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    [–] The election in Italy, everything is fine. BlackBurnNick 38 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in europe

    Hello r/all, I see a little confusion, especially from people of the US, so I'm here to give a bit of context. Soon, in Europe, there will be an election for the member of the European Parliament. Every European will vote a party that will propose a candidate for the Presideciy of the European Commission. In Italy, there is the party of Giorgia Meloni, that had the idea of proposing Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini, Benito Mussolini great-grandson.

    P.S. We all agree that it is wrong to judge a person only for their last name, but we are no. This is a man who justifies fascism and wants to be associated whit his great-grandfather.

    [–] The election in Italy, everything is fine. BlackBurnNick 30 points ago in europe

    You are right, unfortunately even the political programm is similar, he WANT to be associeted with his ancestor, he is a populist, racist and antisematic.

    [–] Castello Sforzesco, Milano BlackBurnNick 2 points ago in italy

    Il castello asim.. ehm Sforzesco mi ha sempre turbato, cosa vuol dire che la distanza tra le finestre non è uguale

    [–] Better to enable the authentication log or not? BlackBurnNick 1 points ago in ProtonMail

    If you are using two factor authentication probably not, if you are not i would sudgest enable it.

    [–] Amazon Italia : pareri? BlackBurnNick 3 points ago in italy

    Dalla mia esperienza l'accredito è istantaneo, e in caso trovino problemi con il prodotto che hai inviato ti tolgono il credito

    [–] Colorschemes e font per programmare: quali sono i vostri preferiti? BlackBurnNick 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago) in ItalyInformatica

    Gruvbox Hard, because the darker the better, e font il quale non ho visto citare: Roboto Mono, patchato con Nerd Fonts.

    [–] Common Ground? BlackBurnNick -1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Ue, but just running for it, not becoming one

    [–] [Theme] Happy Pride BlackBurnNick 1 points ago in androidthemes

    Done it, thanks a lot, and of course i'll use that, is awesome!

    [–] [Theme] Happy Pride BlackBurnNick 1 points ago in androidthemes

    Hey man, thats looks great! I have just a little question, how did you get manage to get the immagine file for the bottom icon? Like what should i do if i wanna change an icon of the bottom row?

    [–] What was good as a concept, but failed in execution? BlackBurnNick 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in AskReddit

    I don't know if someone already mentioned it, but comunism?

    [–] Che fate per tirarvi su il morale? BlackBurnNick 26 points ago in italy


    Infatti, chi beve il Rabosello?