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    [–] How many kindergartners do you think you could personally take on in a fight before being overpowered? Boukish 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in AskMen

    We using the royal "you" here or are we acting familiar? Lol

    [–] How many kindergartners do you think you could personally take on in a fight before being overpowered? Boukish 3 points ago in AskMen

    You are framing this like it's sparring 50 guys -- it's not.

    It's stomping on 50 melons. Literally, picture yourself being put to the task of stomping on 50 canteloupes to break them. Would you gas out? Of course not.

    That's what we're dealing with here. Shove, stomp, move on. The kids are fake anyway, get your hands dirty.

    [–] As a Lazy person, here is how I eat healthy Boukish 1 points ago in Frugal

    Gomae sauce is basically hoysin (fish sauce) and peanut butter. Garnished w sesame seed, sometimes sesame oil is used to thin the sauce, sometimes rice vinegar. Depends.

    [–] As a Lazy person, here is how I eat healthy Boukish 8 points ago in Frugal

    I definitely understand spinach and peanut butter's appeal.

    It's a dish all its own - gomae.

    The tomato is what's strange.

    [–] blessed_donation Boukish 1 points ago in blessedimages

    As a third party, it's not your job or place to extract the maximum enjoyment and positive feeling out of the charitable deeds of others. To wit, it makes it seem like you're sour grapes'ing to justify your own lack of charitable work.

    Dafuq? Why would your feelings factor at all? Why does it need to feel better to you?

    [–] Double Sided Bowl Painting Boukish 7 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    Err... I think you might be surprised to realize how quickly magicians, cardists and dealers go through decks.

    There is a reason they buy them by the case.

    [–] The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too. Boukish 3 points ago in politics

    You're wrong on several accounts.

    Again, it's pretty clear you don't know what a leftist is. You hate some subset of leftists, clearly, and you can articulate why as relates to what they do (i.e. support ANTIFA) - and yet, you cannot seem to articulate what a leftist is.

    I would suspect it's because you can't really tell us what a leftist is, but who knows. Doesn't really matter.

    [–] The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too. Boukish 3 points ago in politics

    Okay, so you have no real understanding of the terms you use.

    Way easier to just dismiss you at this point. Take it easy.

    [–] The El Paso Killer Loved Trump. Do You? Then You’re Responsible, Too. Boukish 40 points ago in politics

    It's an ideological undercurrent that mirrors itself in a lot of right wing politics.

    "Government doesn't work, elect me so I can prove it."

    "X race has X quality, treat them poorly [and watch them live down to our expectations]"

    [–] What 2000s song will always be a banger? Boukish 20 points ago in AskReddit

    Agree, the last album is a fuckin opus. Fake happy, grudges, hard times, it all slaps.

    [–] Friend sent this to me and I figured y’all would enjoy Boukish 1 points ago in MkeBucks

    They're not. One is correct, the other is an acceptable error.

    [–] I’m grateful I got put onto Billie Eilish Boukish 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Agree. Listen before I go, lovely (ft. Khalid), and six feet under are all hauntingly beautiful songs. Bad guy is honestly a bit of the outlier in her discog, if it's what turned you off you should really give the deeper songs a try.

    [–] Honest Question: When are you considered "good" in ranked? Boukish 2 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in EternalCardGame

    You can get to Masters with way less than a 51% winrate. You don't even have to be close to above average whatsoever, you just have to play enough.

    If you can't de-rank out of Diamond, that means you can play 1000 games at D3 0 pts and lose every game without consequence.

    Because of how ranking up works in this game (velocity of wins - the game "forgets" you just lost a thousand) you could theen go on a single lucky streak of 25 wins and hit Masters (really low in rank) with some miniscule winrate overall.

    [–] hey grandma, you should definetly try this out Boukish 2 points ago in EternalCardGame

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    There are places for explicit or sexual content and excessive profanity, but this is not one of them. Content that contains nudity, constant profanity, violent threats, sexually explicit language, or hate speech will be removed. This includes use of the word "rape" even in non-sexual context. Please use other words to describe your games. Users that violate this rule will be warned and have their content removed for the first offense and will be banned for a second offense.

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    [–] Florida beekeeper says someone is poisoning his honey bees, 7 million possibly dead Boukish 1 points ago in news

    Another related word is synanthropism. "Synanthrope" refers to the species that live near and benefit from humans and their artificial habitats. This is a human-specific form of symbiosis, of which mutualism is a type (another more well known type: parasitism).

    So, livestock animals, domesticated pets, (the current state of) bees, pigeons, rats, raccoons, etc. Animals that, if we were to disappear today, would probably struggle in our absence - quite possibly as much as non-synanthropic animals suffer in our presence.

    When we've inexorably destroy our ecosystem and somehow managed to not kill ourselves off in the process, our animal kingdom will be comprised almost entirely of synanthropes. It will be an interesting future.

    Fun fact: we've recently discovered a mutualistic relationship with a wild, non-synanthropic animal. It's a bird that helps people find honey. Those relationships are pretty fucking rare, and kinda neat.

    [–] Sanders: I wrote the damn bill! Boukish 16 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in MurderedByWords

    Corporate funded does not mean corporate controlled, it means corporate influenced.

    If she's sponsoring bills in direct opposition to her corporate sponsorship, it clearly demonstrates that she is beholden to more than just campaign finance (like, dare to dream: her constituents? Morals?)

    That makes it intellectually dishonest of you to filter everything she does through the lens of her campaign finance, as you are clearly ignoring and disregarding the instances when she acts contrary to it. This isn't a problem with her, this is a problem with your perspective.

    This behavior is an example of a Good Thing (TM). A laudable thing, actually. If lobbying is to exist at all (which until CU is overturned it will), this is the ideal form of it.

    You know, the one carried out with a modicum of integrity.

    [–] I never thought I'd make it this far. Boukish 4 points ago in Tinder

    Will pimp for blizzards.

    My hand is strong, I got you.

    [–] ULPT: If you want to spy in on a conversation, leave your wireless headphones in the room and record the audio. No one would suspect a thing. Boukish 3 points ago in UnethicalLifeProTips

    Slander is public by definition. People are allowed to slander you in private. Explicitly allowed. That's the point. People have rights. Privacy is a deeply important thing to respect because you need yours respected too.

    Stop with this thinly veiled thoughtcrime rhetoric.