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    [–] Elon Musk is on a rampage. BetweenTwoMusic 0 points ago in quityourbullshit

    Love you Elon.. you fucking lad.. everyone else has cooked it hard.

    [–] YouTube is completely selling out, the good drug Youtubers that promote harm reduction and educate about drugs are being stroked. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Drugs

    Ya, but it’s dividing their audience.. content creators don’t get paid anywhere near enough to sustainability and safely create the content they want. And if they continue to make it more difficult for people to do what they love.. then people are to have to get real jobs... jobs they hate.. because it’s not aligned with their passions. From the viewers perspective they lose because they’ll be much less content they consume.. content creators lose cos they’re censored and can’t create or monetise their content.. and YouTube will lose because their a profit driven business. Ever heard of steemit? Did you hear they want to control your subscription feed too?? Concerning all round.

    [–] YouTube is completely selling out, the good drug Youtubers that promote harm reduction and educate about drugs are being stroked. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Drugs

    It’s literally criminal to withhold and restrict educational media.. they don’t want a better world for us, simply put... it comes down to profits.. advertisers now own YouTube. Watch it’s slow and steady death 💀

    [–] Thank you. BetweenTwoMusic 21 points ago in DMT

    What we experience in the non-dual state allows us to see that we are infinitely connected and one. Unconditional love will be the only thing that remains when all the dust has settled. Thank you for contributing for a better world, I’m glad your here.

    [–] Machine Elves. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in DMT

    Wow, Olmec... nice to meet you again.

    [–] My entire existence after a deep exhale BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in DMT

    When’s it’s happening, there’s only one way to go.

    [–] Selected for Maps Study... BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in MDMA

    You’ll find that you will connect to the infinite, and that the walls and barriers we have constructed to protect us is essentially what’s been causing us harm.

    It’s an ongoing process of acceptance and love, first and foremost with yourself.

    Enjoy fellow traveller, remember to find your centre, and that your breath is the one constant.

    [–] IBM's $0.10 tiny computer is blockchain ready. Due to this low price, it means anything could be tied to the blockchain, even the food you buy or the clothes you wear. BetweenTwoMusic 12 points ago in Stellar

    God I love XLM.. transparency is the very thing that this corrupted world needs.. like... in this technological day and age, how are people not supported/treated equally..

    Basic income for all.. freedom of choice with our own body.

    [–] Tripping can be useful, but slows down spiritual growth. BetweenTwoMusic 3 points ago in Psychonaut

    It comes down to how much are you willing to sacrifice.. my time is extremely valuable at this stage in my life and I I need that time to build the future I want. (A life of meditation/surrender sounds perfect, but doesn’t pay the bills atm)

    I could spend 50 years in a cave discovering the absolute.. or I could plug up an entheogen and visit it directly in a day.

    I think we’re all searching for the same answer and ultimately it doesn’t really matter if we get there or not.. as long as we enjoy the process.

    [–] Trump administration quietly makes it legal to bring elephant parts to the U.S. as trophies BetweenTwoMusic 3 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump

    What the fuck is the world doing about this... ??? Like I hear of nothing in response to this fucking criminal.. end it.

    [–] First time trying mushrooms BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Psychedelics

    I love the come up for shroomies, very easy and gentle way to reach the peak. Personally I prefer to trip alone as the energies of others (even your interpretation of their wants/needs) can become conflicting with whatever state it is you want to be in at the time of the experience, and for me I’d rather just be alone to contemplate and meditate through it.

    Being absorbed into the world of consciousness is a beautiful experience and as long as you maintain the flow state and not get to drawn into any negative thoughts or ideas, you’ll be 100% fine, make sure to have a good playlist without many words and switch to that when you need a setting change.. perform some rituals prior to beginning like blessing the substance and allow the positive vibrations/energies to enter your chemical reaction system.

    Enjoy, and have fun.

    [–] I can't remember the last time I had sex with my gf. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Could have psychological implications.. possibly from her past.. communication is everything in life.. understand the root cause (intended) and allow the healing.

    She also needs to understand your physical needs also.

    [–] Our chances BetweenTwoMusic 0 points ago in Bitcoin

    Soon we will all be millionaires, we’re still extremely early stages of adoption into blockchain.. when celebrities start promoting in a few years things are going to change dramatically.

    Think long term and big picture.. The whole world is going to benefit from this technology and decentralisation away from the pesky leaders

    [–] Jeff Sessions’ War on Marijuana Will See Him Face Off in Court Against a 12-Year-Old Girl With Epilepsy BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in Drugs

    Yeah I agree, I think there’s some serious and deep concerns with how the world would react to such an event.. it would be absolutely devastating and hundreds of millions of people wouldn’t survive. And that’s fucked up..

    That’s a difficult question to answer because it doesn’t matter how much technology we throw at the system to make it more efficient and beneficial to all, there’s still someone going to be above you with more power that’s assisting your life, and at any point they can essentially shut off your resources.. So unless you can survive hunting and foraging with the ability to make a fire with fresh water, then really.. chances are low..

    But.. with an open ledger system and blockchain technology I personally can’t see the world rolling over and accepting what has been destroying us since the industrial revolution (or you could even argue religion as they simply just want to protect their own and kill the rest - that’s tribalism at its core) but you know, the wealthy minority controlling the majority.

    Ultimately it comes down to educating the collective intelligence and by using ‘advanced artificial intelligence’ to manage and do all the things that these guys aren’t currently doing. I see massive potential already with the Ethereum network and if we have a decentralised system making the best decision to make earth once again sustainable for its inhabitants, then there’s literally no reason not to do that.

    I also think that with the acceptance of entheogens and psychedelics in the next 10 years, people will start to become more open-minded and less dogmatic to their perceptions and concepts, allowing acceptance and individual growth.

    And with all that said, most people are content with their lives.. so who am I to say what’s right or wrong for the people.. be the best you and you’ll improve everyday and by doing that your making the word a better place. <virtual pat on the back> You guys are killing it ;)

    [–] Jeff Sessions’ War on Marijuana Will See Him Face Off in Court Against a 12-Year-Old Girl With Epilepsy BetweenTwoMusic 29 points ago in Drugs

    Can I just add that this is a plant grown from the earth.. where we harvest everything else for the source of our life... the very notion of legality in terms of what we can and can’t consume with what ‘naturally grows’ on our planet is centralised control of the masses.

    No one should ever be told what they can and can’t put into their ‘chemical systems’ (your body/temple)

    Clearly, our ancestors, the shamans/explorers and healers of the old world were revered for their experimentation of entheogens to bring a wealth of knowledge and cures to their tribes..

    Now we have tribes of the wealthy trying to control the world, and the worlds fed up with it.. let’s watch the collapse, it’s going to be beautiful.

    [–] 600ug here we go BetweenTwoMusic 2 points ago in LSD

    Nah a heroic dose! Goodwork man! Enjoy 😄

    [–] 600ug here we go BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in LSD

    Hero of the ages

    [–] Chairman of Fair Trade Commission of South Korea: Whether cryptocurrency investment is excessive speculation or not, the risk is on the investor, and thus the government should not outright ban economic activity because it is risky. That's for the individual investors to decide. BetweenTwoMusic 1 points ago in ethtrader

    Only what iv read on reddit (always untrustworthy) but apparently ANZ is preventing users from purchasing crypto.

    Wish I had a link. But basically banks/governments and the fed reserve aren’t gonna enjoy losing its control, and when widespread adoption occurs I’m pretty sure their gonna try something to leverage themselves.. next 5 years is going to be pretty wild!