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    [–] People who were childhood friends with a now celebrity, Who were they & what were they like as a young person? Boukish 15 points ago in AskReddit

    That's most Detroiters in a nutshell.

    Give respect and keep it moving and everything is fine. Nobody really does cheery small talk.

    [–] [m 27] dating/in love with [f 25] lesbian and unsurprisingly confused Boukish 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Hear me out for a minute. Imagine this was your sister. Just, in every action, your sister. You haven't made out, made love, fooled around. So, mold all that intimacy and closeness, the long hugs, the comfort, the depth of conversation, all of that, into the mold of a sibling. An aunt, a close cousin. Whatever experience you can draw from.

    Now, suspend your disbelief and revulsion for a second, imagine this close familial/platonic relationship partner confesses they have romantic feelings for you. It doesn't change anything about ANYTHING ELSE you guys have, hare, or do with eachother, but this person wants just a little bit more, they want your romantic affection too.

    But you can't give that, can you? It just won't process through you, it's a non-starter. This is your sister, you just can't see her like that. You could give them everything else, all the items in your post, and still, you can't give them that. There's a difference, a boundary there, a line, right?

    But they're confused at this. They see all the actions, the intimacy you're willing to share with them, they love you, they see you love them, they want more, it seems only so logical, so easy... Why not? And the only answer you can give is just... "I can't, I guess? I wish I could..."

    Understand her point of view is much the same here. She can love you with everything and give you everything she has pursuant to that, she can be a total confidant and she can share intimacy and everything can be so easy and compatible... But she can't just stop being gay.

    There's never going to be that next step in your relationship because you're already on the summit. I'd say I'm sorry, but... you really are lucky to have such a deep friendship, though I know how bittersweet that is in this moment.

    [–] Dirk Nowitzki’s Full Page Thank You to Dallas in Today’s Paper Boukish 4 points ago in nba

    Every chucklefuck who ever harped on that "Dirk Nowinski" shit lol.

    [–] What news if comes out tomorrow can break the Internet? Boukish 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Cryptography is more than just practical security, it carries the expectations of safety, the trust inherent to using it, too. That would be shattered, and we'd be left in a state of not knowing how mucb we SHOULD be worried.

    This isn't me installing a door lock on my house knowingly making the decision that my door can be picked but that generally I will be safe. This would throw the world into the uncertainty of not even knowing which if any locks could even be picked. We go from knowing our insecurities to being totally open on a blind side.

    It would be a complete nightmare overnight. Confidence in cryptography from top to bottom would plummet, and SO much of the internet relies on hands off background cryptography, even completely removed from the problems of user auth and maintaining user security. Apps could no longer even implicitly trust their own internal handshakes.

    And that's even aside from the MSM, you want to see how hard InfoWars latches onto and spins some news like this, how hard momgroups on FB would be freaking? No, I don't buy "we'd be fine" for even a second.

    [–] Who will play Donald Trump in the inevitable biopic? Boukish 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I can't unpicture the image of PSH sticking his chin way out and getting a smarmy grin and going "... Yuge."

    [–] Fucking magnets, how do they work? Boukish 17 points ago in blackmagicfuckery


    A motor converts energy into work.

    An engine is a motor that converts thermal energy into work.

    [–] Who will play Donald Trump in the inevitable biopic? Boukish 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I had this conversation with a friend just last year and we settled on the unfortunate realization that Trump's presidency came a few years too early:

    Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    But, hey, big strides are being made in deep fake CGI, so who knows?

    [–] What news if comes out tomorrow can break the Internet? Boukish 46 points ago in AskReddit

    That P = NP.

    Not only would it be a game changing, world wide, "stop the presses" scientific breakthrough, it could literally break the internet (as we know it) too.

    [–] The amount of lemon heads in my bag that was supposed to have 8 different candies Boukish 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Pro-tip: chipotle mayo will up your onion ring game, it's a life changer. Yam fries too.

    This is coming from someone who takes his ranch neat, so you know I mean business.

    [–] Only wants to eat at chain restaurants. Boukish 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Or we could simply recognize that "lager" is its entirely own separate class of beer from "ale" (what most "real beer" is) and respect that some people might actually want the American style as a choice even when presented with European styles like pilsners (which despite being part of the family really taste nothing alike and it isn't a matter of quality)?

    There's nothing wrong or substandard with, say, a Coors Banquet, if it's to your taste. I don't know why "kit kat" makes you leap down into natty light, that doesn't strike me as a fair comparison lol. The cheapest bullshit Americans have is that mockolate you find in coins.

    [–] Leave my friend alone you big goon! Boukish 2 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    First one

    pretty one

    kids eat

    metal crabs

    Reddit writes poorly machine learned Dr. Seuss poems

    [–] Grand Rapids could make it illegal to call police on people of color for ‘participating in their lives’ Boukish 32 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in nottheonion

    Have had a few cats who would play dead every time you put a harness on them, but I've been able to work past it with some patience.

    Make sure the harness is a good and comfortable fit and then when it flops over you try to entice it with something really attractive, like a bit of people food, so you know it can move and isn't in pain. Lots of praise and stuff, pet them how you know they like to be pet. Then you kinda just... leave it in the harness a few days lol (give it breaks) and they get used to it.

    Still haven't figured out how to make a cat walk with me on a leash though, they do what they want.

    Edit - and it's important to note that I'm using the collective "you" here - the cat needs to recognize it can move and isn't in pain, too. It's flopping over as a defense mechanism and/or to be stubborn, you want to give them a reason to fight that urge initially.

    [–] If you’re going to piss in a glass... Boukish 2 points ago in JusticeServed

    If that muxh of your skin is body temp, you're noticeably running a fever. Your warm shower is close to body temp, it feels warm to you.

