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    [–] An Alligator Snapping Turtle Hibernating Under a Sheet of Ice BigJ3sh 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Missed opportunity by the science community to call it the turtgator

    [–] First Pre Season Workout BigJ3sh 3 points ago in trackandfield

    Lactic acid? Maybe just first workout soreness or bad form. It may also be your diet. Word of advice though: lift before running. You get better quality reps and it could increase progress.

    [–] Waitress only accepts tips over 10$ BigJ3sh 29 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Bold of you to assume reddit is only one group of people who think the same

    [–] Waitress only accepts tips over 10$ BigJ3sh 324 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Exactly. I feel like if you express more enthusiasm and gratitude you'd get better tips. But I feel like tipping shouldn't exist because of inconsistency and resteraunt owners should pay their damn workers.

    [–] Guys I'm Hispanic BigJ3sh 1 points ago in onejob

    Hispanic ain't a race its latino smh

    [–] Kyries latest instagram story BigJ3sh 1 points ago in GoNets

    Nothing wrong with paycheck to paycheck lol. Especially if you around people who love you. And assess the situation man bc a lot of Nets fans are worshipping this dude right now but he basically gave you guys the same speech he did in Boston. He's acting the same way he did and he actually tanked us on purpose last year. I'm definitely not saying what hes getting is deserved at all but if you can drop 41 points and share the ball with LeBron, you can definitely share the ball and drop 25. Instead of putting in the effort to work on chemistry, this dude basically said "I'm not going to try to win because im leaving anyways."

    [–] I guess the Kings know how it feels to miss a game winner while being down one. BigJ3sh 7 points ago in bostonceltics

    Thats just it though, he's gotta work on his pressure shots but have you seen that he's probably the best option when the game is on the line?

    [–] Thats a yikes from me dog BigJ3sh -22 points ago in FragileWhiteRedditor

    Imagine mocking the majority of white redditors to the point they make a sub to say "fuck blacks!" Like Latinos are mocking the whie too wheres the love lol

    [–] Overweight people shaming athletic/slim people is just as bad as Vice versa. BigJ3sh 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    People are skinny and try to gain weight (muscle) but its 5× more difficult than losing fat. You wanna be unhealthy? That's fine idc but dont disrespect me just because you're insecure about your chunkiness.