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    [–] Whoa! That's a long stick! Beastmind 1 points ago in funny

    That's video meme material

    [–] Absolute best cheap dlc Beastmind 0 points ago in rocksmith

    I don't really know the reason. Maybe because it need to be a dlc one?

    [–] Absolute best cheap dlc Beastmind 4 points ago in rocksmith

    Using customforge

    [–] Absolute best cheap dlc Beastmind 7 points ago in rocksmith

    Actually you can use any song for the cdlc base song but you'll need to edit the cdlc file to change it's ID for that one. Cherub Rock is more of a concensus used by cdlc creator than a requirement.

    [–] Detective Conan is close to volume 100... Beastmind 1 points ago in OneTruthPrevails

    This, I still want case to happen so quick Aoyama give us the end of the story and do your spin-off!

    [–] File 1034 - Since You're Clumsy Beastmind 2 points ago in OneTruthPrevails

    They are used to it after all this time

    [–] (discussion) Started over the entire series over the last couple weeks.... Deadman Switch stands out. Beastmind 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in Stargate

    I've just rewatched this episode and I thought something. Spoiler S3E12-13 ahead if you're only a this episode :

    Do you think SG1 killed his son when they blew up Sokar's moon?

    [–] Twitch prime is a joke if you still have to watch ads Beastmind 9 points ago in Twitch

    You know what's fun? If you go on your live on the mobile app to check, you get ads..

    [–] That pretty much sums it up Beastmind 2 points ago in SonicTheHedgehog

    Don't forget the loading screens

    [–] Alerte biodiversité : le vivant s'effondre Beastmind 5 points ago in france

    Il me semblait aussi avoir lu que la Chine faisait partie des acteurs principaux des efforts de non pollution depuis quelques années.

    [–] My Kuzco cosplay I made for colossalcon 2019 Beastmind 1 points ago in pics

    You want to build a kuzcon on home's domain ? :'(

    [–] Classic pvp content plan Beastmind 1 points ago in classicwow

    "alterac valley 1.12" cry

    [–] I wrote a manga downloader to learn go. suggestions and feedback are really appreciated. Beastmind 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in golang

    Can you remind me the tool for coloring please? I know the others but can't remember about this one

    Maybe something that redraw from bad quality scan?

    [–] [BoTW] Baby Sidon as a fish is just adorable. Beastmind 1 points ago in zelda

    That's one of the problems with Japanese for those who learn it without being in the culture since birth. Yes anata is supposed to be rude in most case except when a wife call is husband and a few other occasions.

    [–] [BoTW] Baby Sidon as a fish is just adorable. Beastmind 54 points ago in zelda

    The sentence may be more indicative in Japanese. We may need to check it to have more info (you know with the suffix about age etc)

    [–] *Kings never die* Beastmind 6 points ago in OneTruthPrevails

    It's one of those that I donlt want it to finish but still want to know the end with the BO..... So... I need this to end and a shinichi solving case spin-off