image] The journey is what makes it worth it. BeardedGlass 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    This applies to something you can be proud of to achieve. Working out in itself is a great thing you can pat yourself in the back.

    [–] [Image] The journey is what makes it worth it. BeardedGlass 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    Some people can't even get out of bed and live their lives normally. Showing up to participate and being acknowledged for it is not "bad".

    [–] This KitKat has a special Japanese design. BeardedGlass 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    One of my earliest posts is about my weird thumb actually.

    [–] Umm...Tf? BeardedGlass 1 points ago in HolUp

    Are you serious? Right in front of his krabby patty?!

    [–] An Antidote to Dissatisfaction BeardedGlass 2 points ago in kurzgesagt

    It has a chance to work for others. It can make someone's life easier. That makes it entirely worth it for this video to be put out there.

    [–] My block is lit BeardedGlass 3 points ago in pics

    I live in Japan and we're the only ones who put up any decorations in the neighborhood. We put it inside on our front bay windows and we lit up the street outside like a lighthouse.

    [–] I’ve drawn so many light bearer’s as graveborn‘ , so here is a light bearer Nara to switch things up BeardedGlass 12 points ago in afkarena

    This is incredible and I actually thought it was a new concept art for a new hero. But I don't think sh has any connection to Nara except for her name and weapon. Other hero art with swapped factions still retained that hero's main features and style we all love and know so well. This one has no drop of Nara in her.

    [–] I’ve drawn so many light bearer’s as graveborn‘ , so here is a light bearer Nara to switch things up BeardedGlass 20 points ago in afkarena

    I kinda feel the same. I think it's because other "swtiched factions!" renditions of other heroes are still "them" but with a different faction. This one is not Nara. At all.

    [–] Iridodonesis BeardedGlass 3 points ago in WTF

    And then sometimes... the iris can just float away...

    [–] Skill: beguile (Part 1) BeardedGlass 61 points ago in afkarena

    Uses "NEMORA ARA ARA" and it's dayum effective.

    [–] Skill: beguile (Part 1) BeardedGlass 111 points ago in afkarena

    TAIL: The small fluffy Wilder girl will turn around and wiggle her fluff, flaunting her dainty behind with a come hither.

    Saveas comes straight at her ready to pierce... but leaving his spear behind.

    [–] TIL in Japan, a home loses value from Day 1 — losing half its value in 10 years and becoming almost entirely worthless in 25. When a property is sold, the existing house is almost always razed and rebuilt. Even the most important shrines in Japan face regular rebuilding. BeardedGlass 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Same. Our apartment here in Japan is just 460 USD monthly. It has 2 bedrooms and a living/dining room with kitchen, bathroom and separate toilet, lots of shelves/cabinets and huge closet spaces in each rooms, and so bright with huge windows and moder-nish with dark wood touches. About 15 minutes walk to the train station and half an hour from Tokyo.

    Here are some shots of what we've done to the place and of our neighborhood. We're near a scenic river lined with sakura trees, bunch of schools, supermarkets, clinics, huge manicured parks, etc. I work a few minutes away on foot as well. Cheap properties in Japan is a huge plus if you don't plan on dumping money into one.

    [–] 4-foot long Samson is NYC's chonkiest BeardedGlass 3 points ago in AbsoluteUnits

    About several chonks, give or take a floof and a half.

    [–] Neon Lights of Dōtonbori in Osaka, Japan BeardedGlass 1 points ago in pics

    Try looking at Youtube reviews or online articles about the Fujifilm X series. Mirrorless cameras are smaller and cheaper than SLR, much easier to carry and use.