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    [–] Power Bottoms of TMOR seriouspost about the rightoid villains Bogandoff-Igor 24 points ago in ZweiRama

    He's a murderer idolized by the Right because he killed someone from Antifa... Why? Because Rittenhouse threatened to shoot up a gas station and protesters responded by trying to disarm him.


    [–] أفرغها Bogandoff-Igor 17 points ago in The_Bogdanoff


    dump eet

    [–] Caveman noticed too much Bogandoff-Igor 2 points ago in bertstrips

    Anyone to the right of Stalin is a nazi to you people

    active in r/conservative

    Beyond parody

    [–] I need a shave tbh Bogandoff-Igor -1 points ago in pics

    Non I am ze oppressed redditeur as I cannot shave