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    [–] Looking for advice on buying my first gun BertTheWelder 1 points ago in guns

    When I was a kid (12 or so) by dad taught me to shoot with a Browning .380. Not sure how petite woman compares with 12yo boy but I had no problems with recoil. I’m a grown man now and some .45’s have too much kick for my comfort, but I’ve never had that problem with a 9mm.

    I would guess either a .380 or a 9mm would work for you. 500ish should cover either caliber for a reputable brand.

    [–] Looking for advice on buying my first gun BertTheWelder 3 points ago in guns

    Budget and hand size would be useful.

    That said, Glock and Sig both make good guns and you’d be well-served with either. I say that as a Sig owner and the occasional Glock shooter.

    .22 isn’t the biggest caliber by any means. You should shoot some bigger rounds and see what works for you.

    [–] Wifey in the kitchen... your thoughts? BertTheWelder 4 points ago in trashyboners

    Tiles look too new to have asbestos in them. So I’m not seeing trash.

    [–] Can’t go to a range BertTheWelder 1 points ago in guns

    I’m sorry, man. Are you old enough to buy a gun? If so, go do it and don’t tell your family. If not, wait until you are and then go do it!

    My grandfather got me my first gun when I was 13 or so. 22lr. Good little gun.

    [–] Can’t go to a range BertTheWelder 6 points ago in guns

    Any place is a range if you’re brave enough?

    [–] GoD IsNt ReAL BertTheWelder 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Checkmate, you feeble minded sheep! I defeated your god with logic!

    [–] Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Date a Woman Over 25 [OC] BertTheWelder 4 points ago in MGTOW

    I’m almost more impressed by the clean way these graphics were done. Such a great image.

    [–] Fresh start. 🙂 Houston, TX. BertTheWelder 1 points ago in malelivingspace

    Not sure if same rug but I have a very very similar one I got from Amazon. I want to say it was around 200 bucks for the 9x12 one I got.

    [–] Animal shelter worker jailed for 'encouraging' female co-worker into sex with his pit bull BertTheWelder 17 points ago in trashy

    Did I read this right? She fucks the dog and gets less than half of the sentence of the guy who didn’t fuck the dog?

    [–] I’ll see your attic Arisaka and raise you a loft MG-42 BertTheWelder 16 points ago in GunPorn

    It does indeed sound like something ripping. It’s a continuous noise, without the individual bang bangs the average full auto makes. If you ever get the chance to shoot one, do it.

    [–] Cardi B letting her fans grope her. BertTheWelder -34 points ago in trashyboners

    Good for her for keeping it real and all... but I’m not touching her.

    [–] I’ll see your attic Arisaka and raise you a loft MG-42 BertTheWelder 30 points ago in GunPorn

    Was fortunate enough to shoot one of these bad boys. Such an amazing sound. Had to be terrifying to be on the business end.

    [–] This meme is still relevant! BertTheWelder 2 points ago in dankmemes

    I had forgotten cave explorer.

    [–] Woman's urges BertTheWelder 17 points ago in MGTOW

    She wouldn’t care at all though if the guy she was close to decided to bang someone else. /s

    [–] Women: “let’s ingrain into men that pursuing women after she says no is creepy and harassment, and then act baffled when they leave us alone after we say no”. Shoutout to the young brother, he saved his future self from a false harassment allegation 20 years in advance. BertTheWelder 61 points ago in WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

    There’s reason here. She didn’t just want to be taken out, she wanted the emotional thrill of playing with a guy so she could feel really wanted. So she chose the path of dishonesty in hopes that it would make her feel better than being honest.

    You want reason and rationality? Here it is. A woman will sacrifice anyone and anything - especially a man or the truth - to get her emotional needs and desires met.

    [–] Remodel, single life, my way BertTheWelder 2 points ago in MGTOW

    Really nice job! You’ve got good taste.

    [–] Need this to spread! BertTheWelder 9 points ago in MGTOW

    See, she’s a smart one who adapted. You pay her mortgage and she buys you the occasional meal. The bar is set so low that she looks like a champ for buying you lunch every now and again. Then you can both sigh contentedly that she’s not like other girls.