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    [–] First Time Builder. Planning My First Build. BecausIts2016 1 points ago in buildapc

    Thanks for the info! Super helpful. 1K CAN is just a rough ballpark, 20-25% over/under isn't a huge issue. With skipping on the SSD, most of my build ideas total to around 1.1k on pcpartpicker atm. I'll be trying to snipe deals and waiting for RAM/GPU prices to normalize more, so I can probably (hopefully) get the final price lower than currently listed. Thanks again.

    [–] First Time Builder. Planning My First Build. BecausIts2016 1 points ago in buildapc

    Any suggestions for prebuild services to look into then, if prices don't fall?

    [–] First Time Builder. Planning My First Build. BecausIts2016 1 points ago in buildapc


    Tho watch you get a motherboard (b350/x370) with good VRM cooling

    Sorry, fairly new to PC components/building. Is there any way to check how good the VRM cooling is on a mobo? Under specifications, or somewhere else?

    Overcloking it will need a better motherboard (allows more TDP/Watts) and cooling.

    What motherboard would you suggest if I go for the 2600x with intention to OC in the future? (if it isn't included in your example build).

    [–] First Time Builder. Planning My First Build. BecausIts2016 1 points ago in buildapc

    1K CAN, ballpark. It's fine if price is like 20-25% over/under. And yeah, I know it's not guaranteed, but I'm hoping! Worst comes to worst, if I get impatient I might just buy overpriced components, or look into some prebuilds from NZXT (I heard they price RAM/GPU components at msrp).

    [–] YouTube illegally collects data on children, say child protection groups BecausIts2016 62 points ago in news

    If your goal is to police the internet of things that aren't safe for kids then why not start with all the free porn sites.

    I think the UK has been trying to do that recently. Talk about a complete nanny state.

    [–] Raleigh parent upset about 'white privilege' paper sent home with student BecausIts2016 103 points ago in news

    This is what indoctrination of children looks like. Make a few changes and you probably have something resembling Stormfront propaganda.

    On one side, it discusses white Jewish representation in government, the military banks, media, and education. On the other, it lists examples of white Jewish privilege in society.

    [–] Humboldt Broncos BecausIts2016 73 points ago in canada

    I saw that too, it's a local dairy queen in the city they were travelling to. The odd donation amount made it seem like they put together everything they could afford and donated it all. Heartwarming stuff.

    [–] Humboldt Broncos BecausIts2016 53 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in canada

    I don't think I have ever been this beaten up by an event in our country in so long.

    This hits especially close to home for me because members of my extended family were recently murdered in a triple homicide. One of the victims was a 15 year old boy that played goalie for the Don Mill Flyers. This reminded me of him, it's really rough when the deceased are young kids with their entire life ahead of them. I'm reliving that pain again in this national tragedy, my deepest condolences to all of their friends and families. Praying for a full recovery for the survivors that were hospitalized.

    [–] Carful ROYAL BANK OF CANADA users. I don't nor have ever had an RBC account so I know it's spam/fraud. BecausIts2016 1 points ago in canada

    Yeah these phishing attempts are nothing new. I have an email that I use to sign up for websites, and that account is flooded with these things.

    "Your CIBC account has been compromised!"

    "There is a problem with your Paypal!"

    "RBC security protocol please follow our obviously fake phishing link"


    [–] Leaked Docs Show Neo-Nazis Building Bombs to Protect Themselves From Antifa BecausIts2016 25 points ago in news

    If a bunch of Nazi's called themselves "anti-communists" would it make them good? ANTIFA are just a bunch of authoritarian communists. "Anti-fascist" is a misnomer, it has historically been nothing more than a euphemism for communist revolutionaries.

    [–] To remain a welcoming country, Canada needs a secure border BecausIts2016 1 points ago in canada

    Chicago homicide rate: 23.8, violent crime rate: 903.8

    Mexico homicide rate: 20.5, violent crime rate: can't find, but probably close to Chicago.

    Living in a crime-ridden country doesn't automatically qualify you for refugee status.

    [–] Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort - The Washington Post BecausIts2016 11 points ago in canada

    Again--I'm not aware of a single, comparable instance where MLK attacked peoples identity in a malicious way.

    In his 1967 book Where We Go From Here, MLK focused on poverty:

    "In the treatment of poverty nationally, one fact stands out: There are twice as many white poor as Negro poor in the United States. Therefore I will not dwell on the experiences of poverty that derive from racial discrimination, but will discuss the poverty that affects white and Negro alike."

    He goes on to unequivocally state his support for a different kind of policy, an ongoing form of reparations to the poor regardless of their race.

    [–] Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort - The Washington Post BecausIts2016 13 points ago in canada

    MLK isn't comparable to far-left identity politics. His message wasn't malicious or aggressive. "We should not judge each other on superficial characteristics like skin color" (colorblindess--what MLK posited) is "racism" according to contemporary far-left SJW's.

    What do we get from them? "Women are superior to men because..." Hashtag KillAllMen, am I right? Or white people need to move to the back of events, while people of color should be given front-row position (reminiscent of bus segregation). Being opposed to that concept is "racist aggression" if you're white.

    These people provide practically all the ammunition the alt-right uses to instill victimhood on it's members. It's not that they avoid appealing to moderates--they actively attack their identity--and in ways identical to racial supremacists. To compare them to MLK is to tarnish his name.

    [–] What/r/Canada really cares about? (Nazis, class, suicide?) nah, malt vinegar on fries BecausIts2016 3 points ago in canada

    Can you imagine a world without malt vinegar on fries? I wouldn't want to live on that planet anymore. Contrary to your belief--we haven't lost sight of what's important. Huehuehue.

    [–] Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort - The Washington Post BecausIts2016 47 points ago in canada

    The common thread that connects extremists on either side of the political spectrum is victimhood and collectivism. Call it the horseshoe theory if you want. Communists thought they were oppressed by wealth, so they justified dekulakization. National Socialists thought they were oppressed by Jews, so they justified the Holocaust.

    [–] Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort - The Washington Post BecausIts2016 120 points ago in canada

    It's not exactly a secret that attacking people on their identity will make them have a stronger sense of identity. Far-left identity politics is the largest driver of alt-right recruitment. In turn, the far-left increases their recruitment by portraying themselves as the only bulwark against it. These two fringes live in a symbiotic relationship with each other.

    The thing is, most people--even those who do evil--aren't actually psychopathic. They need to be conditioned into it. They need to believe they are acting justly. It's not a surprise that foundational groundwork of fascism is in making a dominant identity group feel like they are under attack, discriminated against, or treated unjustly. The National Socialists didn't rise to prominence, or mobilize against Jewish communities, overnight. They spent a great deal of effort molding the constituents with messages of victimhood. The more malicious-natured messaging coming from far-left identity politics is doing exactly that.

    [–] Two red coffee cups forming the sides of the flag. Caption: Canada's favourite coffee. Tim Horton's, I do not appreciate this disrespectful use of our national flag as marketing material. BecausIts2016 3 points ago in canada

    I'm a Tim Hortons addict. The only thing that got me to "boycott" them is when the one around the corner had a plumbing issue, and the coffee tasted like toilet water topped with cream. I ended up going to the one slightly further away instead.

    [–] I have a question for you Canadians BecausIts2016 7 points ago in canada

    She says it smells disgusting.

    She's not wrong, it does smell a little weird but it also tastes great.