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    [–] Disney May Be Looking For Other Developers To Handle Future Star Wars Games. Benjo_Kazooie 40 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Lucasarts was a disorganized, badly led mess of a company that was going under whether Disney had bought Lucasfilm or not. From what I’ve read about the last few years of the studio, the shutdown was a mercy killing.

    [–] Lost in the nostalgia Benjo_Kazooie 4 points ago in halo

    I know this opinion is already being buried by downvotes, but nostalgia doesn't overrule the damage that was done by Reach to the Halo competitive community and the strength of the multiplayer component in general.

    [–] virgin sniper VS CHAD INFANTRY Benjo_Kazooie 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in battlefield_one

    It sucks too since the Mauser series were such important and influential pieces of firearms history. As someone really interested in firearms history it bums me out that so many of the best guns in BF1 are the oddballs that history forgot for good reason.

    [–] Former White Nationalist u/teh_booth_gawd explains how he grew out of his racist beliefs Benjo_Kazooie 9 points ago in bestof

    That subreddit is just as bad as /r/TheDonald with its phobia of opposing thoughts. Any subreddit or ideology that doesn't support free speech and free thought isn't worth supporting let alone listening to.

    [–] Incredibles 2 - Olympics Sneak Peek Benjo_Kazooie 140 points ago in movies

    My parents have been in the education system for a long time and Bob's rant about the school system resonated with them quite a bit when they saw the first movie. Only Pixar could tackle so many social issues as well as they did in the first Incredibles.

    [–] germany_irl Benjo_Kazooie 26 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Too busy with all those emus.

    [–] germany_irl Benjo_Kazooie 82 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Yep, I've been watching the series from the beginning and felt inspired after Conrad's latest military disaster.

    [–] Free stuff Benjo_Kazooie 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    I read this to the tune of 'All the Small Things' by Blink-182.

    [–] Main Eggleston Hall Benjo_Kazooie 6 points ago in VirginiaTech

    I've heard the stories of how Slusher flooded from one of the top floors and how gravity ensured that the entire building got soaked with 2 inches of standing water at the bottom. From the people I know who were there it mustn't have been fun. Can't be a great time for you guys.

    [–] [D2] Destiny Server Maintenance from 8am Pacific [2018-02-13] Benjo_Kazooie 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Siege goes down a few times a month. Even then the servers are janky as hell, and I say that as someone who adores the game.

    [–] Did Hitler have any plans for the United States either before or after Pearl Harbor? Benjo_Kazooie 3 points ago in history

    Except it isn’t conspiracy theories. Actual Army and Navy records exist showing that these warnings were ignored. A naval investigation determined that although these warnings weren’t ignored out of malicious intent, they had been ignored due to standard procedure not being followed.

    [–] Did Hitler have any plans for the United States either before or after Pearl Harbor? Benjo_Kazooie 3 points ago in history

    They had also ignored or dismissed warnings of large groups of planes from radar stations and Navy destroyers which had intercepted Japanese midget submarines just outside the harbor. This classic scene from Tora! Tora! Tora! illustrates pretty well just how wrong they were in their ignorance.

    [–] Did Hitler have any plans for the United States either before or after Pearl Harbor? Benjo_Kazooie 104 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in history

    Are there many emus in New Zealand? You never know if they could turn the tide.

    [–] Who's a good dog? Benjo_Kazooie 14 points ago in thegrandtour

    RIP Top Gear Dog.

    [–] OMG ANOTHER 343TARD- HE SAYZ BUNGIE FANS R CANCER Benjo_Kazooie 6 points ago in HaloCirclejerk

    While I agree the nostalgia-blindness is part of what makes the Halo community so toxic, you don't counter a circlejerk with logic just as flawed as said circlejerk.

    [–] Destiny 2 Clans right now - Sad Day Benjo_Kazooie 7 points ago in DestinyMemes

    User posts honest opinion. Gets downvoted.

    [–] New license plate in AZ. Sound of Freedom!! Benjo_Kazooie 7 points ago in MURICA

    The F-35 is a single engine craft as opposed to twin-engine F-15 so yes, but both are still loud. 'Stealth' in the realm of military aircraft has never implied quietness.