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    [–] Vintage 50’s Bell turntable amplifier with speakers Benzona 2 points ago in ThriftStoreHauls

    Not sure if it works yet I am a little bit scared to just plug it in without doing some research. Overall though it looks to be in good shape given its age.

    [–] How slow is your CRZ really? Benzona -1 points ago in crz

    They are slow hybrid cars. If you want something with some power get a Civic SI

    [–] The war rages on! Benzona 11 points ago in retrogaming

    Genesis does what Nintedon't!

    [–] Latest Appliance Poll... Benzona 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    You can clean the sensors on a Roomba and it will be useful again. Trump will always be useless no matter what you try to do to fix him.

    [–] I made a Pink GBA SP Benzona 2 points ago in Gameboy

    Get some Kitsch Bent clear ones and use the same process.

    [–] Is it normal for these bushes to turn yellow or are they dead? Benzona 1 points ago in landscaping

    That’s what I was afraid of. It seems like a few people in my neighborhood are having the same thing happen. Not sure what caused this.

    [–] Scored all this for $10 at Goodwill Benzona 1 points ago in gamecollecting

    I was wondering what those were.

    [–] Scored all this for $10 at Goodwill Benzona 3 points ago in gamecollecting

    I was thinking the same thing, but unfortunately none of them came with the USB cables.

    [–] Today was a Good Friday Benzona 3 points ago in gamecollecting

    I found the SNES games at goodwill today at $5-$7 each. My mom found the consoles at a estate sale for $40 including controllers and games and the Game Gear was $10 but I still need to see if it works. The Xbox is missing the power button and they threw it in with the N64 so I may end up just tossing it.

    [–] Wanted to post my collection before its gone. Have to sell it all. Not fun at all but have to pay the bills. Benzona 1 points ago in gamecollecting

    I’m selling off about 90% of my collection. I have enjoyed owning it for years but now it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. Using the money to buy stuff for my car. Feels good to get rid of my collection. It got a bit out of hand and I collected early on so it was a good investment.