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    [–] Have psychedelic experiences changed the way you live your life? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Psychonaut

    I walk around my house in thought and silence a lot now... make a lot more with my hands and am constantly creating or improving upon what was before. Stopped watching all T.V and stopped playing video games. Nutrition has been greatly increased and lost 20kg in 2 years progressively through diet. Never been happier.

    [–] StarWarsTheory creates a Darth Vader fan film, hires a composer to create original music, and doesn't monetize the video. Warner Chappell is falsely copyright claiming the video's music and monetizing it for themselves. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in videos

    If we really think about it, everything is built off everything that came before.. I just think it’s insane the control of suppressing the evolution of a community of people building something greater..

    The original creators should get paid. The creators who used the ideas of those before, should get paid too. Organisations/people that have no involvement.. shouldn’t get paid... And YouTube.. if you don’t stop making insane amounts of profit through the use of others and if you don’t feed the little guys.. your platform is going to have a slow death.. which has been happening for years.. stop suppressing growth.. it hurts everyone....

    [–] Most the world population is dumb BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Everyone is smarter then someone else in there favourite field of study/interest. So even the dumbest person knows more then you at something.

    [–] Real DAREDEVIL BetweenTwoMusic 5 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    What a legend

    [–] Apple Watch BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    “If I could turn back time” ~Cher

    [–] Are there any researchers in the field of brain activity working with video game developers to help stimulate coma patients? BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Well.. our senses do the extrapolating of information to our brains and a person in a coma I don’t believe would be able to be conscious without actively being aware that it’s operating or.. being awake.

    I don’t think it’s like lucid dreaming in that it’s something that the individual can perceive to control. But.. fundamentally we all want to survive and so I’m sure they’re fighting as hard as they can, wether conscious or not, and I think there’s a lot of external things that can be done to help the patient.

    I have no knowledge of that stuff though and I could always be wrong.

    [–] Millionaire looking for good causes BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    Mate... you can donate to my cause.. I work a 7 week on 1 week off roster, including nightshifts and weekends.. and I’m still only clearing $250 cash in hand per fortnight..

    I’ve never been more underwater in my life. Let’s pray this bear market turns around 🙏

    [–] While believing in religion in itself isn’t bad, forcing religion upon children at such a young age is. BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I sort of disagree.. was raised a devout catholic, with midweek mass and also weekend mass.. was an alter boy and said thousands and thousands of hours of prayers before pretty much doing anything... eating/driving/sleeping.. and while initially at such a young age i just assumed what i was being told was absolute truth.. it raised my skepticism at about age 9.. and that’s where I started to question shit..

    For the next 12 years I became a devout atheist, I hated religion (still do) for all of the atrocities that they have done and still do.. and just how much it has damaged my grandparents lives because they live out of fear of “going to hell” It’s a really shitty situation.

    Now... iv come full circle... and I appreciate the core fundamentals of what religion was originated upon, I’m highly spiritual and of course believe in god (just not how you think) And so I’m left trying to bridge to gap in teaching those that taught me, the fundamentals of what’s actually occurring around us and how god fits into that...

    So.. although I don’t think anyone should be forced to do anything.. if it didn’t happen that way I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I wouldn’t have the knowledge to help others reconnect to source. I feel like everyone has to go through this in some way or another, and at different stages of their life.

    Just don’t ever tell someone what to do, cos you’ll only ever push them further away, until they come full circle and realise the truths in what you were saying.

    [–] When the American military goes to other countries to fight wars, how is that protecting your freedoms and civil liberties? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I agree with ya, and I think your right, we can’t keep going the way we have, there’s just way too much unnecessary suffering. I really feel as if there’s a global awakening that’s occurring right now behind the scenes, and boy am I excited for when the younger generations begin to make change within the political/financial systems.

    [–] When the American military goes to other countries to fight wars, how is that protecting your freedoms and civil liberties? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Like sure, I understand its role and to some extent it’s necessary, but i see a world without wars and without boarders.. I feel that with a military presence we create the very problem that we are trying to fight. I don’t believe in the suppression of others as an effective way to treat and deal with all the problems associated with that. I think every problem can be solved through communication and a broadened perspective..

    I mean it’s 2019 and look at the state of the world.. we have the greatest technology we’ve ever had.. yet, we can’t even understand our neighbours.. and we can’t understand them because we’re not open minded enough.. simply because we’re too dogmatic and rigid within our belief systems.

    This is an identification problem and people are too scared to accept something they don’t understand... and less developed minds eliminate those threats. Hence wars.

    [–] When the American military goes to other countries to fight wars, how is that protecting your freedoms and civil liberties? BetweenTwoMusic 7 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    And to suppress and restrict foreign countries from developing.. look at the Middle East.. pretty sure we’ve fucked their lives up for generations.

    I can’t comprehend how nobody is ashamed of how those with power treat those without.. it’s actually disgusting.

    [–] We need a humane treatment to cull the population. BetweenTwoMusic 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    The concerning thing is that you don’t think there’s enough wealth in the economy to support everyone. There is such an abundance of wealth that only a few percent of the population control, which is fucking up every single one of our lives..

    How about instead of culling people to improve the economy.. we cull those taking all the resources from people and redistribute that wealth..

    Let’s not forget that one day you’ll be old.

    [–] What turned you off from caring about the Grammy's? BetweenTwoMusic 0 points ago in hiphopheads

    The same realisation back in 2005.. that’s when I stopped watching TV too.. I also don’t listen to the radio either, or follow trends... and basically just do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Life has never been better.

    [–] What was the best moment of your entire life? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You can’t physically get addicted because you build a tolerance that would make it impossible to trip consecutively. You can get addicted to the habit of ‘entering that world’ but it’s realistically something you’d do a handful of times each year, with more avid users around once a month, and the extreme maybe once a fortnight.

    If you take it too often you start to disassociate with your identity and things start to meld into oneness, which isn’t necessarily bad... it’s just considered that way to those with don’t quite get it, or haven’t experienced a mystical non-duel experience.

    But yea, moderation is key.. what’s most important is how you integrate your experience back into normal everyday life.. if your doing it to escape your problems and avoid certain things then there’s probly a deeper issue at play.

    You need the right frame of mind/ the right intentions/ in a safe environment/ preferably alone.

    [–] What was the best moment of your entire life? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yea that’s how I would, however I spent years learning and understanding each compound and how it effects my body and everything else that’s associated to that.

    It took me 6 years to build up to dmt, it’s not something I actively seek and take lightly but when opportunity arises and the set/setting are sound... then I’ll journey into the void.

    The experience is priceless.

    [–] What was the best moment of your entire life? BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Depends on how great your attachment is to yourself, my first few times were quite confronting until you release the need to hold on.. once you’ve let go there is no resistance and then the experience is as pure as it can get.

    But yea, your physical death is probly the most challenging thing to overcome and so that’s why it was so life changing.

    If that is a path you decide to head down, then just make sure you do your research, know yourself quite well and slowly build up to the it.. there is no rush, be safe and smart.

    But yea, there’s a lot of funky stuff going on behind the curtain ;)