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    [–] Where to buy Generic laptop for non-engineer? Benjo_Kazooie 2 points ago in VirginiaTech

    My advice: avoid anything HP. I've had two different HPs crap out on me in the last five years. First there was my generic $200 notebook from Target, and then a $1500 HP Spectre x360 that dumb freshman me thought would be a worthy investment for engineering. Both of course were only a few months past warranty and died to well-known and well-documented manufacturing issues that HP failed to address. The Spectre literally burned a hole through its motherboard from regular use over the course of two years because of little to no thought put into the heat protection on that piece of shit.

    [–] Apparently now r/battlefield users are comparing themselves to Jewish victims. Jeez... Benjo_Kazooie 9 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    uj/ I'm really glad the mods locked it down over there, because you know they're going to get a continuous stream of hate mail for months after this on top of trying to stem the flood.

    rj/ Mods are fake and gay.

    [–] I need a hero to save me now Benjo_Kazooie 7 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    This is the least likely place I thought I'd ever see a Skillet lyric for a title, then again this sub is meant to be as cringy as possible.

    [–] Richmond school board considering renaming JEB Stuart elementary to Barack Obama elementary Benjo_Kazooie 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in Virginia

    I'll send this to the Germans so they know that according to us it's perfectly okay to build schools named after war criminals and infamous leaders of history. After all they'd be German schools named after Germans. The Himmler and Goebbels School for The Disabled has a nice ring to it.

    [–] A6M Zero fighters being chased by their natural predators, F6F Hellcats Benjo_Kazooie 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in MilitaryGfys

    Part of me wishes the bat bombs had actually been used to see how effective they could've been on all that wood and paper, but I'll take an end to the war and less loss of human life over that.

    [–] [Repost] Hey Guys, I know Reddit is now Facebook, so Here's a Photo. Benjo_Kazooie 6 points ago in RedditIsNowFacebook

    If I were a dead father I’d be disappointed that my son put so much effort into karmawhoring me.

    [–] Best Father's Day Ever! Benjo_Kazooie 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    “Dad, why are you using me for fake internet points?”

    [–] Uldren's boss fight should be 1v1 on "The drifter" with sweaty rules Benjo_Kazooie 198 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Guardian: “I challenge you Uldren. Lockout, BRs only.”

    Uldren: “BXR-ing allowed?”

    G: “No.”

    U: “Fuck.”

    [–] The boys are back together! (X-Post r/de) Benjo_Kazooie 409 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Germany tunnels their entire army underneath Belgium so hopefully Britain won’t notice this time.

    [–] FUCK UBISHIT CDPR GOOD!!!! Benjo_Kazooie 197 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    I 👏 was 👏 disappointed 👏 in 👏 Destiny’s 👏 original 👏 release 👏 thus 👏 I 👏 deserve 👏 every 👏 future 👏 game 👏 and 👏 expansion 👏 for 👏 free 👏 and 👏 every 👏 Bungie 👏 employee’s 👏 first 👏 born 👏 child 👏 to 👏 populate 👏 my 👏 morally 👏 grey 👏 gamer 👏 sex 👏 dungeon 👏

    [–] [Spoiler] Write-Up of the First Story Mission in Forsaken Benjo_Kazooie 17 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Probably making many variations of this expression as he watches the Fallen descend even further into madness.

    [–] This September will mark the beginning of Year 5 for the Destiny Franchise. Let that sink in. Benjo_Kazooie 20 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    It's crazy, I vividly remember browsing Reddit one morning in 2015, just as I was getting back into the game but not having really any involvement in the community... then the Gjallarhorn Day thread happened and took over Reddit for the day. I immediately thought this community was hilarious and insane and I had to be a part of it. It still feels like I just joined up, but as the years have gone by, legends have come and gone, the game has had ups and downs, and the community has grown exponentially while losing some of the civility and charm that originally drew me in, I can't deny it's been a fun ride.