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    [–] LeBron James grounds The Jet Blanco___Nino 6 points ago in nba

    You’re taking this post, and possibly the entire game of basketball, way too seriously man.

    Or, you’re Jason Terry. Either way, your rationale for hating this post is bizarre.

    [–] I just saw LeBron James’ son dunk on a 10ft hoop... Blanco___Nino 32 points ago in Fitness

    You’re half right, though I’d argue being able to squat 500lbs requires primarily fast twitch fibers, like most movements that require a ton of strength and explosiveness. A better example of a slow twitch movement would be a long distance run or some other type of cardio.

    [–] Nintendo Switch Summer Sale: Part 1 (26/07 - 09/08) Blanco___Nino 2 points ago in nintendo

    Volgarr the Viking was a lot of fun for me a few years ago. Reminded me of old school platformers I used to play on the computer as a kid. Might have to pick it up again

    [–] The Night Sky 40 Minutes North of Downtown Ottawa Blanco___Nino 2 points ago in ottawa

    I too would love to know where you took this. Looks incredible!

    [–] [FRESH VIDEO] Big Boi - All Night Blanco___Nino 12 points ago in hiphopheads

    Probably why it got a music video

    [–] Game of Zones - S5:E7: NBA 1K Blanco___Nino 6 points ago in nba

    Damn man its just a video game

    [–] U.G.K - One Day Blanco___Nino 7 points ago in hiphopheads

    Didn’t know that, pretty funny. It’s a damn good verse too.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/20/2018 Blanco___Nino 0 points ago in hiphopheads

    If you’re referring to FRIENDS, I think that song is mainly aimed at Cole’s friends, whom he believes are addicted to smoking weed. He wants them to stop and get their shit together. Thats my interpretation, anyway.