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    [–] How can I gain motivation? BetweenTwoMusic 3 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    No one else is gonna live your life for you.

    One tip, turn off all your entertainment sources for a week. Literally disconnect from the internet or any forms of distraction that is preventing you from discovering yourself. Even do a meditation for an hour without moving a muscle and you’ll have a profound and renewed sense of wanting to do something - desire.

    If you want motivation, do nothing until nothing becomes excruciatingly painful that doing something will be better then nothing.

    [–] What do you need to have done to get into politics? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Are you really up to a life of getting nothing you want because of a system that has been in power by a small few who take very seriously to protecting their control and wealth over any and everyone else.. I mean a noble path to those that take it with the right intentions... but like.. majority of politics will be redundant in 20 years with the new digital age upon us.

    [–] Someone reported me on Snapchat and I’m honestly so unnecessarily anxious over it. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Lol that’s all good, don’t need to apologise for how you feel, no point in making it out as a bad thing... I mean we feel the way we feel because of what we’ve been through and our past experiences sorta shape how we respond to situations.

    I reckon you mum is only doing it out of love and because she cares.. she might not be doing it the way that you would prefer but to her that’s what she knows best and she truly believes she is looking out for your best interests as best as she can. We gotta realise that not everyone sees the same situation the same, if you can remove that feeling of ‘intrusion’ when she is concerned or worried then maybe you will be more open to communicating with her and that would ease her concerns and would allow you both to have a greater understanding of each other.. that’s the healthiest thing we can want.

    Also sit down and contemplate why you feel the way you feel when your emotions become heightened.. what is the cause and why have you reacted to it that way. If you can break down the why’s of something then you have a better chance of understanding how they came to be, and thus put in motion plans to change that for the better (if your so inclined to improve things)

    I used to be ultra private, now I’ve removed most walls and express myself fully and completely all the time, I’m 100% honest because i know then that there is nothing for me to lie about or protect.. I have also done a lot of internal work and so to get to this point requires a lot of heartache and pain. Hence why we relate in some ways.

    [–] Morning of Owl is an excellent b-boy group BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in gifs

    That’s insane how his body becomes a spinning top

    [–] Drug users don't deserve rehab, BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Yea it’s tricky one hey, valid points.. I agree. It makes me wonder how i would react to situations where I was being told or forced into doing something against my will. This gets into ‘who knows what’s best type territory’, and that comes down to life experiences which have shaped that individuals perspective. So like, the addict might just have some trauma which is too painful to face sober. (I can relate, sometimes) The dealer, might have something that is causing him to be the way he/she is, driven by a need for survival. And the policeman perhaps is just trying to help both sides but then screws it up in the process of trying to juggle..

    In my opinion, we need to support everyone because everyone needs love, even the ones that hurt us the most.. they’re the ones acting out in these ways as an almost cry for help. So let’s all help.

    [–] Drug users don't deserve rehab, BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Apologies, I only read and responded to the first paragraph, if these experiences have happened to you then I can understand your frustration with the way that it’s been happening, I think we are all to some extent, I think that if we open up the channels for communication then we might be able to help each other more effectively, and I think that applies to everyone and everything. I hope you well.

    [–] Drug users don't deserve rehab, BetweenTwoMusic 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Everyone suffers from addictions, even you.. so I wouldn’t be too quick to point the sword.

    [–] Lsd with my mom BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in LSD

    Haha well I’ve been very honest in my experimentation over the years and that’s only pushed my family into deeper skepticism.

    Ultimately they will never understand it until they experience it for themselves directly.. they trust the media more so then their own family and the disconnect is only growing greater and greater with less and less acceptance.

    Consider yourself lucky. Majority of us are misunderstood. Enjoy my friend. It will be a delight.

    [–] Lsd with my mom BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in LSD

    Have a clean diet until consumption. Set your intentions with her and what it is your wanting to get out of the experience. Immerse yourself within nature. If you’ve had prior experience then allow her to have control over what happens, just make it as comfortable as possible to ensure a positive reception to consuming mind altering substances. Some people really don’t like that loss of control and so they will put up resistances and allow their fears to take over. Reinforce that surrendering is the most peaceful way to accept reality.

    On 30ug id expect nothing more then a mild and subtle feeling of expanded or heightened senses.

    50ug a little bit more with possible visuals and a slightly more surreal sense of feelings.

    This is something I would love to do with every member of my family. Congratulations for having an open minded mother that isn’t afraid to expand her consciousness.

    [–] What is the ultimate opposite called? BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    The ultimate opposite is that there is no opposite. It is called Oneness. Everything is one and the space in between objects is just another space for something else to exist within, there is no separation and hence there is nothing to compare it against.

    Humans have developed language to communicate, it’s a form of survival and it’s necessary for us to make meaning of objects within our immediate environment, if we didn’t have language to communicate existence then we wouldn’t be very good at surviving.. (survival being our ultimate priority).

    Language is a second order phenomena, each person has a different understanding of the exact same thing, so for example.. my definition of cold may be different to yours and so the opposite of that could be perceived completely differently.

    As you can see this leads to a lot of confusion and why most of us cannot see eye to eye. We have a general understanding of each other but it mostly comes down to interpretations

    [–] Suicide is my Trigger BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    You don’t need to take on the suffering of others as your own, there is plenty of suffering that we all experience on a day to day basis for that.

    Love is the only thing that’s relevant.

    If you can learn to love yourself fully and feel into that and deepen it consciously, then your capacity to experience happiness will increase more and more.

    Whenever your feeling down, remember that you are loved and that you are wanted, your a very special being that adds value to anyone or anything that you come into contact with.

    Sometimes it can be really tough, but after your lowest lows comes your highest highs, try and see everything from a positive perspective, because everything happens for a reason and ultimately we want to grow and learn and become better beings for ourselves and others.

    [–] IsItBullshit: Countries which turn a blind eye to corporate tax evasion do so because of the threat of the companies simply relocating to a tax haven or collapsing. BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in IsItBullshit

    Imagine a world where everything relating to finance is documented.. on a distributed open ledger system.. so that we can ‘account’ for where every single dollar is used/spent/stored etc etc.. like I think they call it blockchain.. and I think that it would remove like 95% of corporate and governmental corruption..

    And then our economies might bloom... because it’s not like we’re not working hard enough... it’s not like we spend a full third of our lives making other people more wealthy.. It’s not really our fault that we have criminals who have claimed ownership of earth and feel that they can do whatever they want to whoever or whatever..

    I’m just staggered at how backwards the world is being run... there is seriously enough for everyone... we have an abundance of everything we need, it’s just that some fuckheads are stifling that..

    Sorry I needed to rant to no one.. because there’s 3 hours left from finishing my 16 hour work day.. .... and I’m getting taxed SHITLOADS... didn’t Netflix pay zero tax in Australia last year??