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    [–] Coinbase fees? BigJ76 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    I just started out recently and although I picked up a bit researching, testing, and playing around, I lost most of that in Coinbase fees. Personally waiting to get verified on Gemini (2 week wait) and found a Bitcoin ATM in my area. Coinbase is going to get used very sparingly at least for me. Heavy hitters may not be too worried about Coinbase fees but if you're trying to navigate with smaller amounts like that or just starting out, their fees will claim most of your money

    [–] The first time I tried Almond Milk and had to put my feelings into words. BigJ76 5 points ago in startrekgifs

    I've tried it. Small amounts was ok. Not something I'd sit back and drink a large glass of. Just me, though

    [–] MRW that other show isn't airing a new episode this week BigJ76 4 points ago in startrekgifs

    That's good and bad. Good because I somehow picked up more shows to watch and need to get caught up. Bad because I like that show and will miss it for the week

    [–] So uncivilized BigJ76 7 points ago in starwarsgifs

    Oh this is nice. Has a lot of reusability too

    [–] best pc wallet BigJ76 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    I've liked Jaxx so far

    [–] Probably the biggest reason not to visit your local library: random books falling on your head BigJ76 13 points ago in batman

    "Death in Slow Motion" s01e31 which was a Riddler episode where he kept putting the dynamic duo in these strange riddles and pitfalls so he could film it as part of this movie project he was doing


    [–] Should I buy now or wait? BigJ76 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    I started just recently as well and in my opinion, Coinbase has worked fine for me. That was mostly on suggestion from a friend who got me into this who is doing pretty ok already so I figure if I start anywhere, I am going to copy him until I get good and comfortable with stuff before doing things on my own

    [–] Cannon D7 Scene Replacement BigJ76 2 points ago in startrek

    That was really awesome. Now when I see it, as much as I wished they used an actual D7, that ship would have been out of place with the show. However, that doesn't mean that what we got couldn't have at least stylistically been a cue to that, which we didn't even get that