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    [–] Boom BoogiemanTCB 5 points ago in shrooms

    I made the mistake of eating shrooms and playing call of duty zombies for like 3 hours. It was a great time playing with a close friend in another state. I felt like I was coming down and went to take my dogs out at 1am and ran into a junkie that was dragging their feet when they walked. Of course the shrooms kicked in full force and my brain filled in the blanks. All of sudden this zombie was coming right at me with glowing eyes. Needless to say the dogs didn't get a full walk that night.

    [–] Matching with someone on Tinder to "borrow" money BoogiemanTCB 18 points ago in trashy

    Pay someone for sex = illegal

    Pay someone for sex on film = legal

    Merica', what a country!

    [–] You got KTFO! BoogiemanTCB 0 points ago in fightporn

    Probably because a few bad apples kept posting fight videos and making up the titles like "what could go wrong being a racist" but the video itself would contain no evidence that anything racist even occurred. I'm a fan of both subs and think it was a good thing that they banned fight videos on that sub.

    [–] WCGW if I break check somebody BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Make sure you buy a high endurance sd card. The cams rewrite over them constantly and the cheaper sd cards will fail after awhile.

    [–] Just rob a guy we walked past. WCPGR? BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    It was an accomplishment because it could have been a justified shooting. The kid accidentally points the gun at the cop before realizing it and then immediately drops the gun. Doesn't matter that it's a BB gun because it looks real enough at night.

    [–] My new PC wont start, I need your help! BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in buildapc

    Well there should be a list of ram that's compatible (or works best) with your motherboard. You should check the list. Could just be that its incompatible RAM. If possible borrow a stick from a friend to test.

    [–] My new tattoo. “For the love of fishing”. BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in Fishing

    I worked at a tattoo shop awhile ago and it was $60 minimum. Most shops have a minimum. You're usually better off getting a different tattoo and having them add that on at the same time.

    [–] 3D Printed dragon lamp BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in 3Dprinting

    Can't you change the wake up word on Alexa?

    [–] What’s a product you can’t believe anyone would buy? BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I saw a breakdown of those headphones and it's only like $20-25 worth of parts. They even had random metal inside to make them feel heavier

    [–] tax fraud BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Did they tell you that they were doing this to avoid taxes? It's possible they own a business in South Dakota and are paying taxes in both states which is perfectly legal.

    [–] My new PC wont start, I need your help! BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in buildapc

    Try reseating and try different slots. Switch to another stick of ram if that fails and try all the spots again

    [–] I have floss stuck in my teeth, how do I get it out? BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Pull floss in-between your teeth but then let go with one hand and slide out the floss while it's till in-between your teeth like what dentist tell you to do with a temporary crown (instead of pulling it out the normal way). Might have to do it a few times pulling at different angles but you should be able to get it out.

    [–] Heroic BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in shrooms

    The saying is that all cubensis are the same except for penis envy. I've played around with many "strains" and to me it seems like the bigger factor is genetics. I started out by eating eighths (not PE) when I was 16 and had no issues but I also had no hesitations about eating them. You definitely shouldn't eat an eighth for the first time if you are really nervous or anxious about it.

    [–] ELI5 What happens to the wax when you burn a candle, and why doesn’t the wick burn to ash? BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I doubt it's exclusively wax at any point. It's just that right after it goes out the smoke is concentrated enough with unburned wax that it can reignite again

    [–] ELI5 What happens to the wax when you burn a candle, and why doesn’t the wick burn to ash? BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    It's definitely the wax that is burning. There's a cool trick you can do where you put out a candle and the black smoke that comes off the wick is unburned wax vaporizing on the hot wick. If you take a lighter and touch it to the black smoke the entire column of smoke will burn all the way back down to the wick and relight the candle.

    [–] ELI5: Why do current or recovering alcoholics or drug addicts have that 'look' to them that makes it apparent they have used and abused drugs for a long time? BoogiemanTCB 11 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Your body can't take care of itself when you don't eat much (or only eat $1 menu bullshit) becaus you're spending all your money on dope. For example, meth addicts have fucked up teeth cause the meth eats through them and they don't brush enough. They're skinny cause the meth suppresses your appetite so much that you can go days without eating. All of that takes a toll on your body.

    [–] My neighbor had their power cut off today and decided that ours was free. BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in trashy

    Depends on if you are calculating for the length of the cord. A longer cord needs to be a thicker gauge to move more electricity without heating up. Those thick extension cords aren't cheap. You overloaded it if you paid less than $50 for a 50' cord.

    [–] Ball sweat at a gym BoogiemanTCB 2 points ago in trashy

    It's the shower area. Pretty safe to assume that more balls have sat on the bench as well

    [–] Heroic BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in shrooms

    That's 4.96 lbs. No fucking way it's possible to even fit that many in your stomach. It's like what I used to hear about weed overdose where it is technically possible but in reality it will never happen because it's just not possible to consume enougg

    [–] Heroic BoogiemanTCB 3 points ago in shrooms

    3.5g is a standard dose. Change my mind

    [–] HELP!!!! I'm having problem with my mono tub, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. BoogiemanTCB 1 points ago in shrooms

    Unmodified tub? Cause I only fan once a day and mist once a day and have seen great results by letting them just chill