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    [–] is this game worth $18? Borchers34 4 points ago in elex

    Same here.

    [–] A very cursed image Borchers34 3 points ago in NewYorkMets

    Did no one learn from Mike Tyson's face tat?

    [–] Honorary Citizen Elex Achievement. Borchers34 1 points ago in elex

    Its cumulative hours across one profile, at least for consoles.

    [–] Idris Elba is the best choice for Ciri Borchers34 30 points ago in witcher

    Lesbian is too faithful to the source material though. I'd go with a Trans xir Attack Helicopter.

    [–] I'm Polish and here's why I think that changing Ciris' skin color is racist. Borchers34 1 points ago in witcher

    One day removed from the amazing news of Cavil being cast to this and all hope is extinguished.

    [–] Insomniac Games says it’s open to more Marvel titles Borchers34 7 points ago in PS4

    Especially since Venom (Sony I know) comes out, next week?