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    [–] Land of Liberty and Freedom BillyBobBanana 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    I believe most successful countries are built on human misery in one way or another, why single out the yanks?

    [–] Mom looking healthy sized BillyBobBanana 59 points ago in Tendies

    It's pretty amazing how much fat the human body can pack on and still function (reasonably) well

    [–] Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide BillyBobBanana 2 points ago in CrappyDesign

    As a kid, this would've been so rad to play with a tech deck on

    [–] Mighty man on a moped! BillyBobBanana -48 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in HumansBeingBros

    👌😆👍 Edit: hahaha thatsa nicea comment

    [–] His face says it all... BillyBobBanana 3 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    This would actually create some the most balanced, mature people. Imagine having to compromise every decision you make, and to grow from that

    [–] Not all heroes wear capes. BillyBobBanana 13 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    99% sure guy on the right is gay

    [–] Houseplant care BillyBobBanana 10 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Couch potatoes produce carbon dioxide for plants, it's a give and take thing

    [–] woohoo... BillyBobBanana 0 points ago in TheSimpsons

    They jumped the shark in season 9, it has been downhill from there

    [–] How did our society get to this point? It's disgraceful! BillyBobBanana 34 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Paying an employee minimum wage is the equivalent of saying, "I would pay you less, but it's illegal."

    [–] How did our society get to this point? It's disgraceful! BillyBobBanana 20 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    My old man is a landlord, he owns half a duplex that he saved for 15 years to buy and busts his ass keeping it clean and we'll maintained, maybe don't generalize so hard eh?