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    [–] Top React Native Mobile Apps in 2018 BizCaus 7 points ago in reactnative

    From what I’ve heard, the entire marketplace UI is React Native

    [–] Dan Abramov explains pre-rendering, a feature of Time Slicing that will be part of the next major release of React. BizCaus 2 points ago in reactjs

    I recently spoke with some members of the core team and interestingly they mentioned that they stopped using the native rIC (because it wasn’t aggressive enough) and roll their own solution via clever usage of rAF & postMessage. You can see it mentioned here:

    [–] Introducing Pose 3.0: New UI events BizCaus 1 points ago in reactjs

    Animating from 0 w/h with inverse transforms is relatively trivial to get working with this logic for calculating the inverse scale:

    const childScale = 1 / (
      parentScale === 0
        ? Number.MIN_VALUE
        : parentScale

    I havent gotten to-0 working yet but as its a single isolated edge case i believe a workaround could be constructed. One possibility would be to reverse the flip operation with a forward fill animation but i havent tried it out concretely yet.

    (sorry for the terseness, currently on mobile)

    [–] What's everyone working on this week? BizCaus 2 points ago in reactjs

    Trying to power through and finish my demo for the Zeit React meetup so I can actually start focusing more on the 'talk' portion 😬

    [–] A 2018 Overview of the JavaScript Ecosystem BizCaus 9 points ago in javascript

    ^ this. Instead of React reconciling its diffs into DOM instructions, React Native turns it into IPC messages (essentially just topic + JSON payload) that gets picked up by the β€œbridge” which translates those into native function calls.

    [–] ST-100x | ~3 Years | Can't remember how many washes BizCaus 3 points ago in rawdenim

    Yeah for sure, I've stopped wearing these until I can get that back pocket fixed πŸ˜…

    [–] A minimal guide to ECMAScript Decorators BizCaus 8 points ago in javascript

    Important to note that this a guide for the legacy decorators spec, the spec that is at stage 2 works a bit differently and there currently isn't a babel transform for it (but it's being worked on).

    [–] Nike+ RN App ported to web using RN Dom BizCaus 2 points ago in reactjs

    While they share the same API, their implementations could not be any more different. The largest difference I'd say is that RNW has a dependency on react-dom while RNDom has a dependency on react-native. Somebody posted this diagram to show off the differences in RND's issues:

    [–] Facebook moving away from React Native? BizCaus 4 points ago in reactjs

    Uhhh the marketplace feature is apparently mostly done in React Native...

    [–] Showoff Saturday (June 02, 2018) BizCaus 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in javascript

    A little over a week ago I announced my attempt at a full port of React Native to the web: React Native DOM. It shares the same multithreaded architecture, layout engine (Yoga compiled to WebAssembly), and DX (projects are built using the metro bundler). Still very experimental but early results are very promising.

    EDIT: For some reason the links aren't being highlighted in the reddit redesign:



    [–] React Kanban - A Trello-like app built with React and Redux BizCaus 14 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago) in reactjs

    That's more difficult than you think, and impossible to get perfect due to how iOS Safari does the document-level scrolling. Best results I've gotten are from making the entire page position: fixed but that's obviously not an ideal solution.

    Edit: Webkit bug for reference

    [–] Chrome 65 - What's New in DevTools BizCaus 1 points ago in webdev

    I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but I noticed that the gpu performance in canary is currently way better than stable on OS X so perhaps they have addressed it.

    [–] The Average Faces of 42 Different Subreddits [OC] BizCaus 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Nice work!

    Seems like you noticed the big hurdle of doing this automatically (not many front-facing images). For comparison's sake here's my script's result for r/beautifulfemales

    [–] The Average Faces of 42 Different Subreddits [OC] BizCaus 43 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I really don't have the time to document it or provide support, but if you're interesting in just reading the extremely ugly code (this was just a weekend side project):

    [–] The Average Faces of 42 Different Subreddits [OC] BizCaus 3 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Can't forget for them to be mirin there needs to be somebody being mired, which leads to an interesting result:

    [–] The Average Faces of 42 Different Subreddits [OC] BizCaus 6 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Luckily Reddit makes it easy with their API, I specifically used this library for traversing all the posts