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    [–] We found the legend that was playing Shiny Smily Story in Botan's Mordhau stream lol BlueStar26 42 points ago in Hololive

    I wonder if this person's ancestors was a bard during the medieval era.

    Jokes aside, great job for that person for covering SSS.

    SSS Medieval Style when?

    [–] PSA: Council Flairs now available! BlueStar26 7 points ago in Hololive

    By the way guys, just letting you all know that there's also Omegaα's flare too.

    Edit: I also updated my flair but I still keep Towa's flair.

    [–] Tsunomaki News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BlueStar26 19 points ago in Hololive

    Thank you Watame, it's a very great song.

    Also u/UnstoppablePhoenix , I think we need your help again.

    [–] More adventures with Kiara close to be 1 year old, time runs faster in the rabbit hole. BlueStar26 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in Hololive

    I've been looking at your artwork like almost a year now and I have to say I really enjoy reading your works. Keep it up man.

    [–] Definitely not a collab. BlueStar26 32 points ago in Hololive

    We will watch your career with great interest Mumei.

    [–] Apparently one of the 13 Knights who were there during Sora's debut is no longer with us BlueStar26 18 points ago in Hololive

    I'm debating whether if this is true or not. No offense but I really wanted to send my condolences but at the same time I don't know if this person's friend is really one of the knight.

    [–] I am proud of how our communities during the JP x EN x ID collab today BlueStar26 296 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in Hololive

    F*cking hell, they'll never learn huh? I guess we have no choice other than RBI them and support these girls. Anyway, thanks for the info man.

    Edit: Maybe I should've give context about Report Block and Ignore (RBI).

    [–] I am proud of how our communities during the JP x EN x ID collab today BlueStar26 383 points ago in Hololive

    Sorry for bringing this topic but why's IRyS got spam all of the sudden? Don't tell me it's "them" again?

    [–] I really hope TF2 wins the poll. (and probably will) BlueStar26 37 points ago in Hololive

    I wonder who will be she playing? My bet is either Pyro or Engineer.

    [–] Don't forget to watch Shirakami Fubuki's debut stream in 20 mins BlueStar26 25 points ago in Hololive

    Wow... What a cute fox. I hope she doesn't make many people fell to this so called "rabbit hole".

    [–] Oh no the timeline BlueStar26 85 points ago in Hololive

    Looks at Ame and Kronii

    So which one of you is going to explain this?

    [–] 🎉Yukihana Lamy☃️ celebrates 800,000 subscribers!🎉 BlueStar26 13 points ago in Hololive

    Just saw her totsumachi and I'm kinda surprised that she manages to contact Aqua, Ayame, and Shion which you won't see them streaming often.

    Anyway, congrats Lamy. Also looking forward for her new outfit tomorrow.

    [–] Teacher Calli, student Sora BlueStar26 14 points ago in Hololive

    For some reason I can imagine Sora saying those bad words thanks to Coco and Sora's meme review.

    [–] 🎉 Hololive's September 2021 Megathread 🎉 BlueStar26 25 points ago in Hololive

    Hey T-Chan, I've seen that you're quite inactive recently but I hope you're doing alright with the others.

    [–] It seems Omegaα's "role" is specifically that of a community manager. (Is this what they mean by "like A-Chan"?) BlueStar26 1 points ago in Hololive

    Uniting the community huh? Interesting. I wonder what Omegaα's plan to unite all of us. I'm really looking forward to see Omegaα's plan.

    [–] mans got me questioning my sexuality BlueStar26 19 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    Jokes aside, I really want Garam on my team for my tank piercing party.

    Also he's hot

    [–] We now have an official EN lore hashtag, coming straight from the omnipotent deity themselves: #HoloENlore BlueStar26 17 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in Hololive

    "Nobody is here to watch an anime."

    Holografiti fans/enjoyers: "Are we a joke to you?"

    [–] HoloID is accepting gen 3 auditions BlueStar26 19 points ago in Hololive

    To my Indonesian niki's, good luck you all for those who participating.

    Gen 3 wangi wangi

    [–] Official character sheet for Omega, featuring a sword and a prosthetic arm BlueStar26 1 points ago in Hololive

    Omega's character design looks cool. I'm more curious about the left arm like how Omega got it's prosthetic arm? Also is Omega a human in the first place? I'm looking forward to find out.

    [–] They really just dropped that out of nowhere wtf BlueStar26 5 points ago in Hololive

    I swear if this Omega person has Vergil's personality, I'll bought every DMC series.