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    [–] Rising Bullseye. Beeroy69 2 points ago in golf

    This was a bit of a toe right?

    [–] Contractor Accountant Recommendations Beeroy69 1 points ago in UKPersonalFinance

    I have use a very good accountant in South London - small business with 150 clients. Feel free to drop me a message.

    [–] There's something in the water!! Beeroy69 18 points ago in funny

    I have seen a few Youtubers hunt these, as they have no predators!

    [–] Aerial view of Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, UK. [OC] [2992x3992] Beeroy69 8 points ago in EarthPorn

    Mmm beautiful. My grandad’s sister drove a car off the side of here.

    [–] Advice on "lump sum" investing Beeroy69 2 points ago in UKInvesting

    Invest with a proper company like HL or Fidelity. On their select 100 funds they have a 100% discount on the entry fee into most funds @ £100 minimum.

    [–] Free Talk Friday - Sep 13, 2019 Beeroy69 4 points ago in crystalpalace

    Going to Spurs on Saturday, sat in the home end. Wish me luck!

    [–] Advice on "lump sum" investing Beeroy69 6 points ago in UKInvesting

    I suggest a Hargreaves Lansdown Account for the investing. Can be done all through an app.


    [–] Jump up DnB suggestions Beeroy69 1 points ago in DnB

    Musket - Skeptical (is nearly jump up)

    [–] An update for y’all Beeroy69 10 points ago in 13or30