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    [–] Did pewdiepie already reviewed these? Bradonomoer 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    It’s the guy from the Matrix (I think) saying “What if I told you _____?”

    [–] I would die for Carl Bradonomoer 5 points ago in memes

    Thank you Carl!

    [–] Goodnight everyone 😴😍 Bradonomoer 2 points ago in aww

    Goodnight sweet pupper

    [–] I used to like ____, what should I listen to now? Bradonomoer 1 points ago in Music

    Give Bad Wolves a try, they only have one album right now but it managed to get pretty popular.

    [–] Is Jontron still funny? Bradonomoer 2 points ago in dankmemes

    He has and always will be funny.

    [–] Another Soft Body Simulation Bradonomoer 3 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I don’t know how to feel about this, but damn I love the effort put into it.

    [–] Forklift driver utterly destroys warehouse Bradonomoer 1 points ago in nononono

    This is why I could never work in a warehouse.