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    [–] Samoyed Blow Out Boomshika4 5 points ago in videos

    This is so adorable. She looks so confused with all the hair flying around.

    [–] Feed me. Boomshika4 1 points ago in gifs

    Hungry puppy.

    [–] What are your favorite songs that are more than 7 minutes long? Boomshika4 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Really like Atom Heart Mother which is ~23 minutes and Echoes which is ~20 minutes.

    [–] First date locations pros and cons Boomshika4 2 points ago in funny

    Oh yes, ladies love going to gyms on their first dates.

    [–] Doggy smiles are the best Boomshika4 4 points ago in aww

    I want my dogs to smile like that.

    [–] Dads know. Boomshika4 3 points ago in pics

    Is that girl playing on her iPad while upside down?

    [–] I have to rant Boomshika4 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I actually have a classmate like that. He's in a few of my classes and never misses out on an opportunity to say he's smart. He's always pointing out he how "chose" to not take the advanced maths course and how it's super easy to get full marks in our physics class, which just isn't true. No one "chooses" not to take a class that gives you more credits, and no one "chooses" not to join NHS "because it's a waste of time". Ahhhh

    [–] My dog realized she can stand in the pool Boomshika4 1 points ago in funny

    She looks so proud and accomplished, I love this.

    [–] What is the question? Boomshika4 1 points ago in pics

    How to achieve world domination

    [–] My beautiful black cat, Oscar Wilde Boomshika4 1 points ago in aww

    Oscar Wilde will forever be a beautiful name :D