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    [–] pot sterilization jar ring alternative BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in shrooms

    I have successfully used aluminum foil that is lightly balled up and placed on the bottom

    [–] Never fanusrget? BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in trashy

    You're not dumb but the drawing is

    [–] /u/NotVeryGoodAtStuff Has Not Followed Through on His Giveaway BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in PS4

    They should be permabanned like over at r/pcgaming where OP have to submiy proof that they followed through.

    [–] Put some freshies in foil I'm the fridge. Are they still good? BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in shrooms

    Next time put them in a paper bag in the fridge and they will start to dry out at least and won't get slimy and gross

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in howto

    I used to live in California 4 years ago and it was never an issue then. If they have changed it recently that is stupid. Seems like they're going backwards with a law like that.

    Edit: I went to my first hockey game 2 months ago and had 2nd row seats. I now love hockey!

    [–] Fouled waters reveal lasting legacy of US mining industry BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in news

    Yeah it's sad that these problems are allowed to exist. I took these pics up in Twin Lakes, CO a couple years ago

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in howto

    Yeah except it wasn't my advice, it was my dr's advice. And he ran an extremely respected and successful pain management facility. They weren't just a pill mill and would actually try every thing possible to either reduce or eliminate opiate use like changing diet and physical therapy.

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in howto

    Thanks, it means a lot! Opiate addiction is fucked up and I wouldn't wish that struggle on my worst enemy.

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in howto

    Ok that makes more since. I hate to say but I did the same thing for awhile. Thankfully I was able to get off that shit fully! Been a year since I have had any opiates.

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in howto

    It's so they can tell who is abusing their medication easier. Those tests are surprisingly specific and can tell the difference between if you have been taking Vicodin instead of oxy. So if you test dirty for Vicodin but are only prescribed oxy the dr's will know that you are abusing meds and will cut you off to protect you from yourself.

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in howto

    I'm shocked the dr's allow him to drink on Roxy's. My Dr for Suboxone would have not refilled my scrips had I tested positive for alcohol since it's one of the worst things you can mix with opiates.

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in howto

    California already has legal weed, you'll have to bring more to the table if you want this deal to go through

    [–] Lose patients BoogiemanTCB 5 points ago in howto

    This isn't even slightly true. I went to a pain clinic for 10 years and never once did they tell me that I needed to take a lower dose of opiates because I smoked weed. And I didn't smoke just a little bit. At the time I was going through 2-3 oz a month. The dr's did encourage us to try to take less opiates and rely on the weed more but that wasn't due to an increased risk of OD.

    [–] “Not here for hookups. ✌️” BoogiemanTCB 16 points ago in trashy

    Absolutely! Every girl I have ever gone on a date with that has no hook ups on their profile has slept with me on the first night. I'm not complaining bur they are definitely full of shit.

    [–] Bug stuck in literally in monitor BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in buildapc

    If it's same dude I am thinking of they completely took apart the monitor and removed the bug.