    [–] My (26m) gf (23f) punched me during a stupid argument Boukish 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Exactly. You can also have software bugs that delete all incoming texts too.

    But just one text, one time, for no apparent reason? No way.

    [–] My (26m) gf (23f) punched me during a stupid argument Boukish 27 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in relationship_advice

    No, just lying.

    I'm surprised she didn't go with "my thumb slipped", though. That's at least in the realm of remotely plausible.

    When's the last time your phone just up and "auto deleted" a text you just got? Just the one. Me personally, I've had cell phones for 20 years, in excess of 6k texts many months, not once has this happened to me.

    Just throwing that out there...

    [–] If your phone is over 500$ and you complain about poverty I cant take you serious Boukish 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in unpopularopinion

    Counterpoint: my $1000 phone was free with my plan. (Well, really, $130 at signup - but you take issue with spending 500 or more, right?)

    Yes, I get that it's just amortizing the cost of the phone into the plan cost. And yet I'm on the cheapest available plan for my use case, with no surcharges. I just had to pay my phone bill for two years (no contract, could get out anytime I wanted), the same (market rate) phone bill I would be paying regardless of what phone I had picked.

    So you see me with my flagship phone and you can't take my struggle seriously? You just don't respect the hustle, you assume a lot. Gifts exist too.

    [–] Megathread: House Democrats Issue Subpoena for Unredacted Mueller Report Boukish 16 points ago in politics

    Unfettered capitalism is not compatible with a middle class either.

    The answer has always been simple, the mixed economy. That requires some support of some socialist and some globalist policy, as well as some capitalist and some isolationist policy

    It's not black and white, it's not about who wins or what your tribe is. We're all in this together.

    [–] I’m (24m) currently in a serious relationship without labels with a newly divorced (24f) who’s friend just convicted her to download a dating app. Boukish 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in relationship_advice

    "I can't help that it bothers me a little because I do want you, but I accept it and it will not change anything between us. You are your own person and I respect that we have not commited to a relationship."

    Something to that effect. You're doing all the right things, so seriously, kudos, but by my figuring you're also being a bit TOO non-chalant.

    She says she wants you. Period. In the face of casual dating, she unequivocally said you have her heart. What on Earth are you dojng mate? By being totally aloof you might actually be jumping on a grenade and letting her feel like maybe she SHOULD be exploring her options. What if she was just gauging your reaction? Your words were perfectly supportive but lacked that oh so necessary "but, respectfully, if it were up to me..." that she could have been hoping for. With diplomatic phrasing, you can have it both ways.

    She should at least be aware that you could be a real option. Maybe she already knows, but if you handle it tactfully she will get the message and it should not cause her to flee.

    [–] Wife of a year cheated on me 2 years ago about a year before we got married and I was just told 2 days ago along with other topics. Boukish 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    "Push through and try to make this work" at this point is just "making sure the divorce is as amicable as possible."

    It does not look good, chum. No real silver linings here.

    [–] I [25M] had a great first date with someone [23F]. She wants to go out again, but she also said her medications prevent her from having any feelings for me. Boukish 3 points ago in dating_advice

    Are they nice dates?

    Do you enjoy her company?

    Are you going to lose your mind if you don't spend the rest of your life with this womam?

    Why be insecure? She liked you as a person enough to go out with you even lacking a "spark", that's so cool man! And she even wanted more dates? You're killing it, come on.

    You're overthinking things. She likes you and wants to give this a chance, maybe return the favor? You know, if you're having a good time.

    [–] When another guy is interested in your girl, how to make that guy appear weak? How to eaily detect vulnerabilites of people ? Boukish 1 points ago in dating_advice

    Be less available, but be AMAZING when you are together. Let her miss you sometimes. She won't stray, she'll seek you out.

    Really listen to her. If she is having a hard time with coursework, help in any ways you can but try not to be a distraction. Build her up and be someone she can lean on.

    She will never look for other options so long as you keep treating her well. You're a good guy and she does really like you. Trust your girl.

    [–] Can you forgive a cheater? Can they really change? Boukish 5 points ago in relationship_advice

    Sure, he can change.

    But it takes two to forge a relationship, and I'm not seeing how you can come to meet him anywhere close to the middle here.

    Unfortunately it may be for the best that he be a changed man for someone else.

    [–] When another guy is interested in your girl, how to make that guy appear weak? How to eaily detect vulnerabilites of people ? Boukish 5 points ago in dating_advice

    Let me make something clear to you: you will absolutely never be able to pull this off. It's actually kinda messed up that you want to, but I'll just assume you don't know any better.

    If your girl wants some strange, she's getting it. Period. Process this. The same applies to you. You can't put anyone down to stop it, either. Your girl could not shit talk a woman down enough to convince you not to fuck her if you wanyed it.

    You're totally helpless and at the mercy of this chick's loyalty.

    Sucks, yeah?

    But what you can do is build YOURSELF up. Be a better version of the guy she initially connected with than you were yesterday. And I guarantee you the guy she fell for is not this petty bully that made this post.

    You got this dude. She likes YOU. Don't be scared by that, let it drive you to be even more awesome.

    [–] My (17F) boyfriend (18M) and I just broke up after being together on and off for over a year. His little sister (15F) is one of my best friends. Where do I go from here? Boukish 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Okay, so this doesn't apply for the sister but as far as the two of you?

    You're adults now, and this is the perfect time to practice some emotional maturity. Handle it. It didn't work out, that doesn't mean you can't be civil. There's really nothing weird about this situation, and I believe you're perfectly capable of navigating this.

    Have baby sis over yours sometimes or go hang at neutral locations, and if you see the ex at hers? Just another day at the office.

    Don't sweat it. You just went through a breakup, don't let overthinking things and grief lead to another one.