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    [–] Recommendation to Binance BigJ76 5 points ago in binance

    Even if we could only convert that dust to BNB I would gladly do it

    [–] When my friend says the new Star Wars movie is going to suck BigJ76 2 points ago in startrekgifs

    Looking forward to the new movie. I tried not watching the trailers so I'd be more surprised but it's so hard not to do that

    [–] Season 1 ends on a high note, according to Jammer (3 of 4 stars) BigJ76 2 points ago in TheOrville

    I hate to say it but the guy has a point. Can they walk the line between being taken seriously or being jokey avatars? I feel like that may be difficult to sustain and they'll fall to one side or the other

    [–] *ALERT NEW USERS* Do not use Coinbase wire Transfer! BigJ76 8 points ago in CoinBase

    *A post made a day from now

    "Guys, I just made a wire transfer to Coinbase and haven't gotten it yet. Has anyone had this happen? I'll username mention every mod here to see if they can help. Ticket# 1234567890"

    [–] How is bitcoins energy consumption viable long term? BigJ76 2 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in CryptoCurrency

    As long as there are fees to be had by the miners, environment be damned

    [–] when I see that Discover returns on January 7th BigJ76 1 points ago in startrekgifs

    I can't wait. I'm dying to know where they ended up

    [–] If you support crypto as a whole, love the tech and are 'in it for the long term', you should not support Bitcoin. BigJ76 24 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    I am with you on this. Yes I have my small portion of BTC like a lot of people. But I have been hesitant to just FOMO and continue to put my majority in it. It's going mainstream. People are taking it serious. "Everyone is doing it now". The high growth the last couple months made one thing abundantly clear: in its current iteration, BTC is not suitable for transactions and is a store of "value" controlled by miners, whales, early adopters, and pumped by memers and "Crypto Chads". A popular game purchasing site, Steam, dropped BTC as a method of payment. If BTC goes up, alts go down. If BTC goes down, alts go down. Something needs to change, but there's too much money at the top to allow change

    [–] bittrex disabled my account with $350k worth of bitcoins BigJ76 3 points ago in Bittrex

    Is it safe to say one has to become a skilled and accomplished day-trader to get to that amount with a small investment? Not that I'd leave it on an exchange, just wondering

    [–] Bittrex is gonna lose its new customer base BigJ76 5 points ago in Bittrex

    Binance for trading alts and you can withdraw a 2 BTC equivalent per day with their LVL 1 verification which means not having to submit photos and ID

    [–] Discrepancy in rules for the Moclan Game in "Mad Idolatry"? BigJ76 2 points ago in TheOrville

    I'm sure there is a limit to how long you can hold it and with Ed being new, they won't besmirch him not knowing a rule. And he told Kelly that he technically won so maybe that's what he meant