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    [–] T_D right now BelleAriel 12 points ago in Fuckthealtright

    Well said Deva. Trump supporters and their 5000 Russian bots will be banned with extreme prejudice.

    [–] Dec 12th Megathread: 1922 had enough letters for vote of no confidence in May. BelleAriel 1 points ago in ukpolitics

    I want a party in government who will do right for the country. Making the vulnerable homeless and poor is not best for the country. Also this government have made a mess of Brexit so far.

    What would you like to see happen?

    [–] Dec 12th Megathread Part 2: PMQs, UQ on FCO funding psyops via Institute for Statecraft Integrity BelleAriel 1 points ago in ukpolitics

    I totally agree. I wish there was a way we could have a GE and get Labour in. Brexit is a clusterfuck and Cameron should never have called a referendum in the first place.

    [–] Predicting the future. BelleAriel 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Trump has to blame other. It would hurt his narcisstistic personslity to ever admit a fault.

    [–] BREAK: @skynews confirms that the threshold has been met. BelleAriel 0 points ago in ukpolitics

    What worries me is trade if we continue exiting the EU. Dealing with the likes of Donald Trump.

    [–] Christmas has come early! BelleAriel 1 points ago in britposting

    Jokes aside, we’re screwed whatever happens. If article 50 is reversed half the country are going to be furious. If Brexit continues, the other half will be furious. We’ll be screwed with trade, job losses, the economy.

    Not to mention whats going to happen with EU citicizens living here and here expats abroads.

    It’s a clusterfuck. It’s embarassing. Leaders like Donald Trump will use this against us in regards trade. Look at how he treats Canada, China and the rest of the world. We’d have to negotiate with him. Do we seriously want that?

    I’m both excited and concerned. One can but dream though. Everyone knows my personal preference. I want a Labour government and Article 50 reversed but the latter cannot happen with chais in this country with those who voted it.

    Praying we come out of this on the other side with some dignity. It’s hard to believe we once were the British empire.

    long sigh...

    [–] BREAK: @skynews confirms that the threshold has been met. BelleAriel 0 points ago in ukpolitics

    I hope not. Did you hear her talking earlier? She’s full of nonsense. She lies and I actually think she believes her own lies. She’s very cunning the way she put hints of fearmongering about if Labour got in and saying that article 50 may be reversed.